Scientology's OT Powers! A Hubbard Holiday Miracle

Scientology watchers, we have a special treat for you this holiday Monday.

Recently, one of our readers who is a longtime former Scientologist mailed us a treasure trove: Copies of early Advance! magazines, a complete run from issue 11 in 1971 to issue 56 in 1979. (That's L. Ron Hubbard's photo of his daughter Diana gracing the cover of issue 12.)

This stuff is pure gold. Advance! is the publication of Scientology's "advanced orgs" where experienced church members pay for pricey "upper-level" teachings. As we've written before, one of the ways Scientology gets its members to fork over huge prices for auditing is to dangle the prospect of amazing superpowers. And one of our favorite things about Advance! (when we can get our hands on a copy) is the testimonials of high-level church members enticing new suckers -- er, aspiring OTs -- with tales of their abilities to affect the physical world with their minds!

A quick primer: Scientologists believe that we are actually ancient spirits called thetans. But society has been brainwashed (heh) through mental implants to believe in a lot of malarkey about Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or what have you. Only through Dianetics, Hubbard's 1950 breakthrough book and its counseling techniques, called auditing, can a person get in touch with his thetan in a big way and see the true picture of his existence. (OK, I'm paraphrasing quickly here. For a real primer, check out our "What is Scientology?") Anyway, once you've thrown off the shackles holding you back and have gone "clear," you move on to even higher realms, the Operating Thetan levels. In OT I to OT VIII, Scientologists pay big bucks to hold onto the sensors of an e-meter and get asked a lot of repetitive questions. (At least some of it you can do at home on your own. Hey, why not pay tens of thousands of dollars to ask yourself questions, over and over. Sounds fun, doesn't it?)

Anyway, what keeps Scientologists coming back for more is the idea that at the next level, or maybe the level after that, they'll finally start achieving amazing powers to leave their bodies and affect the world with their minds, powers that are called "OT Phenomena."

For years, Advance! has teased church members with the stories of OTs enjoying their superpowers, and we wanted to share some of those with you here.

(For some reason, a lot of these have to do with cars and driving, and we've never really understood that.)

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. We're going to start you off with a lengthy and really remarkable account of OT powers in use, and we hope you'll be surprised when you see the byline at the end of it. After that, we're giving you a sample of OT Phenomena from several issues. If you enjoy them, perhaps we'll bring you additional installments in the future.

And finally, we'll end with a couple of testimonials from a very recent copy of Advance!, just to show you that Scientologists are still sharing their stories of superpower success today!

Advance! Issue 15

Handling Disembodied Spirits

Dave Foster and I just had one hell of an experience and I wanted to share it with you. What a success story!

We were walking home when all of a sudden, we became aware of another being. We located "him" in a thicket. We stood there and confronted him and he just about freaked out. Then he flashed a picture of being burned at the stake. "He" was a "she", about 6 - 7 feet tall which was why the townspeople thought she was a witch. Her dress was ray and falling around her shoulders because she was struggling so hard. We dated it, or rather got her to tell us the date, around 1640. She had been burned right there on that exact spot and had been there ever since!

Well, we helped her through the incident and she flew, dress, stake, fire and all. It was incredible. Dave and I were seeing the exact same things, no one but an OT could believe it, but there it was, right in front of us.

We were still marveling at the experience and how "clean" the space was now when all of a sudden another thetan flashed down into the thicket.

This guy was pretty powerful and had been making a game of frightening passers-by, a ghost, if you will. But, he was in for a surprise when he picked on us. We did not react, just confronted. He turned on the power and flowed incredible fear at us trying to make us afraid. He even threw up a picture o a ferocious looking animal (his last life). Applying the Tone Scale, David lunged at him and yelled and that poor guy got the shock of his life.

He'll remember that incident as the turning point of his spiral because at that moment he recognized us as OTs who were going to help him. He "stood" in awe as we as-ised his "bonds". He then sent out a thought of deepest gratitude (he knew no apology was necessary -- shows how aware he had become) and immediately picked up a little girl's body.

And then still another thetan appeared, he came for help. David said goodbye and explained that we had a lot to do and must leave. They were actually standing in line.

As we continued walking home, we were followed by literally thousands of thetans. We were being deified.

I had a really good look at clearing the planet. I mean actually getting it done, and then the Universe and how easy it really is. A piece of cake. -- Pat Broeker


The other day I was driving in the rain and the car in front of me stopped suddenly. I needed about 3 inches more to stop in, so I pushed his car forward about 3 inches with pure intention.

