Scientology on the High Seas: "You Chilluns Will Get Shoes"

NOTE: This is our regularly-scheduled Friday morning feature about L. Ron Hubbard aboard the Apollo. Our second day of reporting from the Debbie Cook hearing begins soon. Please check back for that coverage.

In November we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard's previously unpublished "Orders of the Day," which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we're looking at what was happening the week of February 5 through 11 during those years.

After the jump, Hubbard explains the heartwarming reason behind freeloader debts...

[Confused? Go here for our primer, "What is Scientology?" For recent controversies in the church, check out our stories on Debbie Cook, secrets of the Super Power Building, and spying on Tom Cruise. We know these 40-year-old ship's documents aren't for everyone, but they've been giving us some interesting insights into the mind of Hubbard as he ran Scientology from a yacht in the Mediterranean. Check back here often for more breaking news about the church.]


February 6: Hey, kids, tell the folks at home everything's all right -- just before you line up for those blindfolded overboards!


If your parents or friends are the kind who worry about you, BE SURE AND WRITE THEM AN AIRMAIL LETTER regularly.

Otherwise they give us DEV T by asking the government to check up on you to see if you're all right.

If uncertain about it, write them anyway.

Also, if you haven't written your family recently do so anyway. Otherwise they'll think Scn put you OUT of communication.

You can mail the letter straight from here.


We've had a BIG WIN in the US.

The FDA meter suit appeal was won by us!

This was really the only dangerous area. Had we lost it every org in the US and our AO would have been closed up.

But we won it.

Unfortunately Adelaide passed its ban bill but the org is staying open.

What psychiatry has in store for it now is horrible.

Also we will probably win a million dollar damage suit on the FDA which we are now placing.

Our attorney Brinkman got a $10,000 bonus for winning it. Also he got in my argument that the FDA had never brought forth a single case diagnosed or offered cure on an E Meter. That made two of the judges furious with the Dept of Justice attorney. The 3rd judge was a psychiatrist! He couldn't stop it.

Now if we SPEED UP and fight HARD we'll win back the ground and like a contracted spring from all this suppression EXPAND.




INEZ RACINE goes overboard twice once blindfolded, for purposefully ditching when she knew she had to go overboard.

DANE CHERRYHOLMES -- goes overboard twice, once blindfolded, for not being present for overboards when he was told he was going overboard.

Teri Descilo, F/MAA

Overboard for Missing 18:45 muster 5.2.69:

ANDREW JACKSON (Bottom spanked)

Ens Ron Pook, Con Port Watch


February 6: Ron can never seem to get it through everyone's heads: happiness is MORE MONEY!


A group generates its own conditions.

A group which gets on a handout line deteriorates rapidly.

Living off reserves made by someone else is degrading to a group. Look at psychiatry as an example. It lives off government handouts.

Morale is directly proportional to production.

A group which does not generate its own support goes bad.

A high morale group is one which by its own competence generates its own wherewithal.

In our case at Flag, we have found it easier to tap CS-3 than to collect the monies actually earned.

There's where the uniforms are, the E/R tools, the paint, the food.

By mocking up an actual Div III FAO that actually gets the preparatory admin squared up and gets its records available and not in trunks, you chilluns will get shoes.

Yet these income and billing areas are the most lightly manned areas we have.

To increase pride, morale and competence, live by production and collect what's owed by reason of production.

This group has earned its keep in the past. It needs only to continue production and collect for it to have a very well fed and clothed group.

Those actions are done by the group itself and can be done no other way.


February 7: When we hit someone with a freeloader bill, it's to give them satisfaction.


The rule that blown SO members may not work in orgs is now being fully enforced. This affects Durban and Asho. CS-1 should advice these and other orgs.

Franchises employing them are instantly indebted $5000 to the SO for VIIIs and other sums for other training.

One special permission exists for Christ Stevens on petition to work in Tech only in JBG org.

SO members who do not return from leave are classified as blown.

It is interesting that freeloader org and SO billings are paid when billed. It gives an avenue for conscience money. It is actually very cruel not to provide an avenue for redress of wrongs. But freeloader billings have to be billed regularly.

Did you get that? After years of working 120-hour weeks for only 20 to 50 bucks a week, the Sea Org member who leaves is then hit with a bill for tens of thousands of dollars for the spiritual counseling they received at a cut rate. And not to saddle a broke, dispirited, and struggling former Sea Org worker with 20 grand or so in debt would be "actually very cruel."

Makes sense, right?

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

(I mistyped a comment to the Debbie Cook blog here--sorry!)

