Scientology on the High Seas: LRH on the "Wogworld!"

In November we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard's previously unpublished "Orders of the Day," which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we're looking at what was happening the week of February 12 through 18 during those years.

After the jump, Hubbard threatens to hunt down a violator with sec-checking...

[Confused? Go here for our primer, "What is Scientology?" For recent controversies in the church, check out our stories on Debbie Cook, secrets of the Super Power Building, and spying on Tom Cruise. We know these 40-year-old ship's documents aren't for everyone, but they've been giving us some interesting insights into the mind of Hubbard as he ran Scientology from a yacht in the Mediterranean. Check back here often for more breaking news about the church.]


February 12: Hey, I remember getting tossed by that temblor. And don't let the Commodore down -- wear your hat, sailor!


D/G US Bob Thomas informs us Org personnel are safe and secure in the California Earthquake. We telexed back expressing our concern and appreciation.



You can't be Comm Eved for failing to follow an illegal order. You sure can be for departing from policy issues.

Orders don't equal orders equal orders. That's the road to disaster. Some orders are senior to others. A dock worker telling youto put on your jacket is not the same as your division head telling you to do so.

Similarly a "senior" giving you orders contrary to your hat is knocking your hat off. He may have no idea what your hat is. If you follow such an illegal order and fail to follow the policy in your hat, you could be for it.

Orders are not orders are orders are orders.

You have policy to keep things straight. If policy doesn't cover, request clarification. If you are doing something other than your hat, sooner or later it will catch up to you.

Seniors should have a list of the hats and their duties of every one on a ship and know them.

Unless such a list exists and you are foolish enough to accept a hat misinterpretation, not only you but all of us are at risk.

I count on you to wear your hat as laid down by P/Ls, FOs, CBOs, FSOs and HCOBs.

Don't let me down.


February 14: LRH was relying on Ann Tidman to "groove" in some new messengers. He'd be relying on her even more when she was known as Annie Broeker and he was spending his last years in seclusion at Creston Ranch.


MOLLY MCBRIDE and CLARISSE BARNETT are appointed Commodore's Messengers.

They are cadets in rank and wear a blue lanyard. When they have done their AB, Mission School 2nd Class, SSI and SSII, if they perform duty well, they will be made midhshipmen.

Anne Tidman as Cmdr's Messenger I/C will assign their watches and groove them in (Terri Gillham is on Mission).

Molly McBride and Clarisse Barnett should turn over any duties they have to the next in line on their posts and groove them in so as not to leave a hole. A poor turnover of former post can drag one back into it as Mr. Warren has learned lately to his sorrow!



February 15


Whoever threw a lighted cigarette into a box of shavings at the top of the HCI stairs, please report to HCO and save a lot of sec-checking. Fire on ships can be pretty deadly.

Thanks to Robert Williamson for noting the smoke and David Gwillim for finding it and putting it out.

Williamson's earlier condition assignment and pay loss is cancelled.

Gwillim may have a 24 hour Liberty at his time selection.



A restudy of recruiting tends to indicate it belongs in Ship orgs. It is their most cash convertible product. It is the most neglected area that promises the most trouble if not handled.

AOs and CLOs and OTLs would be credited with cash by a ship for all recruits sent it and AOs and CLOs would credit the ship for furnishing trained SO personnel.

Otherwise I cannot see how a ship would earn its allocation.

Been working on it to see if it is the right answer.

The actual value of a trained SO member is very high, yet is to being assigned a value.

The wogworld tends to impress on people that the individual has no value. Welfare states deplore having people.

Yet we run on and because of people.

The value is actually too high to be calculated easily. Because value to self is all the wide world thinks of. Value to the group is discounted. Yet the whole value of a being is to his group and not to himself at all.

The aberrated think of modern times says one has no real value to the group. Yet that is a being's greatest value.

We should work more on these lines in a practical sense.


Did you catch that cute little threat about sec-checking? Out here in the wogworld, we call that "interrogation."

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

The Scientology church organization chart lists out the hundreds of positions in any "church."  One department, "Department of Inspections and Reports", does the interrogations, if they have qualified "Security Checkers", who have to be fully trained, because the 1984ism goes even deeper, and if the "Security Checkers" fail in their polygraphing actions when they do the polygraph/meter checking, the Sec Checkers get dumped on really heavy.   

Hubbard's security checking procedures have blistering penalties awaiting any incompetent polygraphers also!   (Polygrapher/Security Checkers have to find the culprit and scapegoat someone, or else they get canned as incompetent.)

It's layers of penalty control, all made to sound so sensible, when you are in the mess, but only when you are out, and look at all the checks and balances and penalties awaiting EVERYONE on staff and in the various positions, it's really a deep 1984ish bureaucracy.