This startled him considerably. But then, it prevented any damage from occurring.

Also, I noticed that I can talk to my cats and have them do what I want them to, which is almost more astounding!

I would say that OT VII is power with no effort at all. -- Mike Ball

Advance! Issue 16

A few years back I walked through a graveyard in London with the specific intention of freeing up the "sleeping thetans". And I actually was able to do this.

The intention to wait for the Judgement Day was so strong in them and yet with all six I contacted they were beginning to doubt the wisdom of waiting.

All I had done was tell them to go to the nearest hospital and pick up another body.

I went back to the graveyard a few months later and where I had walked was free of waiting thetans. -- Lyn Collins

Advance! Issue 17

All this life others have been telling me that I sing out of tune. To see if they were right, the other night I exteriorized and listened to my body sing.

Dammit, they were right! -- Lyman Spurlock, OT


I was in a busy restaurant having dinner and just had a few minutes time left. We couldn't get the waitress's attention for coffee as she was on the other side of the restaurant bending over the counter working.

I sent an intention across for coffee. She jumped up and snapped her head back and spun around and looked on me with a TR 0 that you wouldn't believe.

Then her indicators came in and she started laughing and ran right over with the coffee, smiling very big.

The ability to project intention delighted me but also -- how much the waitress seemed to enjoy a pure theta communication! -- Leo Grosso, OT

Advance! Issue 18

This has to do with postulates and intention. I was driving down Alvarado Blvd. toward a bookstore that I wanted to stop in to for information. But I new that the parking around the place was usually very difficult and I didn't want to spend the time walking from a distant parking place.

So I just started intending that there would be a space available for me in front of the store. Just a light little postulate and with no counter-intention there. A half a block away I could see that there were no parking places available. But when I was within 100 yards of the store a man came out and got in his car which was parked all but in front of the store. I just pulled up behind him so that he had plenty of room to pull out and in a twinkle I was into the spot. -- Jonathan Fox, OT


I'm on OT III and I'm getting all sorts of "side-effects". I was in a fish and chips shop and I ordered plaice and chips. Then I thought to myself "A double plaice would be very nice." And it arrived! I never ordered it, it just arrived! -- Trudy Chamberlain, OT

Advance! Issue 19

One afternoon I was bending over the kitchen sink rinsing a cup when all of a sudden I felt afraid. I felt there was someone behind me with bad intentions. The hair on my neck was standing up and I felt cold.

So I slowly turned around and there he was standing with his arms crossed. His dress was Egyptian, his head was that of a bull with long horns and red flaring nostrils.

I looked, blinked and then pointed my finger at him and said "You cannot intrude into my universe. Stop terrifying beings. Go and pick up a body and get your dramatization audited out." He left in anger.

I then went to my room to start a solo session. As I sat down and started auditing, I felt I was not alone. Then, zap! there he was again, sitting on my table in front of me, laughing.

I said "Why didn't you go away and do what I told you to do?" He laughed so loud I thought the room would cave in. He said, "I'm here for auditing. Audit me." I said "Fine. First we start with TR 0," and gave him a reality factor on it.

We did TR 0 for five minutes and he then suddenly left. I shall meet him in the near future as a Scientologist -- Catherine Steiner, OT


Phoenix for many years has been hot, dry desert country with mountains that are fascinating to me and my family.

One night we decided to take a trip up to the mountains. We climbed, using flashlights, and finally reached a peak where we could see all the lights of Phoenix spread in a wide vista before us.

Then we sat down on the rocks to look at the beautiful scene and get in communication with the beings in the area.

By getting in communication with the beings we discovered some weather controlling machines that were installed in each mountain peak around the valley that is Phoenix. They were installed there eons ago to assure fair weather for the space port which was in operation there at the time.

By auditing the beings running them, we knocked out all those machines. And Phoenix has been having rain or floods ever since. The whole desert is turning into lush greenery.

Thanks to Ron for the tech to be OT. One can only be OT by making the data his own and using it to the fullest. -- Rod Martin, OT

And now, let's skip to a more recent issue to see if things have changed...

Advance! Issue 195 (2010, UK version)

Driving on the Freeway

"I was driving on the freeway on a sunny day and there was only one car behind me. I was in the slow lane. Suddenly I knew that I had to get into the fast lane immediately. I quickly moved over. The car behind me took my spot in the slow lane. Out of nowhere this black car races onto the freeway from the entrance ramp and sideswipes the car that took my place. I cognited on my ability to know in advance someone's intention. This came from the PDC Course. It saved my life. Now I know what a diver's intention is when there's 'no way of predicting it' logically." U.N.K.