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein

The overboards sound so scary. It was before my time, and Heber Jentsch never told me about them when he recruited me in 1970. He was on a Sea Org recruitment tour to all the US missions. He wore his buckskins, and sang with his guitar. 

I do remember the day we chilluns were promised shoes. We indeed staffed the Department of Income, and sure enough we got shoes, and a bonus. I bought myself a knife with a marlinspike. As to freeloader's bills, they may have sent those to me. The only address they had was my mom's home address on the Jersey Shore. She gleefully returned letters from them until the day she died. 

Have fun at the trial, Tony! xox K

Radio Paul
Radio Paul



This is kind of a tangent. If the cult isn't all about control, lies and the money, why isn't Dianutty free yet?

Its importance is supposedly comparable to the discovery of fire and greater than the wheel or arch. They are going to let a trademark and book fee stop this earth shattering knowledge from being freely available to the public on the Internet?

Why would they do that? They do it because they understand that only one in a thousand people is gullible enough to fall into this trap, and the first step to knowing you are going to be spending a fortune for "discoveries" (all the answers) worth a fortune, is to get you to buy into it -- invest in your future -- starting with the first book.

Plus, if it were free, too many people would look at it, and see that it was a piece of impenetrable overblown crap. People just don't want to penetrate Dianutty by joining a cult like they used to. They'd prefer to look on the web.


L Ron Hubbard ordered children thrown overboard while blindfolded. What a lover of humanity he was! L Ron Hubbard relentlessly pursued money for Scientology at the expense of the Sea Org members who sacrificed so much and got so little respect in return. Still happens today. L Ron Hubbard created the freeloader debt swindle. Still a policy.L Ron Hubbard created a secret internal prison called the RPF. Still in use.L Ron Hubbard spent his entire adult life pushing people around through legal means. Still common practice.L Ron Hubbard invented the inhuman and damaging idea of "suppressive person". This bigoted, hateful term is still used by Scientologists.L Ron Hubbard stated that it was right to "destroy utterly" those who criticized Scientology. And this man's words, such as these, are considered sacred Source within Scientology to this day.

But ask an independent Scientologist what the problem with Scientology is and you'll hear, "It's Miscavige's fault."


Freeloader debt was one of those mind-blowing concepts of Hubbard, an obvious mechanism of control to trap people. Members usually accepted it because they are brainwashed AND usually get in young enough not to have had experience with the regular work world, where training is included.

The whole "bridge" concept -- the paramount importance of it -- falls by the wayside, when it involves a productive Sea Org member with technical ability like Marc Headley. Then they'd prefer to keep that person out of the upper OT levels, knowing it might interfere with their PRODUCTION.

One of the insurmountable challenges the cult faces, is that brightest and most "productive" people, as well as the high rolling public members are naturally becoming the most adept at finding information and communicating on the Internet.

The answers aren't in secret places anymore. The most lofty concepts, in math, science, philosophy and even religion, are on the web. There are thousands of taped lectures from organizations and universities like Yale and MIT. They aren't doing it for advertising. They are doing it to open up quality education for those who might not be able to afford it.

Scientology is stuck in PR and coverup mode, and they've got so much to lie about and keep covered up, including the life and "lectures" of L. Ron Hubbard.


After being put on the slave labor force RPF to fix up Hubbard's acquisition of the Cedars of Lebanon hospital, I left staff and was told I had a freeloader debt of many thousands. This was after years of working mostly 6 days a week, sometimes 7, 8 hours a day then 3 hours $cientology study or counseling. (Hey, I had no place else to go.) Shortly after leaving staff, I went on a TV game show and won enough money to pay off my debt - it COMPLETELY freaked them out. I didn't pay it off - a few years later due to public pressure, they gave former staff monetary credit for years of service. Even with $cientologists, you can only screw over people so much.


Boy, if the below isn't ironic and doesn't explain the Cook case, well . . . Also, if you haven't written your family recently do so anyway. Otherwise they'll think Scn put you OUT of communication.


Andrew Jackson= went overboard and had his bottom spanked , how humilating is that.ahggg  makes me sick

Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson

One could argue that with a ship full of masochistic simpletons presided over by a sadistic tyrant then 'over boarding'  and other vicious activities would be an entirely normal daily occurrence

I still find it hard to believe that there was such a pool of otherwise intelligent people who were prepared to tolerate such indignity and humiliation for the meretricious carrot of 'spiritual eternity'.

But, thankfully nearly all of them woke up eventually, though in some cases it took far too many years for them to discover that there was only fools gold at the end of the rainbow.


Fear of a large freeloader debt is what keeps many staff and Sea Org members from leaving. When you have a freeloader debt you are not allowed to do Scientology services. Many don't know they are bullshit and not enforcable, even illegal in some places.

