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French Scientologists had held protests outside the appeals court in Paris
Big news this morning out of a French appeals court, where a decision was handed down regarding Scientology's 2009 conviction for fraud.

Scientology watchers around the world have been keeping an eye on the proceedings, which were wild and woolly: in November, Scientology's entire contingent of attorneys and defendants stormed out of the courtroom, complaining about how the case was proceeding.

Well, now they have even more to be steamed about. At about 4 am our time this morning, the Court of Appeal in Paris upheld the 2009 convictions of two Scientology organizations and five individuals, as well as about $800,000 in fines.

I talked by phone this morning with Jonny Jacobsen, a British journalist who has spent years covering Scientology in France, and who has covered every technicality and court maneuver in the appeal at his blog, Infinite Complacency.

I asked him just how big this news is in France itself.

"It's pretty big. It's not the top story, but Scientology gets a lot of coverage over here," he said. "And the coverage is so much more lively over here. The state organizations that are given the duty of monitoring cult-like activities, they've been in conflict with Scientology for years now."

The Associated Press is reporting that Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw has called the appellate decision a "miscarriage of justice." Scientology's attorneys plan to appeal the case to France's Court of Cassation, roughly equivalent to our Supreme Court. It is also filing complaints with the UN and the European Court of Human Rights.

"It's clear that they're taking this all the way, because I think they know how dangerous this decision is to them," Jacobsen says.

That danger, he explains, arises from how seemingly basic and unspectacular are the facts in the original cases that led to this appeal.

See, in the U.S., ex-Scientologists have struggled to get their own cases against the church through the country's courts, even though the details in those cases can be rather shocking: the forced abortions in the lawsuit brought by former church executive Claire Headley and her husband Marc, for example, which was dismissed.

What makes the French convictions so remarkable, on the other hand, is that two church entities and five individuals received fraud convictions for simply doing the basic business of Scientology.

"In some ways the cases here seem less spectacular -- the facts of the cases are much more disturbing in the US -- but this looks at the experience of normal people who have been caught at a time when they're vulnerable, and the huge amounts of money they've been required to turn over," Jacobsen says.

Here, for example, is how the AP summarizes the origin of the French fraud cases:

The case began with a legal complaint by a young woman who said she took out loans and spent the equivalent of euro21,000 ($28,000) on books, courses and "purification packages" after being recruited in 1998. When she sought reimbursement and to leave the group, its leadership refused to allow either. She was among three eventual plaintiffs.

One of the parties involved in the prosecution, the Order of Pharmacists, specifically targeted Scientology's vaunted "Purification Rundown" -- its program of "detoxification" that consists of 5-hour sauna sessions for days and weeks, and enormous doses of the vitamin niacin. (We recently interviewed a young actor who gave up the process after gray material began oozing from his skin and he began vomiting uncontrollably after 29 straight days of the treatment. Kirstie Alley, however, credits the "Purif" for ending her cocaine addiction.)

In France, at least, Scientology's Purification Rundown has been found to be an illegal exercise of pharmacy.

"Can Scientology now run the Purif the way it has?" Jacobsen asks. "One of the prosecutors brought up the point that children have been doing the Purif, and that got a big reaction in court."

Jacobsen says that there can be enormous consequences for Scientology in France and elsewhere because of the upheld convictions.

"It leaves the door open for other cases, which could lead to the dissolution or banning of Scientology in France altogether, whether you consider that a good idea or not."

Jacobsen says that the case has been followed closely by governments in other European countries and in Australia. (Scientology is not considered a religion in France.)

"This is taking on international damage for them," he says.

I asked him about the general tenor of coverage in the French press during the trial.

"The general view of Scientology is one of suspicion. The media has given a lot of coverage to former members and their complaints. I think the coverage has been balanced and fair, but there has been a certain amount of exasperation over Scientology's legal and technical maneuvers," he says.