Missing Tool

"The other day my husband and some friends were looking at our car. The carburetor needed to come out. We didn't have the proper tool. We were going to have to drive thirty miles to get the tool we needed. I didn't want to do that, so I decided that we were just going to get the tool. The moment I thought that, this petrol and electric truck drove up, stopped in front of us and parked. I asked the driver if he had the tool we needed. He said yes and gave it to us. My postulates are much stronger. I postulate something and it happens, just like that. There is no effort in causing things." C.P.

Well, there you have it. Apparently, 40 years after Advance! first started publishing OT Phenomena, Scientologists are still paying enormous prices -- now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars -- to have spooky experiences with their automobiles. Good times!

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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  So when are they going to show us a perfect clear?


"Advance! Issue 16A few years back I walked through a graveyard in London with the specific intention of freeing up the "sleeping thetans". And I actually was able to do this.The intention to wait for the Judgement Day was so strong in them and yet with all six I contacted they were beginning to doubt the wisdom of waiting.All I had done was tell them to go to the nearest hospital and pick up another body"

Zombie Dawn explained  !!! :)


For the uninitiated, on first read these OT experiences are hilarious, with the cat communication a la Dr. Dolittle, the witches in the thicket straight out of "The Crucible," the destruction of those "weather controlling machines" stolen from a 1970s General Hospital storyline, the sadly delayed realization of singing out of tune (seriously, how many people have to tell you before you just believe them?), the magic parking space mojo, and the waitress miraculously serving coffee.  It's easy to laugh at these  examples, because they are truly absurd.

However, I can't help but take a step back and think about Nancy Many's description of her nervous breakdown, where she talks about her mind cracking open.  She was suffering full-on hallucinations, thinking she was being stalked by aliens and alternating between living deep within her insanity and having moments of clarity where she knew she was ill.  

These "wins" vary from the mild (I mean, who hasn't willed a parking space or a seat on the subway to appear), to the truly delusional (Egyptian gods appearing in your home and asking to be audited), and lead me to wonder how many of these stories were just "magical thinking," and how many were indications of serious mental illness brought on by prolonged exposure to "the tech."  Maybe that's why the stories no longer include people's names, but only their initials.  Forget about having to hide all the OTs who've blown, can you imagine the PR nightmare of a testimonial from someone like Lisa McPherson?


"By auditing the beings running them, we knocked out all those machines. And Phoenix has been having rain or floods ever since. The whole desert is turning into lush greenery."

Curse you, Ortega! (OK, I should have known better than to drink coffee and read this stuff at the same time.)

Seriously, while making stuff up is hardly unique to the Co$ (and only hilariously relevant in highligting the contrast between the public face and the hidden face of all $cientologists) making up problems is probably more insidious.

I couldn't even begin to attempt to put it as well as Sheila Huber put it on WWP

"What I meant was, there were some good moments here and there. I think I explained that pretty well in the vids. If it were all constantly abuse, nobody would ever see anything worthwhile in Scn. The unique conditions of the 60s & 70s, of the idealistic people who joined and many other things are what gave Scn the headstart it did. Those conditions are gone and will never repeat themselves - and they all eventually resulted in tragedy despite the best efforts or intentions of some very good people, because Scientology itself was creating the very environment of oppression and insanity that it claimed to cure. "

Jens Tingleff
Jens Tingleff

"By auditing the beings running them, we knocked out all those machines. And Phoenix has been having rain or floods ever since. The whole desert is turning into lush greenery."

Curse you, Ortega!

Should have known better than to attempt drinking coffee while reading this.


I noticed that the cult now only gives people's initials, instead of their full names. I wonder why.......but after reading some of the above gibberish, I think I have found the answer.

I wouldn't want my name associated with any of that bat-sh*t crazy crap, would you?  Anyone with a career worth anything could kiss it good-bye if their  co-workers/ customers/ management ever read it. Also, it's easier for staff to "make up" success stories - and not risk having them exposed as a total lie.  


We in RTC are quite happy to share our OT wins:

* We postulated that people would give us billions of tax free dollars for doing nothing and it happened. This is the miracle of IAS.

* We postulated that people would purchase buildings all over the world worth hundreds of millions of dollars and then sign them over to us. This happened and it is the miracle of Ideal Orgs.

