Scientology Jurisprudence: Commenters of the Week!

The underground bunker might need some new paneling after the way we were bouncing off the walls this week. I mean seriously, how are we going to keep up with all of this Scientology news? It's like this is turning into a real job or something.

We started off the week with our regular feature, Sunday Funnies, and especially enjoyed the Sydney org's use of a Star Wars theme -- and we'll have more about that tomorrow!

Monday we had a lengthy story about the death of Ann Tidman -- better known to Scientologists as Annie Broeker, the woman who cared for L. Ron Hubbard in his final years. Tidman died last June of lung cancer, but only now are we finding out about it despite Scientology's attempt to keep it quiet.

That evening, we learned from a Tampa Bay Times story that Scientology had filed a lawsuit against Debbie Cook, the former church executive who shocked the world with a New Year's Eve e-mail daring to criticize the "extreme fundraising" under church leader David Miscavige. Scientology is retaliating by suing her for violating the terms of a draconian gag order she signed in 2007 while taking $50,000. This case looks to be a wild one.

Wednesday morning, we used the opportunity of the lawsuit against Cook to bring up another recent piece of Scientology legal news, a judge's scathing smackdown of a church motion in a case involving attorney Ken Dandar. We also listed the 5 worst things judges have said about the church, which was fun.

Later that morning, we spotted a wild little item -- Indiana's state senate had voted to allow the teaching of Scientology in its schools. Say what? Well, it turned out that there was a very funny reason behind it -- Senate Democrats added Scientology and other religions to a Creationism bill in order to neuter it.

That afternoon, we had a very fun interview with Vi Simpson, the Indiana Senate minority leader who was behind the cheeky Scientology amendment. She turned out to be a real hoot! Someone get her on national television, and soon.

Thursday morning, we got up super early to hear the news from France, where Jerry Lewis is a genius and Scientology is a scam. We mean, of course, that the Scientology's 2009 convictions for fraud were upheld by the Court of Appeal, and we interviewed Jonny Jacobsen about the view from over there.

That afternoon, we learned that Debbie Cook had lawyered up, and we snagged the first interview with her attorney, Ray Jeffrey. He laid out the preliminaries in the case, including Cook's motion to dissolve a temporary restraining order.

Friday morning, we continued our tradition of bringing you exciting dispatches from the Apollo, circa 1968 to 1971, as L. Ron Hubbard plied the Mediterranean and ordered beards trimmed and counted his Christmas gifts.

And finally, yesterday afternoon we learned that Debbie Cook's motion to dissolve the restraining order had been denied, and we'll have to wait until Thursday for the real fireworks in the case to begin.

Whew. I may have to put in for combat pay. At least the bourbon is holding out.

Now, let's get on to the awards...

Our Sunday Funnies this week got a big reaction, perhaps because for once the mailers put out by Scientology orgs actually looked slick. One from Sydney riffed on a Star Wars theme, which led to this memory from Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack...

When Star Wars first came out, the word around the cult office was that it wasn't fiction, it was history. I wonder if the cult members still view it that way?

Another mailer promised a "Safari" at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and we enjoyed this quip by Chuck Beatty, at least in part because we've never seen Chuck write so succinctly!

Celebrity Centre didn't mention, but they plan to do some auditing on the monkeys, and then run some OT 5 body thetan exorcism on the tigers.

Monday's story about Annie Broeker produced a huge response, the biggest of the year so far, almost all of it in regards to something Marty Rathbun said. While that was a fascinating debate, I was glad to see that Heather G noted the article's main point...

This is one of the saddest stories I've read about in the ongoing saga that is the Church of Scientology. Rest in peace, Annie.

And as usual, when things get heated in our comments, we can usually count on Jefferson Hawkins to put things in perspective and help us all to cool down...

I am reminded of the words of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, in his chronicle of the Soviet gulags: "It was only when I lay there on the rotting prison straw that I sensed within myself the first stirrings of good. Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not between states nor between social classes nor between political parties, but right through every human heart, through all human hearts."

Annie had so much good in her heart. She was a kind, gentle woman, and I counted her as a friend. She fought to temper the toxic atmosphere at the Int Base. She did not deserve the fate that she got. At the same time, one could rightly criticize her for supporting and defending the "evil empire" that exists there. One could make the same criticism of me, a guy who energetically promoted and marketed Scientology for years. No one who is or was in that system is blameless for what it became.