Scientology is known for legal tactics that can wear down courtrooms and judges, as we pointed out yesterday. In this case, the church objected to the court allowing the participation of an anti-cult organization, UNADFI, which is subsidized by the French government. When UNADFI was allowed to stay, Scientology's entire contingent of attorneys stormed out of the courtroom and refused to participate any further.

"I don't think it's unprecedented, but the pharmacy organization lawyer said that in his 20 years of practice, he'd never seen it," Jacobsen says.

He points out that today, Scientology denounced the proceedings as a "ghost trial."

"A ghost trial? In part that was because they chose to walk out," Jacobsen says. "For them to say now that it was a ghost trial is a bit like overegging the cake, I have to say."

Back here in the United States, meanwhile, we're keeping an eye on another remarkable legal development involving Scientology, which is suing a former executive, Debbie Cook, for daring to utter criticisms of church management to her fellow members. Check back here for the latest developments.

Debbie Cook Coverage in the Village Voice...

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January 4: Scientology in crisis: Debbie Cook's transformation from enforcer to whistleblower

January 6: Scientology in turmoil: Debbie Cook's e-mail, annotated

Also, please see our primer, "What is Scientology?"

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

Keep up on all of our New York news coverage at this blog, Runnin' Scared


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Hatchune Shun
Hatchune Shun

Sweet, A fantastic article to end the day of work. Made me smile too.

Great Job Mr Ortega.

KSFU indeed :D

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Have to give Jonny Jacobsen  a big thanks.   He was one of the few journalists willing to even listen in the mid 2000s, to the violence abuse stories from the ex Int Base staffers.

He ran the first story when Jenna Miscavige spoke up publicly.

Big thanks to Jonny!  


   All those OT's, all those powerz (sic.)....And they can't over-turn a court ruling. What gives Sci??


I liked this line reported in the AP and papers:

"When she sought reimbursement and to leave the group, its leadership refused to allow either."

Easier to join than Tarvuism -- it's so easy to join -- but just try and leave. More like breaking out of a maximum security prison.


I sure hope the French Scientologists have LRH's special empty office in each org completely ready for his second coming, as is the policy. With all these problems, he's sure to show up any minute now and take care of business.


If Marcotai is right (which I doubt) about Italian Scn, then that means the future of the French "church" will be furtive meetings in basements, abandoned farmhouses, and back rooms - it'll be like gay sex in Britain in the 1930s!

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Since LouanneLee doesn't post here...well maybe she does with another sockpuppet name? Anyhoo, this is what she's spewing at "The Washington Post" comments. lol

How sad to see how fanatics can degenerate a court system with disinformation. No plaintiffs, no defendants, not even witnesses or experts were present at this "trial." What a disgrace for justice. Now a whole country needs to be slapped around by the European Court of Human Rights for trampling on international human rights standards..


What is happening to CoS in France it's exactly what had happened in Italy 25 years ago.Actually Italian authorities were successful to shout down all of the italian SCN churches and missions. Well, not really because italian Scientologists kept their practice going on in a different way such as auditing and courses given in apartments unites or  even large private underground basements.Similarly as France the cases against Scientology were sponsored by anti-cults agencies, the order of pharmacists and the order of psychiatrists.The religious persecution mania lasted almost a decade and it went trough till the Italian "Supreme" court. At the end Scientology won, because thanks to the Italian Freedom of Information Act, it was discovered that behind the attack of CoS were just few powerful invested interests back up by few corrupted powerful politicians.The problem in France is that the right of "Freedom of Information Act" is rarely applied by the government.That's why the EU court of human rights must to step in.In any case, I'm pretty sure that French Scientologists will eventually win.In fact truth it will always prevail at the end, no matter what or who is trying to suppress it.



I think I'm going to go ahead and start referring to my American fries as french fries again.

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

'The Associated Press is reporting that Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw has called the appellate decision a "miscarriage of justice.'  ROFLMAO  Scientology has no idea what justice really means.