Ivy Mapother
Ivy Mapother

First, from that photo, does that rockin' little combo have a name? That's not the Sons of the Raging Queen is it?  Second, the importance of keeping in touch with family menbers is so you can hit them up for cash to pay your freeloader debt. The Commodore has it all figured.

Barbara Snow
Barbara Snow

His comment about instituting a million dollar damage suit against the FDA reminded me of an event I once attended.  I went because they were pushing my husband to bring people to those events and once I agreed to go if he would read "A Piece of Blue Sky".  So I went and it turned out that the purpose of this huge event was to announce that Scientology was once and for all going to stop Psychiatry.  How? They were going to sue the Universities who taught the Psychiatrists.  That would do it!!!   My mouth dropped open.  Was anyone going to speak out about what a foolish assertion this was?  Nope...they all hipped and saluted a picture of LRH and the "event" was over.   

Mimi The Great
Mimi The Great

Did I read and understand that correctly? Overboarding KIDS? BLINDFOLDED? And this is ethical?

Sure, let's indoctrinate these "thetans" in miniature bodies to be mindless laborers and spy on their parents "for the greater good" and when they do something displeasing, toss them overboard but blindfold them first!

Gawd. My 8 year old TEBOWED me in front of his class while wearing MY Steelers jersey.....if ever there was a reason to overboard a kid,that's it but I did not. Can you guess why??? Because its f*cking cruel, abusive and a form of torture.


So, 43 years ago this week, Hubbard had just won the appeal on a major lawsuit and was starting up another against the FDA? Was there ever a time in Scientology history when they were not involved in big court battles against someone?


Reminder to the lurkers : Freeloader Debt =  bluff 

Anon A
Anon A

I love reminding Scientology staffers that Freeloader Debt isn't actually a binding thing in the real world.  


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 And I want to know what happened when the "church" subpoena'ed you. Can you talk about it? All I remember is that you were making all these YouTube videos, then there was a video of a process server, then there was a long blank period, then you did those videos on Photoshopping in Co$. Then you began working with AnonSparrow.

So what happened?


Who cares? Cult is dying a slow painful and hilarious death.

Once the official cult operation is blown wide open and folk can pick at the pieces and laugh at it all, there won't be any kudos in being an independent kool aid drinker.

 Miscavige can either go on the run, which would be fantastic entertainment as Anonymous and law enforcement chase the little coward around the planet, or he can kill himself - maybe overdose/be forcably injected with Vistaril like LRH did, or he can do the right thing and confess his crimes and face jail. That last one is unlikely, because David Miscavige is a coward.

But one thing is for sure - this cult is going down, and it is pure entertainment to watch the remaining suckers try to defend what is left of the miserable legacy of a failed junkie sci-fi writer.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

just keep peeling back the onion ... layer by layer..exposing how rotten and fetid it all the very core.


I don't think people are brainwashed; I think with cults the members are presented with a certain sort of reality and they are punished or fear punishment if they don't follow that reality. People are constantly being told in Scientology that they will lose any gains if they stop paying for courses, and because they don't want so seem rude or ungrateful, they just keep on paying for it.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Andrew was a teenager or even "pre-teen" at this writing!   I'll find out and edit this comment to give what his actual approximate age was at this moment in history.   This was a time when children were allowed on the Apollo still. 


Never forget, Elwrong was an excellent hypnotist, and very entertaining to boot. He also appealed to their sense of adventure, sending people in to infiltrate NASA, steal documents from U.S. government offices, work as spies inside the California DMV, etc. He always had the "inside true story" or so many thought. In truth, he was a lying criminal who got what was coming to him, and may go down as the biggest lying charlatan criminal in history. "Mankind's Greatest Friend"? Maybe by dying and ridding the world of himself. What's coming to David Miscavige will be very, very nasty indeed. And the same for his pal Cruise. 


What are the odds that twice in the same week I see the name James Byrne.  I'm sitting here looking at his recent picture in the last issue of The Auditor, a publication that ASHO (one of the Sea Org scientology training organizations in Los Angeles) distributes. 

There's a short comment about his first meeting Hubbard doing the Briefing Course (which would be on the Apollo at that time).   Too bad they don't include portions of these Orders of the Day.  Would the current students stay if they knew?  Well, not such a problem.  This publication comes out 3, or is it 4? times a year.  This issue there were no BC grads, only 1 or 2 people on each level (part) of the course, and zero,  Zero! "clears" made.For once, a truth:  Zero Clears.   And old James looks downright haggard and crusty;  not at cause at all.