It's painful to view, when it "goes wrong".   And going wrong is what the system is destined to do, despite all the good people's efforts to NOT be 1984ish on each other.   

One way I avoided the draconian is just refuse to write reports on my fellows, and just let things slide, since otherwise, you target your neighboring bureaucrat in this totalitarian world, and just a little too much targeting ends one up with NO compatriots, which is the Scientology leader's predicament.

Miscavige has for years gotten rid of all his "upper management" ranks by using TOO MUCH of the Hubbard penalty system.   

Hubbard, on the otherhand, had a whole "Rewards" side to the bureaucratic movement, and in this instance with Dag (David) Gwillam, getting that 24 hour liberty, is that side of Hubbard that also kept "us" along for the Hubbard show as bit part players.

There's a whole "Rewards and Penalties" system, and the Rewards part when NOT applied, ends up these periods like the last 20 or so years, too many penalties, and defections, and Hubbard's solution to defections, was label them "enemies" and employ his dead agenting and smear "tech" against the dissenting pissed off dumped on staffers who quit.

Rob's out, he posts on the XSO chat site today, and Dag's also long out.   

Chuck Beatty, ex Sea Org 1975-2003, 412-260-1170 Pittsburgh

Unex Skcus
Unex Skcus

"Orders are not orders are orders are orders."

Hmmm, a few to many blue and red pills that night, me thinks!



Hubbard says: "The whole value of a being is to the group and not to himself at all."

I say: "Go fuck yourself and your sinister ideas about controlling people, L Ron Hubbard."

Sorry, but sometimes you just need to reject insanity with full force.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

I asked one of Hubbard's longest duration Messengers if Hubbard ever applied his own Ethics Tech, namely the Conditions Formulas, which us staff had to sit down weekly and do our formulas like good robots.   She said never.   Never once did LRH write up his own weekly Conditions Formulas.   

And, all of us were Sea Org members, working the Billion Year deal, and what did Hubbard do, but he slunk off to Creston and vacationed in his Bluebird motor home.

I think the best course is follow that example, and retire from the movement, and do some retirement enjoying!

Cult Buster
Cult Buster

Scuzi Mr O, just a mention to your readers about a sometimes regular poster.Anyone notice that "marcotai" only now seems to arrive when there's something juicy for him to feed off? If he were in fact a scietologist, he'd be here after every article from TonyO.maroctai is just a lonely troll


As far as feeding the trolls... Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to there level and beat you with experience :)


marcotai spat out that doesn't need to run around a pole (in the RPFs RPF) he is thne pole - like DM and TC who are polish catholic heritage too


Good ole LRH... never an un-uttered thought.

Jonathon Barbera
Jonathon Barbera

Here is a Sea Org related question for anyone who might be able to answer it. If the Church of Scientology supposedly follows its own policies, then why does it frequently ignore HCO PL SEA ORG QUALIFICATIONS (in OEC Vol. 7) where LRH sets the minimum case requirement for joining the Sea Org at Expanded Grade IV (lowered from OT III)?

I was recruited into the Sea Org without having taken even the first step onto the Bridge. When I was on the EPF (Sea Org boot camp) in 1992, I met people who were newer to Scientology than I was. I had previously been on staff, so I was practically an "old-timer" compared to some of the other EPFers I met.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

The Guardian's Office CSWed LRH for revised qualifications, and the old "GO 824" issue laid out the Sea Org quals, and "Flag Quals".

Also, as late as 1982, in a private despatch to ED Int, in answer to Guilliaume's "Non Existence" Formula letter to LRH asking what LRH needed and wanted of him, LRH answered a comment that essentially said ED Int had the LRH hat of dealing with arbitraries, and in question at that moment was one of the Hiring New Staff qualifications, which by implication LRH said it's ED Int's hat to deal correctly with any hiring arbitraries.

LRH went back and forth, a tiny bit on the quals.   First the stiff quals you quoted, then very much lessened quals, and then stiffer quals again, in the late 1970s.

Jonathon, if you have lots of similar questions about how various LRH intentions seemingly were bent, the answers to every one of those questions is answered by looking through ALL of the LRH trafic on those questions, of which there is a boatload, and most of the submission traffic is buried up in the Rim of the World/Twin Peaks vault, in well preserved containers, etc.   Copies of his traffic was microfiched, and the sub unit of Senior C/S Int Office, called RTRC (Ron's Tech Research and Compilations ---and Piloting) has the microfiche to paw through.  The whole lot of LRH's despatch traffic should  just be made public, to resolve what's LRH's fault, and what's other people's fault when it comes to detailed questions about why some things seem to be done wrong.