Oohhh! David Miscavige's BTs must be bouncing off walls!

anon anon song
anon anon song

I can't find a copy of the judgment, but in a news report I found this nice little quote (my translation):

The proposed personality test used to attract [followers] "have no scientific value", writes the court in its judgment. The proposed courses suggested following their test, [results] interpreted by scientology as "extremely negative", were on par with "a uniquely financial objective", and the sums requested are "not commeasurable" with their ressources.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

I have lived in Europe for a number of years and have not infrequently socially and otherwise interacted with persons of very high standing in governments and even more frequently with Royalty.  The first OT VII was a guest in our home for a short period of time, that person upon completing that level joined the Sea Org the same day (or nearly so)... back then... being the First OT VII was a big deal much bigger than OT VIII... this was many years ago... decades in fact.

Also, back then... none of what you can read and witness here was available or broadly known.. but I can tell you that in intimate social gatherings stories were circulating and people had questions about what was going on within the church .. but little if any proof..  These people I speak of were exceptional people, some famous, others very talented and some wealthy, some very socially oriented and some of great political and economic standing... even they were "taken in".... that Scientology was another 'American' California thing.

The point is that Europeans have had more than their share of despotic cult-like organizations that have started small then grown to overwhelm their homes and lives throughout Europe. 

 If not simply to prevent any of their future generations from knowing and experiencing the horrors and mind breaking losses that they and their parents and grandparents knew they are far more diligent in protecting the personal rights and freedoms of each citizen than we in the United States are receiving from our own government agencies and Courts.

Americans like to think of themselves as being the leaders of the free world... that is largely a myth of dangerous complacency... 

The Spectre of Scientology is real and fully documented here at Tony Ortega's Editorials.

Scientology fails the test of being a Religion and with documentation in excruciating detail has conducted operations that are more consistent with intelligence agencies and terrorist groups.

mat pesch
mat pesch

In an effort to "handle" what David Miscavige considered incompetent top Scientology International executives, he concocted a new Purification Pilot.  It consisted of 5 hours a day in the sauna and 5,000 milligrams of niacin a day for MONTHS (normally 5,000 milligrams of niacin is only given for a few days).  My wife Amy Scobee was made to do the "pilot" and it made her sick.   When we left the Sea Org we went to a walk in clinic and got blood tests done.  The doctor said the results were the worst he had ever seen and didn't know how she could even get out of bed.  We did similar blood tests with a different doctor and after seeing the results, the doctor suggested that Amy sue Scientology.  The good news is that with the medical help that Amy got after leaving  the Sea Org, she has gotten healthy again.  As a note, we have kept all the lab results and medical reports from start to finish.

So yes, extended use of high vitamin dosages and 5 hours a day in the sauna can be used to harm others, especially when administered by someone with bad intent, in the name of "religion".

Cesar Velasco
Cesar Velasco

This is a great notice, for all victims of this destructive cult.

I'm former scientology, an this in my story:

My nameis Cesar Velasco,  I am Mexican Citizen,  I joined Scientology in Mexico City in 1990believing the advertising that people get better there, but things were notthis way. In 1998 after having paid more than 50,000 USD in courses and 2,750USD in an E-Meter (Electronic device to use into some Scientology’sprocedures). And also be helping in various ways to expand, I was convinced byScientology’s pressure that I needed to help even more. I allowed my wife andthree children to be recruited as staff members of the Scientology’s group namedOrganization  Development and Dianetics,  Civil Association (ODD), In Mexico Scientologyis not admitted as religion, is only a nonprofit group.

Scientology’spromises to my wife and children were never met. My children were not allowedto continue their formal studies – and they did not receive good pay andreceive free as promised.

I soonbegan to see too many inconsistencies between theory and practice. We were madeto work over eleven hours per day for six or seven days per week. Our “pay” wasa miserable pay 2 to 10 USD per week.

