Santorum Spreads Across Michigan in New Campaign Ads

Rick Santorum, who despite being pretty un-electable on a national level has gained the favor of his fellow Republicans, has started to do battle with top rival Mitt Romney in Michigan in a series of televised ads.

As detailed in the Los Angeles Times, Santorum decided to release commercials touting his conservatism. Romney has also just released TV spots in his home state.

With friendly, vague quotes from talking heads such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh -- one of which compares Santorum to George Washington -- the right-winger asks his fellow neocons to join the "fight."

Santorum's ad campaign comes as a follow-up to news that he has edged ahead of Romney in some national polls -- leading some to think that he might nail the 2012 GOP nomination. It's possible that a victory in Michigan's February 28 primary would solidify Santorum's lead.

If so, we worry that Santorum condoms might actually become a reality.

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