One could make the same criticism of Marty, who was a key executive who perpetuated and enforced an abusive system. At the same time, there is much good in Marty's heart, and I say this not as a Marty supporter or advocate - I am not and will never again be a Scientologist of any stripe - but as a guy who knows him. I disagree that Scientology can ever be reformed - I think the toxic factors are too deeply embedded in its DNA - but I respect his attempt at reform. I don't agree with all of his decisions but I think his heart is in the right place.

In Scientology we were taught to think in black and white - people are either good or evil, with us or against us. Every fanatical group tries to tell us who to hate. I have made an earnest attempt, since leaving the cult, to not be as judgmental as we were inside, and to be aware of that line that passes through every human heart. We all are capable of both good and evil - Scientology, in my view, is ultimately destructive as it seeks to convince people to do evil - to hate, to lie, to oppress, to imprison - all in the name of "good" - a future "Clear" utopia.

We got another big reaction to the news that Debbie Cook had been sued by the church, which revealed that Cook had signed a gag order some years earlier. Many of us were impressed by this bit of clear-eyed perspective by Gina Smith...

Thing is we don't know how many people have signed these agreements. This isn't so much about attacking Debbie Cook as Miscavige sending out a reminder to other exes who might speak out.

Debbie Cook hasn't given us an interview, but it was hard not to agree with JustCallMeMary, who tried to divine Cook's thoughts...

The church bribes Debbie and Wayne to shut up and they agree just to get the hell out of there and get their minds back. Then they get out, take some time to recover and see more of what is really going on and say, 'F that'. Welcome to the Gerry Armstrong club. They might as well spill all the beans now, declare bankruptcy and move to Canada... This is going to be a long drawn out painful series of legal maneuvers of Scientology using these two as the sacrificial lambs to prove they enforce their gag agreements. Perhaps its time for a gag revelation party.

And we can usually count on CofS Exit Zone for some blunt wisdom...

Debbie Cook is the new SMERSH. Prove me wrong.

After we reported that Indiana Democrats had inserted Scientology in an amendment in order to neuter a Republican-sponsored Creationism bill, SFF offered this caveat...

I'd rather have my kids taught the Xenu story in school than have them taught that intelligent design is a science. Besides, Xenu is an effective inoculant.

And Miles Biondo chimed in with this summation...

Never thought I'd see the day when a spirit-crushing headline such as "Indiana Senate Votes to Teach Scientology in Schools", crowns a story that contains more-or-less GOOD news. I'm four-square against tax-supported public schools teaching religious fairy tales as scientific possibilities, so if the inclusion of Scientology in that curriculum effectively neuters that proposal, then Hallelujah. And while Scientology is always trying to worm its way into our schools, this is not what they had in mind. There's no way in hell they want their "origin of mankind" story to be anybody's entree into their mind-bending belief system. Well done, Indiana Democrats. Very crafty of you.

We also couldn't help enjoying LeeAnne Clark's enthusiam for Vi Simpson and her stratagem...

I cannot get over the absolute awesomeness of this move by Vi Simpson. Not only is it a brilliant means to torpedo yet another effort by Christian extremists to use the government to foist their religion on Americans, it's also a fabulous way to publicly ridicule Scientology. Yes, it will bring more attention and exposure to Scientology - but in a way that highlights the fact that it's laughable and absurd! It's a no-lose proposition for those of us who 1) believe in the separation of church and state, and 2) work to end the abuses of Scientology. If it passes, we very well could have Xenu brought to the attention of millions of Americans - which is GOOD! We NEED more people to understand that Scientology is not the warm-and-fuzzy self-actualization group that it portrays itself to be in TV commercials. And if it fails, it will protect Indiana kids from being forcibly indoctrinated into Christianity, whether their parents want it or not. Bravo Senator Simpson!

And Lisa Derrick gave us a chuckle: we have to agree...

Hey Tony, you realize that David Miscaviage is gonna use this as a major win in his next speech: "And the State of Indiana recognized Scientology as a major religion, and is requiring that it be taught alongside Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism!"