Scientologyinfluenced the children under its control to stay away from their families.Scientology usurped all parental control. Scientology became the parentalauthority and this was never in the best interest of the children.

In thesame year of 1998, my youngest daughter, whose name I prefer to keep private,was thirteen years old. She was pressured by Scientology’s group ODD to accepta "scholarship" for training at the Mecca of Scientology known as"Flag "in Clearwater Florida USA. As her father, I accepted thisbecause I believed it was for the greatest good.

Mydaughter was in the United States from 1998 to 2000. During this time I had tosend $ 500 a month to cover her costs. The first problem I encountered when mydaughter was at the Flag happened when her legal guardian in the USA returnedto Mexico without her. When I asked for the immediate return of my daughter toMexico, this was denied by Hector Cruz, an executive in ODD (OrganizationDevelopment and Dianetics).

Scientology’srefusal to return my daughter lasted for nearly two years until I said that Iwas going to file charges for kidnapping with the Attorney General. I statedthat an additional charge would be filed for the illegal stay of a minor. Mydaughter was admitted to the U.S. on a tourist visa for six months. Her visawas never renewed during the two years that my daughter was under the"protection and care" of Scientology in USA. As a result, after theexpiration of her visa as a tourist, my daughter was in the USA illegally. Thisseriously compromised my daughter’s legal status in the USA. This practice ofnot renewing visas is carried out by Flag regularly and affects most of theforeign staff in the US that is staying under Church "scholarship"programs.

Mydaughter was eventually returned to me in Mexico. At the same time, I was in adifficult marital situation that later ended in separation. My marriageproblems were caused by another "prominent" member of theScientology’s Organization ODD named Jorge Pedroza. He committed adultery withmy wife; this while with several executives in Scientology who knew of the adulterywithheld this fact from me.

Upon mydaughter’s return to Mexico, she informed me in writing that when she was justthirteen years old she had been sexually harassed and abused by AlejandroAristi Guerrero, an adult over thirty years old. Alejandro Aristi Guerrero wasanother employee of Scientology’s O ODD. He held an executive position and hadhigh level certifications in therapies and courses run by this group. Thesegroups “guarantee” that the “therapies and courses” it sells help people becomemore ethical and honest. However, based upon the actions of Alejandro AristiGuerrero the therapies and courses can be seen as only a fraud.

Mydaughter wanted to file a report with law enforcement stating that she had beensexually abused. Moreover, my daughter told me that Alejandro Aristi Guerrerowas still demanding sex from her now that she was sixteen years old. However,due to Scientology’s internal policies that prevent a Scientologist fromcontacting law enforcement regarding the criminal acts of anotherScientologist, Margarita Ibáñez, the IC of legal affairs in Scientology’s  Organization Development and Dianetics,coerced me under threat of expulsion, to not file a criminal complaint with theMexican authorities. If went to the authorities to get justice for my daughter,Margarita Ibáñez threatened me by saying that I would receive the maximumpenalties of Scientology.

As aresult of her threats, Alejandro Aristi Guerrero remains unpunished and isunder the protection of the Mexican Federation of  Dianetics, AC. The only justice meted out tohim by the Church of Scientology was 300 hours of service within theAssociation itself;  repayment for allcourses; and the requirement that he make a large donation to the InternationalAssociation of Scientologists. He made the "donations" and wasreinstated without paying for his crime of child sexual abuse. I would add thatafter making the complaints, I heard that Alexander Aristi Guerrero had a longhistory of this type of criminal conduct and had already been reported to hissuperiors several times and yet he escaped justice in every case. This is aidingand abetting on the part of Scientology.  Almost all criminal cases in Scientology around the world, was notreported to the authorities according the Scientology’s staff, for don’t make“enturbulation” (to make turbulence) into the Scientology’s lines; this isreally ridiculous and criminal reason.   