* We postulated that tens of thousands of people would purchase the same old books from us that we slightly re-edited for $5,000 per set. This happened and it is the miracle of the Basics.

* We postulated that we could build a religious prison full of slave laborers with complete legal impunity and this has happened. This is the miracle of RPF.

Who is laughing now you bunch of wog pie faces?


                                        WHEN THERE'S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL                                        L.RON HUBBARD WILL WALK THE EARTH

Josh Thorburn
Josh Thorburn

I do stuff like this all the time, but I've never even walked in to a Co$ center.......... I just use the Force :-D


Wow, delusions of weather machines, Egyptian gods, and other make believe things in thickets.  Interesting that it sounds like so many people are having "psychotic breaks" in even the present day that I fear bad things are going to happen when the Church of Scientology's little bubble of surreality is broken.  Tin foil hats may come in handy.


When I was a kid, my friends and I pretended we turned into pegasuses (pegasi?) at night. We all pretended to each other that it was absolutely true. It was pretty cool, for about a year or so. And it just sort of faded away, as we moved on to other things. We talked about it a couple years later, and asked each other "did you think it was real?" The answer was always that we knew it wasn't really real, but sometimes the fantasy was so powerful that we thought maybe...

I wonder whether some of these Scientologists didn't exercise their imaginations in childhood.  These stories aren't good as "proof", and they're not even good as stories. Like cult leader, like cult follower I guess. It's very sad. I think a lot of these people could have had rich fantasy lives if they could have separated reality from fantasy and had they not been thinking in L. Ron Hubbard's ridiculous language. 


I'm no longer in Scientology, but I did have one experience that happened when I was in.  It was during a rafting trip in Colorado.  I was with a small group, 2 rafts, and we were passing through a lazy stretch of river, periodically pierced by stone formations, easily avoided.  The sky was clear and it was warm, but comfortable. Our spirits were high. I was the only OT.  As we reached a narrowing of the river, the flow became more rapid, and it required more effort to steer clear of the huge stones, causing a little anxiety amongst the pre-clears in the group. However, they deferred to my leadership which put them at ease somewhat.  Nevertheless, the current grew stronger, and I had some strong sense of impending danger.  The ground began to shake, causing no small degree of rippling and percolation in the water.  Up ahead, the middle of the river developed a concavity which seemed to be spinning.  In no short order, it became apparent to me alone, that this was a whirlpool in our path.  Without seeming to hesitate, I exteriorized and garnered a birds-eye view of the predicament. The prospects were grim indeed.  The vortex was rapidly increasing and promised to swallow both rafts, without remorse.  Back in my body, I instinctively developed strong intention to bypass what would have been any other man's demise.  Suddenly, the two nearest rocks, on either side of us, began to fluoresce a remarkable brilliant green.  I knew this was the results of my training, but knew not how I knew.  We were drawn toward the whirlpool, but as we seemed about to be drawn in to the abyss, the two nearest rocks on the far side of the vortex began to glow ethereal pink, and in an instant, both rafts (including the PCs) were looking forward at a smooth river.  We looked back, and saw we had been transported past the vortex.  I smiled, knowing my intention had indeed saved this day.  The PCs, foolishly (as one with any maritime experience would tell you) stood up to applaud what they realized was my extraordinary feat.  Of course, they ended up in the drink in short order, and much hilarity ensued.

Bagel B
Bagel B

Anyone who can make a cat do anything is a person to be reckoned with.


I read a "win" where someone was late for a flight, and lo and behold OT powers caused the flight to be delayed so they made it. No realization of the fact that dozens of people were inconvenienced by the alleged powers, or that despite OT powers the person could not accomplish the simple goal of being on time. Hypnotic delusions. 

Bradley Greenwood
Bradley Greenwood

I've never realized it before, but being an OT will make you a 3rd-rate sci-fi storyteller. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

The church of scientology are racists and bigots, Thetans have rights! Why doesn't CCHR teach that? Oh, forgot? Thetans aren't human. Citizens Commission on Thetan Rights (CCTR) organization, where is it? Doesn't anybody care about 13.5 trillion Thetans?

C'mon' the human body is their home, so leave them alone quit trying to kick them out, rehabilitate or destroy them. Stop and think about it, haven't they been traumatised enough by OT3 and NOTS?