Thursday morning, we got very lucky and managed to catch Paris-based journalist Jonny Jacobsen for a quick phone interview. We're glad Damian DeWitt enjoyed the result as much as we did...

Kudos, Tony, for interviewing Jonny Jacobsen. I hope more people will follow his excellent blog. He is one of the finest minds and stylists writing about Scientology today.

This is one of the most important things you our anyone has written about the Paris Fraud Trial: "What makes the French convictions so remarkable, on the other hand, is that two church entities and five individuals received fraud convictions for simply doing the basic business of Scientology."

What is organized fraud in Paris is organized fraud in New York, Washington DC, Los Angelels, Montreal and Quebec. Scientology's core businesses are inherently fraudulent in whatever city and nation they are carried out.

And Chuck Beatty also gave Jonny his due...

Have to give Jonny Jacobsen a big thanks. He was one of the few journalists willing to even listen in the mid 2000s, to the violence abuse stories from the ex Int Base staffers. He ran the first story when Jenna Miscavige spoke up publicly. Big thanks to Jonny!

Thursday afternoon, we got lucky again, catching attorney Ray Jeffrey for a phone interview about his new client, Debbie Cook. We enjoyed this bit of perspective on her situation from scnethics...

I can't think of a similar case. No one widely known to the membership has ever managed to reach the entire membership with a criticism of management.

Debbie's case means a lot to a lot of people. This isn't Daniel Montalvo. Debbie is widely known and respected among many longtime and wealthy members in good standing, and I wouldn't be surprised if she received support from some of these. She has the full support of the independent crowd. There is a lot more at stake here than another black eye for the church. This could mean another large exodus, larger than any in the past.

And as her attorney points out, the church's position is difficult in the matter of shutting her up. How do they explain the damage she is doing, without admitting that their whole operation relies on keeping their members ignorant!

I always appreciate it when readers tell us their own experiences in relation to our stories. After we printed an excerpt from one of L. Ron Hubbard's "Orders of the Day" in which he boasted about his number of Christmas gifts from admirers, Skip Press sent us this sobering anecdote from his time in the church...

I remember standing in line on payday at Celebrity Centre at Christmas 1976. I was collecting money to buy "the Commodore" a Christmas present from the staff. John Dries, the Qualifications Secretary, said "Why should I give him anything, he's a millionaire." The truth of that resonated immediately with me. We were getting paid $17 a week and out of that had to buy clothes and toiletries. Frankly, I have no idea how anyone did it.

And let's finish up with another pat on the back given to a journalist on the front lines, in this case John MacCormack of the San Antonio Express-News, who covered Friday's hearing in the Debbie Cook case and will, we trust, keep a close eye on things as the case unfolds. mirele tells us we're in good hands...

Whew! Even if TonyO can't be there, at least the local press sent someone competent out there. John MacCormack did a story about Marty Rathbun and the Squirrel Busters last year. Before that, he covered, pushed, pulled and prodded through a story that helped solve the murder of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and her son Jon Garth and adopted daughter Robyn. I'm less worried about getting good coverage out of the hinterlands of Texas...(yeah, I know SA is a big city and all that, let me have some fun).

Wow, what a week. And there's so much more coming. Thursday will be a big day in the Debbie Cook lawsuit, with a temporary injunction hearing that should produce some dramatic testimony. But first, on Monday, we have a treat that I hope you enjoy. All I can say now is this: it's the first press interview with a former Scientologist who had one of the more unusual jobs in the church. I better not say anything more. But first, later today, Scott Pilutik and I will have more on the bizarre dual legal strategy the church is employing in Texas and Florida, and tomorrow, the Force is Really Going to Be With You, mate, so blimey, check us out with your Sunday morning coffee!

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

Keep up on all of our New York news coverage at this blog, Runnin' Scared


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Tony Ortega you are my new cult..I am so addicted to your blog. It has replaced all of my old addictions :) Kudos to posters Jeff Hawkins (I am a huge fan of yours), JustCallMeMary and Chuck Beatty for your sanity and consistency throughout the years. The parade marches on.