It isclear that Scientology does not deliver what they promise in their advertising.Scientology fails to improve families. On the contrary, Scientology  protects people who commit criminal acts such aschild abuse, adultery, and destroying families, and ruining the future ofchildren forever.

I havedocumentary evidence of this.


Contactme for more details:






 This is nice. The Wall Street Journal article about this verdict states:

"The Paris appeals court also ordered the French branch of the Church of Scientology to publish the ruling in five of the country's largest daily newspapers"


There were a dozen $cilontology protesters, about a third of the $cilons in France. Must've been the ones who haven't got their powerz yet. Reuters ran a photo of the Marseilles Orglet. Quel trou à rats! You've got to see it to believe it.


Last thing I remember, I was

Running for the door

I had to find the passage back

To the place I was before

"Relax" said the night man,

We are programmed to receive.

You can checkout any time you like,

But you can never leave!


 What, Ron will show up, make some armpit noises, and vanish?


"Slapped around"..??

Do you think LouanneLee is Slappy's protégé?

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

The game changer in the last 25 years, is the Internet. 

Source is Hubbard.

The Hubbard Class 8 lecture where Hubbard tells the Xenu story, where Hubbard explains how Xenu caused the Wall of Fire, he explains how Xenu had all the dead alien souls implanted for 36 and 1/2 days, and given the famous "R6 implants" of all the craziness that supposedly mankind dramatizes today, it is YouTube that triumphs over what Hubbard wrote.

The truth is from LRH, and it's on YouTube, just listen to Ron tell the Xenu story, will you!

And then think, is the world at this point going to buy OT levels 3, 4, 5 6 and 7, where the high volume exoricism is done to get rid of everyone's infestation of these billions of dead space alien souls that supposedly infest all of us?

I don't think so.  

It has taken the outside world to actually freely absorb LRH's own spoken words, and understand what Scientology is, and to discuss it like normal citizens.

Official Scientology fails to discuss itself, fails to discuss the OT levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 for what they are, which is simply high volume exorcism of dead space alien souls that supposedly infest all of us.


Blahh blahh blahh.  Your words mean nothing troll.


 "The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is "no results". Trouble spots occur only where there are "no results". Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are "no results" or "bad results"."

Isn't that right Marcotai?Why has there been an explosion of bad PR since the release of the Golden Age of Tech?

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Yes, Marcotai, the "truth" will always prevail in the end. That's exactly what is happening in France, Australia, Germany, Russia, Village Voice, and I can go on and on. Please wake up!

billy bob
billy bob

"In fact truth it will always prevail at the end, no matter what or who is trying to suppress it."

I agree, which is why Scientology is shrinking at an ever increasing rate all across the world!   Huzzah!


Thanks Marcotia for providing us with a window into how Scientology spins its criminality to its members.

Fortunately Europe is way ahead of America in the "age of reason".

anon anon song
anon anon song

Ugh, totally unreadable. So much for my translating career.

Bottom line: scientology's promising courses are meant only to make money and certainly not worth their price.


You might enjoy "The Last Alchemist" by Iain McCalman.

I guess you could say Count Cagliostro was Europe's Hubbard.


It's a torture device. I'm very happy Amy survived, good luck to both of you.


My gym has a warning -- don't spend more than fifteen minutes in the sauna. (I do cheat that on occasion!).

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

I saw the pic. Is it really that rundown? It looks horrible! Davy must really hate the French, hardly ideal.


I wish someone would post that audio where L Ron, during a lecture,  keeps making onomatopoeia's, can't find it myself.  It's really funny.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

"Slappy Together," kind of reminds me of a song by the Turtles. lol

billy bob
billy bob

Yeah, noticed that too.  Sure is characteristic of the violent nature of Scientology's overall management style!