Sometimes they are being done wrong, and sometimes it's in LRH's private traffic why some things got changed and never were issed in a corrected issue under his name.   A lot of times there's some stray order from LRH that explains these inconsistencies, other times it's just his fault, or just plain cross orders.

Even by 1975, the "GO 824" quals for Sea Org were so lessened, that even incomplete Drug Rundown newbies were accepted.   



old timers auditing and trained don't want to be there? too smart about the hole 'other mother world' as in coraline

Mimi Armagh Parrow
Mimi Armagh Parrow

" Yet we run on and because of people."

In other words, we'll brainwash these people while making them pay out the ass to do so, then coerce them to do our manual labor for almost nothing :) We shall clear the planet after all.

Oy vey. I need a drink.


I wonder if David Gwillim ever got his "day off" ??

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Back then, a Hubbard ordered day off did get complied with.


"What's the matter wit you HAT ?"  L Ron and his freakin hats. I wonder if he was the proprietor of a Haberdashery in a previous life? We do know that he was definitely "mad as a hatter"!!!


 If only mercury poisoning were the actual explanation of Hubbardisms...

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson

"You can't be Comm Eved for failing to follow an illegal order."  Maybe someone can clarify how this worked during Ron's  day, but I can tell you that under DM's rule, it wasn't that way.  I was Comm Eved and busted off post for not following an illegal order.  I sent messages up lines all the way to RTC but that didn't do me any good at all.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Say, You aren't the Robbie Robinson of the Pro TRs film are you?  Weren't you Commanding Officer Gold for a stretch, and weren't you thus actually on set with LRH when he directed those first rounds of movies at whichever facility those were shot at, like La Quinta or wherever?

Years later, Joe Caneen, a later early "Director" of movies, maybe after your time, Joe did a special interviewing lots of those original Gold and CIne staff and others, who were part of the Tech Films in one way or another, you were out by then, this Caneen production was done in late 1990s, and I think it was shown at the 2000 Millenium New Year's event as a "Source Briefing."

Anyways, if you are that Robbie Robinson, former Gold Commanding Officer of that late 1970s vintage, please share some stories sometime!

Chuck Beattyex Sea Org, 1975-2003412-260-1170


Bad things are happening to Scientology because Scientology is doing bad things.


I see that as a Catch 22. You can get in trouble for following an illegal order. You get a pass for not following an illegal. Illegal order = Hubbardian whim?. Good luck on that one matey.

billy bob
billy bob

The phrase "Hat Knock Off" brings to mind something from Hubbard's list of OT powers.

One of the powers Hubbard claimed of an Operating Thetan was the ability to "knock hats off at 50 yards."  Also, the OT can "read books couple of countries away."  Wouldn't that make it easy to spy on your enemies?  Why, then, does the Church of Scientology hire Private Investigators to comb through critics garbage?  Can't their OTVIII's scan through the garbage with their OT powers?


if you have the internet you can read a book a couple of countries away


Remote garbage reading doesn't work because sometimes the food particle obscures the data particle. Gotta hire some wog private investigators for that.

Dr. Hubbard's thoughts/research on extraterrestrial smooching: "I don't think you'd have very much pleasure out of kissing a girl from Jupiter -- that's a heavy-gravity planet."

One can assume that is best done remotely also? I wonder why Hubbard didn't write a whole book about Jupiter and its inhabitants. Maybe he's working on one now. When it is published, I'm sure it will be milestone for Man comparable to his discovery of Scientology and superior to his inventions of the emeter and ShamWow.

I read books in other countries and foreign newspapers, just using the super powerz of the Internet. Even with Hubbard's firm grasp on the 4 quadrillion history of the Universe, he couldn't predict that something less than a decade away would make his "technology" seem laughable. Concepts of communication, access to information, and eventually education will be transformed by the Internet, and will have little to do with Hubbard's tangle of malarkey and control. 

Hello hat! Hubbard repeated images and themes to impress on his followers the connection, simplicity and universality of his ideas. After all, whatever your problem or desire, Scientology says they can help you with that. They have all the answers, even about your hat.

I don't believe that. However, if you want to hone your oiliness perceptic -- coming soon -- this cult is for you!


Yeah, but just like in The Full Monty "You Can Leave Your Hat On"


The OTVIIIs already had to scan through Hubbard's garbage, so I don't see why not.


Walk into an Org, and after watching some videos, tell them something like this:

"This all sounds very interesting, but since I'm a past-life Clear, and a natural OT, I think I will read all these books and take the courses remotely, from my home on Jupiter."

"As you probably know from Ron's lectures, Jupiter is a heavy gravity planet, and I find the gaseous atmosphere conducive to the study of applied religious philosophy."

