Santorum Could Pull Ahead of Romney in Michigan Primary: Poll

Just when we thought that the Republican race was about to be Mitt Romney all the way, a new survey of Michigan voters from Public Policy Polling shows that Santorum could pull ahead in the state's primary election on February 28, putting him at the forefront of the race. His support among Michigan's conservative voters is currently above Romney's at 39 percent, compared to Mitt's 24 percent.

Santorum, a more traditional conservative than Romney, is expected to do well among Tea Party voters and right-wing evangelicals in Michigan. Straight off the successes of three primary wins last week, he is poised to pull ahead as Republican voters continue to resist Mitt Romney's candidacy.

However, Mitt Romney has a slight home-state advantage in Michigan, as his father was a well-liked governor there for many years, so the odds could still turn in his favor.

The PPP told the Guardian that Santorum's recent success is founded on two factors: "his own personal popularity (a stellar 67/23 favorability) and (Republican) voters increasingly souring on Gingrich."

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich continues to bleed support after his proposal to build a moon colony was met with ridicule and derision, and his serial adultery came under added scrutiny from the media and voters. Some conservative publications have even started calling for him to drop out of the race.


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