I don't think this fraud conviction in Paris really matters to David Miscavige.  I think the Co$ will find some way around it.  The 100,000 or less dedicated members around the world will still support David Miscavige.    The whole fraud thing might just get the Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinders Independent Scientology movement even more exposure, if more members start leaving and becoming Independent Scienologist. I still don't get Independent Scientology Isn't it the same old bull shit but for free?  How can anyone believe in this ????? I still think the Independent Scienologist  are  brain washed and need help.  I don't think Dianetics is a science that works and it was proven more then 50 years ago that it does not help you.


We in RTC took in $12,390,320 this week in tax exempt cash. We are crying about hater/natter blogs like this one all the way to the bank. Seriously, though, we plan on suing every last one of you bastards after we open the Super Power Building.

The oiliness table seems to arouse much interest here. It is a simple rundown:

Feel the oilThank you

Feel the oilThank you

How does the oil feel to you now?Thank you

Name a time when you were immersed in oilThank you

While the EP of the oiliness table is confidential it is the breakthrough of the centuries. It will rocket a person up their Bridge even faster than we in RTC can open new Ideal Orgs. 

Anon A
Anon A

May the Force be with you, Tony.


Meh, If Rathbun's heart were in the right place he wouldn't have had the immediate reaction he did in this week's story about Annie T.  He still believes that she 'pulled it in', and then got defensive.  That doesn't show me someone with a good heart.

He has yet to rediscover his humanity.


Scnethics comments about Debby Cook got me wondering again what her major catalyst was for jumping back into the line of fire. For the average ex, after five years you’ve finally got accustomed to living human and sanely again and wisely stay away. Why did she do it?Hundreds of news headlines came out this week around the world sharing one bold statement: Scientology is a fraud. It’s the kind of broadcast blast that penetrates scientologists’ blinders, ear plugs, and zaps staff into yet another exhaustive, frantic tailspin.The Debbie Cook saga will snake its way like an electric thread around the French smack down. Any other snappy news stories, like the Refunders getting sued in Pinellas County, FL, will act as infrequent but constant wasp stings. Internally, Inferno melodrama will whip up the final touch, setting up the perfect storm for full throttle breakdowns: Mental, physical, financial, organizational.Running a $2 Million a week scientology organization like Flag for years has to involve buckets of adrenaline pumping day in and day out. It requires an honest burning passion to fuel and repeat, day in and day out, this frantic, maddening, pace as well as the required ruthless insanities that go with the job. It’s an international affair. It’s also more than just a taste of raw power; it’s a daily feast.Imagine limping away, only after the mandatory degradation and usual illnesses, and settling in a comparatively subdued southeast US town, running a minor consultant shop. It’s easy to speculate that whenever the inevitable withdrawal raised it’s ugly head, it hit hard … and long. Today scientology is in need of Savior and Redeemer #3 at least in the eyes of those few still standing. But it’s a juicy role that requires tremendous passion and adrenaline and above all … pays well in a currency of Respect. What I do know is everyone who enters the mire of scientology and stays more than a few months found something that empowered their weakness, their crutches, and scientology feeds that need just like any drug. The longer and higher up you’re in it, the greater the need for professional mental therapy to wean you off the addiction and relapses. I am glad Debbie Cook has family and friends around her now that she’s back on this scientology trip. I hope her future includes All the kinds of assistance she will need to survive the brutal bullies of scientology.It took me a while to realize that scientologists are taught to self-medicate, self-diagnose, and self treat.  It is for this reason that I view it as dangerous and unhealthy, not because the science fiction is labeled as religious doctrine.  The Million Dollar Lawyers are all that kept scientology going past its expiration date, but Justice has no such limit.  Whatever her reason, I hope Ms Cook succeeds, not in saving scientology, but saving scientologists. 


O goodie, I was not even 'in' Scientology, and I am just glued to this blog.

My interest is social psychology, yet the saga of Scientology covers every possible aspect of social psychology.