So, scientology is giving Thetans a bad rap because Thetans attach themselves to you which causes you to develop your psychological and physical ailments. Wait, weren’t the lesser scientologists told that all your ills came from your past life memories? They can't even get their stories straight, which proves scientology lies.


Silly wins are silly. Just go to the google machine and look up "silly wins" for some good laughs if these aren't enough. Beams flying around all over the place, these deluded OTs remind me of a some kind of disco ball flashing with "stay'in alive" playing on the radio. win after win after win after win after win (youtube video). 


poor misguided doowfuss, please he knows its done, he knows its cake!!


The other day I lost 20.00 at the mall. That same day my husband found 20.00 in another part of the mall. I am not even a Scientologist but I do read about it.The only possible conclusion is that Scientology must be some really strong chit.


On this issue of beliefs vs. abuses, Chuck Beatty was a guest on Tory's video channel a few weeks ago, and said some things I thought were great. When he was first on ARS, he, like most Scilons, was trying to sort it all out, and he still believed in many parts of it, and Tory was very kind to him and he appreciated that.

Some of the harsher critics would tear into him and it helped having someone like Tory to make the whole waking up and discussion process easier. BUT (he said laughing), as it turned out he found that many of the harshest critics were the brightest, and knew the most about the trap and the abuses.

People that spend years in this cult can get kind of lost. It is very helpful to have the sharp, clear, approach of someone like Tony, who will go into all the dimensions of it.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Silly Poltergists. Oh, Hai Marcotai!

"They're back!"


Does this mean the ones you published did Not seem laughably bizzare to you at the time? 

I'm vaguely remembering there was a time when it was okay to discuss OT phenomena and there were repeats and memes.  This was say, from the 60's to some time in the 70's.  I'm sure we would all love to see those throwaways!  

And yes, it is fraud.  College and medical schooling are what scientologists need, and then on the job experience.   It will solve all their problems. 


So, i see that this forum is about fun,Thus, here it's my contribution to it:Q). What is the difference between a toilet and a policeman dealing with anonymous?A). A toilet only has to deal with one asshole at a time.Q). What is the difference between a scientologist and a "critic" of SCN? A). The Scientologist knows the subject is talking about.Q). What is the difference between a 8 years old child and a "critic" of SCN?A)' The child knows what he is talking about.Q). What's the difference between Mark Bunker, Tory Magoo,  Jefferson Hawkins and a pizza? A). A pizza can feed a family of three.

Q) How does psychiatry make the world more sane?A) Killing the "insane" (90% of the population according to them).Q) How did psychiatry help to increase the number of drug addicts in the world?A) Constantly inventing new drugs to associate to invented mental illnesses.Q) How many "critics" od SCN do you need to change a light bulb?A) All of them, because they will get electrocuted one by one.Q). How can you recognise a 'critic' of SCN when you're blindfolded?A). From the smell of alcohol of their breath.Q). How can you recognise a 'critic' of SCN when you're blindfolded?A). From the stink of rats on their dress.

Q). what is the difference between Village Voice and an woman absorbent?A). None they both end up in toilets.

Q) What's the difference between acne and Mark Bunker, Tony Ortega & Joe Childs ?(Ok, kids, here's the gross one...)A: Acne usually comes on a boy's face AFTER he turns 13.

Enjoy  the fun.

Jefferson Hawkins
Jefferson Hawkins

Tony, I was editor of Advance Magazine from 1975 to 1979. At that point, I had not yet reached the "OT Levels" so was still in awe of the supposed "OT abilities" I would gain. I was in charge of collecting these "OT Phenomena" stories from OTs around the world and publishing them. I filtered out the most laughably bizarre but published the rest. Scientologists love these stories, it always came out tops on reader surveys. But the fact is, these sorts of stories are a dime a dozen with ANY sort of new age or spiritual or past life subject - just go to their websites and you'll see virtually the same stories. Even devout Christians love stories about how they were healed or contacted a dead loved one or made a fortune through "prayer." People love these types of stories - they love to tell them and they love to hear them. But there is a world of difference between anecdotal stories of psychic phenomena and the creation of psychic ability (or "OT powers"). A phenomenon (real or imagined) is not an ability. A story about how an OT drove downtown and found a parking place right in front of his office building is meaningless. Can he drive downtown EVERY DAY and find that parking place EVERY TIME? And can it be observed and measured? The answer is no. These supposed abilities do not stand up to any sort of inspection. Look, if someone wants to believe in this sort of thing, that is one thing. People have the right to believe whatever they want to believe. That is freedom of belief or freedom of religion. But if someone is going to claim to produce these sorts of things as stable, predictable ABILITIES, and charge money for it, then they had better be able to demonstrate it. Otherwise it's called fraud.