But they didn't all wake up. Annie Tidman died recently, no doubt fully expecting to select her new body real soon.

Sadly some people are indeed fooled into giving their entire life to this thing which is, ultimately, so empty.

When you think about it, taking away someone's dreams and goals for their life, and replacing it with a lie, well it's pretty despicable. Which is worse, that or murder? Either way, you've taken away the life they had envisioned for themselves.

And so many of these people join up as kids, so let's not talk about "choice".


The Apollo Stars - according to Elwrong, Charlie Rush the drummer was the greatest drummer in the entire universe. Far as I know, every single person in that group left $cientology. 

John P.
John P.

Great detail about the event that announced they'd sue all the universities that taught psychiatrists...  It's like a bunch of 8-year-olds who tell each other that they're going to sue their schools for not giving out unlimited free candy at recess.  They're deadly serious but to anyone else, it's laughable.  

I just read somewhere that there is enough demand to support twice as many psychiatrists as there currently are.  I then looked up and discovered that there are 38,000 psychiatrists in the US, which is more than there are scientologists in the US and possibly in the world.  I also wonder if they actually filed the suit he mentioned against the FDA.  I doubt it, but it would be fun to know for sure.  

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

But the policy that adds to this OODs item by LRH includes features like the ex Sea Org member can't do services, until his/her freeloader debts are paid.   

There's  a whole history of "pilot" handlings, nothing really finalized, and the higher up the ladder the ex Sea Org person was, the MORE the church does NOT want them back on lines, since if they tell their stories in session, it spreads the history of the craziness they were put through before they blew!

Like Debbie Cook, they didn't want her coming back and telling her woes to auditors anywhere in the movement, since it just spreads the craziness going on at the Int Base!

Hubbard just was blind to the messes he was creating, in all direcitons, and his handlings in church policies just were delusional solutions that made sense only in his own deranged mind.

Scientology, official that is, acts more crazy than the freezone and independent Scienotlogists, because official Scientology employs the WHOLE administrative structure on it's followers.

The "apostate" freezone and independent Scientologists are actually saner, since they naturally drop the worst of the Hubbard extremist Catch 22 rules and predicament causing regulations. They don't need to go extremist on each other, and give each other 'black eyes' for committing any imaginary "pin pricking" of one another.

Official Scientology is a tight little trap.


Addendum to reminder to lurkers: Scientology = bluff.


I think the way in which it ends matters. I would like to see it fully discredited, not merely changed into a softer independent version of itself. I wish I could share your certainty that it will die completely, but the persistence and growth of Mormonism, another obvious man-made fraudulent religion, shows just how long people will hold onto their ridiculous, but communal beliefs even once the source has been thoroughly exposed and discredited.


I consider the eradication of the reactive mind to be a form of brainwashing. Their primary mechanisms of control, bait and switch, and carrot on a stick, work only so far, without removing people's will to stand up for themselves. Members give free access for Scientology to prey on their fears and vulnerabilities.

The planet is going to collapse without us. We have all the answers. You will lose your eternity and your family/friends if you leave. To get to that point requires some extreme conditioning, be it ever so gradual.

People should read Sallydannce's story now running on ESMB. For me, along with Astra Woodcraft, she is one of the ex-Scientology women conveying her experience in an especially powerful way,  and for Sally it is about her inner experience, and struggle to get back. It's really illuminating to read her excellent writing, and compare it to that of a Hubbard-quoting loon like Rathbun.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

And don't forget, that there are literally hundreds, all total, policies, where Hubbard scapegoats almost the entire cast of society, and almost every position held by people who came trying do their best, but failed at Hubbard's system, and he thanked them all by issuing policy scapegoating their mistakes as his "research" into how to do things "right!"

Dean Blair
Dean Blair

I knew James Byrne quite well.  We were NOTS auditors at AOLA.  In the late 80s James was in charge of rounding up all the staff in the PAC area at about 8:00 AM and would drill everyone on marching around the top of the parking structure.  He would call out military commands like a drill Sargent "Attention".  "Right Face". "About Face". "Forward March".

It was stupid!  James was always so very proud of his rank as "Lieutenant RA (right arm).He was working with the leaders up at int and getting the crew to blindly follow orders like they do in the armed services.  James Byrne was never a real service man.  He was only a Sea Org service man.

His wife Enid died some years ago of cancer.  She was the head regisrar at AOLA.  I am not surprised that James looks haggard and crusty.  He has been with the cult for about fifty years!  

Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson

 You're right about the children who have no choice. I have no disrespect for them,  poor souls, treated like disposable pawns.