"I'd love to buy a book in your Earth language, but unless you accept the Jupiterian Urquhart (pulling out some Monopoly money), I have nothing to pay with."


try to tell them you are original earth inhabitant and do't need OT 3 - 7?


With all his talk of hats, I have a mental image of Hubbard painted up like Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter.

Bruce Hines
Bruce Hines

A bit of sea org trivia:

Clarisse Barnett, mentioned in the OODs (sea org members actually call them that, pronounced like 'foods' without the 'f'), is the daughter of Flo Barnett, about whom Tony wrote an article concerning her 'suicide'. She is also the sister of Shelly Miscavige. In the photo we see Gerry Armstrong and Pat Broeker, plus some other well-known former sea org members.

John P.
John P.

When I try to pronounce the acronym "OODs," it comes out more like "OOZE" than "foods." Not sure if that's my accent or yet another subconscious attempt to go for the obvious humor.  


 Interesting.  Is she still in?  I wonder if she knows where Shelley is?


In Barefaced Messiah, there was a story of how one of Hubbard's ships almost ran aground...I forget the details. The earliest months of Hubbard-the-Scientologist at sea were the most precarious. In general though, the tight control of people and discipline worked. Without Hubbard's experience in the military, I doubt Scientology would have lasted beyond the 1950's. It was the combination of charisma, secrecy/mystery and Hubbard's organizational and leadership ability that made it last and grow. He inspired trust in his followers.

A huge glitch in this "trust" element was introduced by the Internet. It is one thing to trust the myths, traditions and legends of Jesus, and quite another to trust the myths (war hero, nuclear physicist, great genius) of Hubbard when there are well-documented facts about Hubbard's life, along with his "lectures" (or him being interviewed) on YouTube, or everyday orders like this series.

Marc Headley was a kid who got drawn into the Sea Org without knowing anything about David Miscavige, or the history of L. Ron Hubbard. Would that happen to someone like Marc today? No!

Scientology still keeps advertising and imploring people to trust them. When they do that now, more people go on the web to see if they are trustworthy. The same propaganda that worked so well before -- try it for yourself to see if it works for you -- sounds suspicious.

They are so suspect now, Karin Pouw, their new official spokesliar -- they run through them like diapers -- can't speak in public. They are in lock-down and meltdown.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Yep. Nothing but smoke and mirrors.


OK, so I get it, LRH was crazy. Bi-polar.  Manic-depressive. Mostly manic. Living in a fantasy. But why, oh why did others follow him?  Anyone? 


promises of an uplifted life - remember, the first step is for the FSM to find the ruin


The FSM?  All I can guess is "Flying Spaghetti Monster" but it doesn't fit the context.


Not Spaghetti Bolognese? With a side of oiliness?


 FSM is Field Staff Member. If you worship the other FSM, it probably means your ruin is his noodly appendages. For me, la sauce est tout.


Because we're getting the whole picture of his crazy. The early stages, where it's mostly just pop psychology, are Mostly Sane. It's not until later where the insanity starts creeping in. This is why Scientology is so terrified of the leaks of things like OT III; they can't explain away Xenu and Body Thetans as well as they can explain away the idea of the reactive mind.


"I count on you to wear your hat as laid down by P/Ls, FOs, CBOs, FSOs and HCOBs."

This is a basic feature of religions and other oppressive regimes, as so well explained by the late Christopher Hitchens in his book, god is not Great:   The rules of living are designed with built in contradictions and vagueries, so that there is no way to win, but instead, as an adherent, you are subject to the arbitrary judgement of the authority figure/s. 


Start with Nixon and add some LRH:

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, orders are not orders are orders are orders.

"Scientology is a set of simple tools." (Typical propaganda.)

Look at our grade chart on the wall here... steps on the bridge to total freedom. Most impressive!

Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson

After reading today's selection from Captain Hubbard I immediately went to YouTube and listened to a selection of songs from the "HMS Pinafore." Somehow the music seemed appropriate.


"I am the very model of the modern Major-General..."

And.... I'll be hearing that tune all day. Thanks for the Lulz, Robert.


I've been reading a lot lately (Inside Scientology, Cults & Consequences, Soul Snatchers) and one book emphasized the importance of maintaining a sense of humor when one is dealing with family members in a cult or in recovery after exiting a cult. I love the balance here of humor and serious discussion. I learn so much from Tony's articles but gain so much insight from the comments. 

I love "Pinafore" but I generally think of L. Ron as a bumbling "Modern Major General."


Except the Major General cared about his family and felt guilt for lying (as silly as that was in his case). 

L. Ron Hubbard reminds me more of Ko-Ko in The Mikado. "As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,I've got a little list — I've got a little list"

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