Just one OT will do!

They've had over 50 years to perfect this "tech" but no, nothing, apart from some pet cats and coffee.


I don't even feel sorry for the marks still in anymore, least not the adults.

I have a good feeling that 2012 will be the year all the religion of the world gets a massive wake-up call. The cult will be left way behind. I'm not religious at all, but something big is about to happen, that I know for sure. Get ready folks!!


More like manifesting the insanity it was designed to create.


    You must be careful with this shit jensting, you never know how or when it will jump up and bite you, be it launching scolding hot coffee thru you nose onto your computer screen or even worse, the unmentionable explosion from the seat of your comfy office-chair.....thats right , ALL of you know just what I'm talkin about, and's okay.


My milkshake is exterior to yours


Hey, that was my $20 bill!


"The other day I lost 20.00 at the mall. That same day my husband found 20.00 in another part of the mall.The only possible conclusion is that Scientology must be some really strong chit."

Have you ever think about coinciidence ?

SP ''Onage
SP ''Onage

Poltergists = Poltergeist

it's okay, Marcotai won't know the difference.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Another good thing about the internet, are the NOTs Indoctrination bulletin, which some who listened to the original briefing lecture that LRH gave, from which the "NOTs Indoc" bulletin was compiled, confirmed it IS LRH's ideas.

The NOTs Indoc bulletin explains all sorts of ins and outs so fundamental to understanding body thetans, body thetan clusters, and the problems they cause our minds.

I highly recommend you read the NOTs Indoctrination bulletin Marco!   It's another huge omission in understanding the spiritual nuts and bolts of why the Wall of Fire, by Xenu, caused humanity such mental problems.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Have you listened to LRH explain the Xenu story on YouTube, it's in LRH's own voice, and you won't hear it now, since Scientology's not gonna let you go back and get up to Class 8, and this lecture on YouTube is from the Class 8 course, another reason it's all been verbal data, until now, since now LRH's own voice tells the Xenu story.

Have a listen marco!   Note LRH's tone of voice compared to all his other stories he tells on other lectures.  


I would tell you to keep your day job but we already know that you don't have one.

E L Raymont
E L Raymont

I'll give it a c+ for trolling,

A d- for humor

and an osA for effort!


Dean Blair
Dean Blair

I don't know Jeff.  This Marcotai guy is pretty smart and he says that all of us posting here are wrong and that OTs really exist.  Maybe we just didn't stay in long enough or like we had misunderstoods or our drug rundown wasn't complete.  Maybe the Sea Org Execs were let out of the hole to soon before they got their true OT powers. I think I am going to have to go back and read Battlefield Earth and get some really standard word clearing and maybe some more sec checking and then after that all of the OT powers that L Ron Hubbard promised will magically appear.

Unex Skcus
Unex Skcus

Gosh Jeff, is that all there is to these remarkable stories?

I thought Ron had special batches of "Co$ Kool Aid" made, which were liberally laced with the blue and red pills that Ron so loved.


" At that point, I had not yet reached the "OT Levels" so was still in awe of the supposed "OT abilities""

Well, actually you didn't even reached grade 0! in your entire life in SCN!Furthermore you are one of those "critics' of SCN that have never read and understood a single SCN book as far as I can see.


 Yup, these stories are not confined to Scientology.  It's entertaining to watch the evangelical TV infomercials and listen to the 'testimonials' of miracles.The asking for money is nowhere as blatant as the Scientologists, but it is there too.I just watched one where you are told that if you write your wish on a piece of paper and drop it into this vase full of Holy Oil, your prayer will come true.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

My thoughts exactly, and totally applicable to 100% of the "OT phenomenon" ever put in the Advance mags. 


You are doing all the maths, don't you? Are you a trained psychologist?


So what does it tell you when one of the most effective communicators in the history of Scientology was never audited on Grade 0 (communication)?


 You sure know how to hurt a guy.


It appears Marcotai has trouble recognizing sarcasm.


Aren't psychologists against the rules, Marcotai?  Something about them all being against Scientologists, cause for the Nazi war crimes, and criminals all?  Are you a trained psychologist?  I'll wager not.



You must be very lonely tonight........did the rest of your buddies blow?


It tells me that he was not an effective communicator. 

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