Thank you for reminding me about the kids who are forced into servitude by parents who forget their responsibilities and whose only concern is for themselves. And there are many of them, Scientology parents, seduced by malevolent dreams of power and wealth who so easily forget those who depend on them for nurture and guidance.

Marty Rathbun
Marty Rathbun

 What I don't understand is that Scios (specifically SO members and staff) want to keep coming back for eternity to work so many hours in horrible conditions and little pay over and over?



I understand there are load of authority given to the "church" by members. When I think of "brainwashing" I think of people doing things mindlessly like zombies because they are in some sort of altered state of consciousness or hypnotized state. I'm not supporting the "church"; I think it's an abusive organization and a con job, it's just that I don't believe in the brainwashing model*. Rathbun sounds like a true believer, as does Debbie Cook.


* Scientology seems to follow the pattern of most cults in that most members drop out after the first year; compare Wikipedia's "'mind control" article to the Truth About Scientology. If mind control truly worked, these cults would be far stronger than they actually are.



Perhaps the saddest part of these original Sea Org members who are still members is that they've been there so long that they literally can't leave. 

Being 60+ years old and having nowhere to go due to not knowing anyone on the outside, with no money or health insurance, no Social Security, no credit history, no employment record (and probably no marketable job skills either) and even if they find a job, now burdened with having to pay off a crippling "freeloader debt"  - and then the culture shock of being hit with the reality that the world has changed an awful lot from the one they knew when they left it over 4 decades ago. 

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty


James Byrne was caught on video by Angry Gay Pope, James was demoted to "security" for the Hollywood Inn, "HI", or "vertical sign building", during the "Winter Wonderland", James bantered a bit on video, and it's on YouTube amongst Angry Gay Pope's videos, I think.   

If you knew James Byrne, did you know Deld and did you know Wally Burgess.   We have  photos of Wally standing waiting for the bus at the HGB and at the Anthony building, and also there's a couple video clips of Deld at Flag, walking in his characteristic brisk walk, getting off the bus and walking on the alleyway sidewalk besides the Clearwater building.

All these photos and videos show that SOME of the oldest timers, like Deld, like Wally, like James, and even Annie Broeker's mom, we have photos and videos of them all, proves that SOME stick with the official movement through decades of the bullshit!

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Also Craig Ferreria, second from right, left of Kenny, Craig's an onlines Scientologist in LA.

I met and chatted with Craig, in 1994 at an ASI book reading event at ASI.   In 1977, when I was demoted from being an auditor, Craig gave me the choice of becoming a course supervisor, Craig was Chief Off FSO at that time, just having taken over from Gwen North (another person who's out and who someday I hope speaks her stories publicly).

I roomed with Tamia, at one of the Int Base berthing buildings (the Kirby apartments, an off base berthing arrangement for years that's now ceased).   

Skip you remember Mary Klapp, she married Tamia, and their son's grown up, I think their  son is in one of the LA orgs today, or one of the Sea Org orgs.   

There are two important "tech" stories with two of the "Stars".  I wish one of the ex Stars contacts Tony, he's got so many hilarious stories that need to be aired.   LRH wrote of these two Stars in two very important "tech" scriptures, I wish they'd go public and tell the full stories.  

Russ Meadows, the blond bearded big man on the left top, he was a Class 12.   Luten Taylor, the trombone player, African American, right of Russ,  I was in touch with his ex wife recently.   She's famous for being the smiling lady in the photo in the original edition of the Tech Dictionary, for Good Indicators.   I also was in touch with the congas player, Tom Rodriguez, center of photo, with hat.   When the Apollo landed, Tom became the Folder Administrator for the FSO in 1975-76 at Clearwater.   

And the lower left sax player, Neil Safarti, was chatting on the XSO chat site for a while, he tells the most hilarious stories, Tony should contact and interview Neil, for sure.  Hubbard wrote a policy about Neil, but it will take some skill to tell the story right.   

Hubbard in his own policy words, could have a devastating condemnatory attitude to the staff whom Hubbard scapegoated for often totally out of the blue reasons.   

I have wished to sit down with these hundreds of ex Sea Org members who'd lived and were dumped on by Hubbard, and let them tell their sides of the Hubbard condemnatory policies.   

Most people don't even contemplate getting into Scientology sufficiently to even wish to hear the sides of the people on whom Hubbard dumped.  

One of my goals was at least have those on whom Hubbard dumped, at least write their sides of the story, to add some details to the history of these Hubbard scapegoating  ("research") scriptures.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

also Kenny Campelman, the youngest of the "Stars", he's far right grinning with the afro.Kenny played flute.   He's at Int Base still, same as Tamia, I think.   Or did Tamia 'route out?'


Well, he was the dumbest of any of them. 

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