- Mind control- Fascism- Totalitarianism- Authoritarianism- Democracy- Conformity- Acceptance- Belonging- Obedience to authority- Faith- Salvation- Mortality- Eternity- Occult- Cognitive dissonance- Narcissism- Psychopathology- Freedom- Escape- Love- Romance- Bravery- Cowardice- Courage- Fear- Trauma- Slavery- Hatred- Post traumatic stress disorder- Loss- Gain- Justice- Victory- Forgiveness- Empathy- Compassion- Kindness- Conscience- Recovery- Survival- Hope- Laughter- Humor- Satire- Nostalgia- Revenge- Horror- Suffering- Pain- Guilt- Power- Control- Domination- Manipulation- Cruelty- Greed- Fame- Fortune- Shame- Regret- Gullibility- Foolishness- Disillusion- Truth- Lies- Arrogance- Exploitation- Humility- Influence- Good- Evil- Heroes- Villains- Morality- Rationalism- Integrity- Ethics- Success- Failure- Life- Death- Unity- Separation

In other words, the world is a stage, and we are the players on that stage in this moment in time....the good, the bad and the ugly.... all I can say is, never, ever underestimate the power of the human spirit.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot:

www (DOT) youtube (DOT) com (FORWARD SLASH) watch?v=wupToqz1e2g


Jeff Hawkins, always the voice of reason amid the storm. Independents are fortunate to have him and another voice of reason to read: JustBill ( Ask The Scientologist ), to keep the focus 3 feet back of the drama so they can see what is important that they may not see.


I hope that interview is with Steve "Sarge" Pfauth.

Jens Tingleff
Jens Tingleff

Well done to those commenters for not having their comments fall of disqus


"One of the more unusual jobs in the Church."

OK,now you've got me guessing:-David Miscavige's colonic technician?-Copper rod installation and maintenance specialist?-Freewinds shuffleboard coordinator?


Fair suck of the sauce bottle, Tony, just READING all your articles is becoming a full time occupation!


I swear I put in paragraphs. 


No, I've got it now!  He has a job as a squirrel cook.


Maybe he has to squint at LRH's old handwritten notes looking for a smudge that might be a semicolon.Maybe he has to climb up to the mountain fortress and check if the eternal battery needs replacing.Maybe he has to watch the surveillance cameras in the RPF and make sure that nobody is masturbating.Maybe he has to word-clear "contract" and "religion" etc. for the lawyers.


Oiling the Oiliness machine at Super Power headquarters?Calibrating rifles at that eagle eye spy nest above scientology's Hemet slave camps?Assembling Squirrel Buster hat apparatus?Installing GPS apostate trackers?Shredding of documents pre-raids?


Hold the "Shift" key down when you want to insert a paragraph.

It works on a Mac, not so sure about Windows.

Someone reply if it works for you, please.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Dressing the dwarf's dog in sea org attire everyday and shinning it's faux medals. Plus, picking up the beagles excrement daily. Doesn't he own three beagles? That's a lot of doodoo!


Cleaning the cage on Travolta's private jet/runaway slave transport?Shopping for 1980s vintage packs of Kools?Testing the foot-bullet gun?Scheduling niacin treatments for Tom Cruise's beard?Picking nuts out of squirrel turds?


In all seriousness, I'd be very psyched if it were a CST Estates person who was posted at Trementina or Petrolia. Other than one poster at ESMB, I've never seen anyone who'd spent significant time at either location talk.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

 There've been postings, sorry I'm getting memory loss, and I knew the couple at petrolia, saw their names on docs, and I recall when both they and the men at Trementina came for their stops at ASI and briefings/debriefs by David Lantz and Norman Starkey.   Two people at each place.

The Creston ranch is Bruno Moresi and his wife.  

Usually couples, CST "Sea Org" staff, get to wear civies, but still on the Sea Org payroll, or possibly they use the ASI pay system, which is a salary minimum wage base pay system.  

Next time protesters go to TwinPeaks for a local LA region protest of the mother CST headquarters facility, be sure to ask the lady at reception who's manning the various CST sites, that will slightly make them worry that the world knows all about their CST sites, they don't like the publicity, since those sites are LRH's ulta secret places for his "legacy" scriptures on metal plates and on archival paper books in the titanium capsules filled with argon gas.


 Oh yes!  Polisher of the titanium (or nickel) vault plates!

The Super Power building  is going to have the most interesting new jobs.   Hubbard is going to have to  halt his research long enough to fly down with a whole new org board, like Moses jutting down from the mountains with  new tablets. 

But those locations you mentioned, I'm thinking not even an unconstitutional gag order would be enough.   Those locations and the likely unusual characters doing unusual jobs ... I'm thinking it might be something like those in Carl Hiaasen's novel,  "Native Tongues". 

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