Yes, that's true.BUT it's not the only policy LRH wrote about eventual SCN problems!Results are exponentially increasing year by year, and that it's easy to be recognized by Scientologists that are active in their churches.THUS, the LRH policy you should use is: "Squirrels and SPs are screaming when SCN is actually expanding, they will be quiet only when SCN is not expanding".The WHY there has been an "explosion" (LOL) of bad PR, IT'S because the Golden Age of Tech has been fully accomplished!It was very obvious to real Scientologists that that event would have filtered few "bad apples" in SCN out of it and screaming about. A factor that ONLY anti-social media has picked up.


I never heard about a country named 'village Voice'.All i know about it it's a well known pimping newspaper.


Marcotai,please get this in your Head, Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer. Fiction, not fact. The books that he wrote, came probably somewhere out of his weird  imagination and while he was tripping on some substance,or other. Ohh not forgetting  his desire to make lots of money, an idealism that he created and scientology of his making.

The only reason, many still cling on to these practises and keep paying out the money, is they cannot  face up to the fact, that their whole life energys and way of life has been based on Fiction.  It takes a a lot of humility , and courage to admit to that fact ! Thats just the startA Science fiction story supposidly backed up with high tec and lots of  ostentatious buildings,  As ive said prevously , you cannot buy your way to heaven. I Hope to God that  you will see through this facade, and that the barriers that stop you will come crumbling down

barbara graham
barbara graham

 Hubbard not only predicted David Miscavige, he created him. We know who's got the fluffy tail and no nuts!


     But if the Tech is infallible and it was being applied correctly, why weren't these "Bad Apples" identified earlier?


 Exactly!  That's why transparency (i.e., the interconnected tubes) is the disinfectant.

The curious thing is why Hubbard thought he could maintain the barrier to outside investigation.  Perhaps it was part of his pathologic mindset.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

 Only when you get OUT of Scientology, do you see that most of Hubbard's blathering statements apply mainly to himself.   He invented all sorts of things and made them "real" to the followers willingly duped to accept whatever old Ron said.   Like Xenu and the Wall of Fire, and everyone shooing away "body thetans" just because Ron said we all had "body thetans" infesting us all.  

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

 It's unlikely that Hubbard's high volume exorcism telepathic talk therapy of Hubbard's OT levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 is going ever to be accepted as self-evident.

Nor is Xenu going to be accepted as self evident.  

We'd need a space alien invasion of earth, to confirm Hubbard's Xenu story, and the existence of all the "body thetans" that supposedly infest every human being on earth.  

When the Marcabians arrive on earth, Hubbard and his high volume exorcism therapy religion will be vindicated!

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

 Keeping Scientology Working trumps ALL other policy (except in my opinion the ARC triangle and The Way to Happiness I grant should be supreme policy, but they are NOT, and it's something Scientology needs to change), in KSW, this is the ultimate Hubbard put down on Scientologists themselves:  "Trouble spots occur only where there are no results."

What Marco should consider, is the possibility that it's NOT the Scientology membership's fault in their faulty application of the tech, nor is it the outside world "screaming" at Scientology, but that it just might be that Hubbard's "tech" is just not as effective as Hubbard claimed it was.

The big elephant in the room, is Hubbard.   He's the source of the movement's problems.   


Marcotai, one day you might free yourself from this deception. That is my hope for you. I'm sure it's everyone's hope for you.

Enlightenment cannot be brought about by any external entity, be it religious, political, or social. If / when you ever taste that freedom, I hope that it is sweet as can be.


Marcotai,  Maybe another LRH quote applies to this "expansion".

From the 'Scn and Effective Knowledge' tape,

"There is a condition worse than blindness and that is thinking you see something that isn't there."


It's just as Schopenhauer said:

"All truth passes through three stages.First, it is ridiculed.Second, it is violently opposed.Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.Unless we're talking about a pathologic liar's truth."

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Aren't you ashamed of your cult yet? They protect and harbor pedophiles (can't wait for Jan Eastgate's trial) and now in the court of law it's been proven "twice" that $cientology is a fraud. Lmao!

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