Scientology's Secret Vaults: A Rare Interview With a Former Member of Hush-Hush "CST"

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Trementina's ventilation house: Vault entrance? What vault entrance?
Over the years, we've talked to a lot of former Scientologists, many of whom worked at the church's secretive desert headquarters in Southern California, "Int Base." They were cut off from their families and the outside world, and became accustomed to living in secrecy.

But even these people adopt a somewhat hushed tone when they tell me about the most secret organization in all of Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology. Mention CST, and even longtime former members of the church admit that they knew almost nothing about it, or even where CST's own super-secret headquarters was located.

"I was in international management and the Watchdog Committee for 20 years, and I never knew where CST was, the whole time," says Amy Scobee, a former high-ranking church official.

"CST was very hush-hush. Even among the Int staff, it wasn't well known. Anyone coming from CST, it was very sensitive," says Gary Morehead, who was chief of security at Int Base and oversaw the interrogation of executives who had gone awry. He had to sign a bond promising that he'd keep confidential anything that came out in those interrogations, which are known as "sec-checking." When it came to CST executives, however, Morehead says he had to sign a second bond.

"Sec-checking them, you had to sign a special bond that you would keep things secret. You were 'bonded for CST'," he says.

Over the years, information has leaked out about CST and its extremely odd work -- building underground vaults to ensure that the words of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard survive a nuclear holocaust. It's still rare, however, to have a press interview with a former CST employee.

But Dylan Gill, who helped build vaults in California and New Mexico -- which each include houses built specifically for raising the reincarnation of Hubbard -- says he finally wants to tell his story.

"You couldn't tell anybody at Int Base about it. Nobody knew where the CST headquarters was," Gill tells me while the sound of one of his young children putting up a fuss comes into and out of our telephone conversation. Today Gill, 41, lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two kids and life is pretty normal.

Dylan Gill
But in 1988, as a member of Scientology's elite "Sea Org," having signed a billion-year contract and promising to dedicate himself and his future lifetimes to the church, Gill found himself being driven up into the San Bernardino Mountains. [Need some background on the church? Go here for our primer, "What is Scientology?"]

"My [first] wife had already been up there posted as the HCO secretary," he remembers. (He's now married to someone else.) "I think there were only 18 people in the entire org at the CST headquarters."

Where he was taken was a complex in the mountains above Los Angeles. Gill, who worked there and at other CST bases for the next three years, refers to the compound as "Rimforest," which is the name of a nearby hamlet southwest of Lake Arrowhead. Other ex-Scientologists tend to call the compound "Twin Peaks," which is the name of another nearby mountain village.

Gill was originally from Santa Cruz, California, and had been brought into Scientology at the age of 11. An aunt was the first to get into the church, he says, and then her husband, Gill's uncle.

"My dad and I weren't communicating well, so my uncle got us into Scientology," he says. "My whole family are artists, sort of beatniks."

As in the case with many other young church members, Gill soon started getting recruited for the hardcore Sea Org.

"My aunt, the family's original Scientologist, suggested I go to the EPF at Flag," he says, referring to Estates Project Force, the sort of "boot camp" that new Sea Org members go through, at "Flag," the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

"I was made to sign a Sea Org contract at 14, and was sent to Flag. I did my EPF, and that's when CMO picked me up," he says, referring to the Commodore's Messenger Service, an elite group within the elite Sea Org that tends to be populated by young recruits. (Hubbard's original messengers were teenaged girls who ran errands for him on the yacht Apollo in the late 1960s.)

It's common for Sea Org members to marry young -- as we've written numerous times before, former SO members tell us that the only way to get any privacy was to get married and move out of the single-sex barracks that were for unmarried workers. "I got married to a second-generation Scientologist," Gill says. And then he and his wife were both recruited to CST.

Gill was sent from Florida to Scientology's administrative headquarters in Los Angeles, a former hospital that takes up a full city block and is known as Pacific Area Command (PAC) by Scientologists.

"I was sent to PAC for clearances," Gill says, and he explained that even if a young church member proved squeaky clean enough to become a Sea Org member, he'd have to be even more unblemished for CST. And after passing that gauntlet, Gill was on his way to Rimforest.

"I was replacing the 'estates secretary,' who was going to the RPF," he says.

CST's estates secretary had been overseeing numerous construction projects at the headquarters, but he had run afoul of Scientology's top management. As punishment, he was taken down to Happy Valley, a ranch near Hemet, California, and several miles from Int Base itself. There, he was going into the Sea Org's prison detail, Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), to do grueling, menial labor and to be interrogated by Gary Morehead and his security crew.

I asked Gill if he knew what his predecessor had done so wrong. "It was pretty arbitrary," he says. "You're dealing with so many projects and so much money, there's no way you're going to succeed. It's set up so you'll eventually fail," he says.

Gill was sent up to take over the estates secretary position, and would oversee a budget of about $14 million to fund 16 different ongoing construction projects at the Rimforest complex.

He was 19 years old.

[Map above. Scientology's administrative headquarters are in Los Angeles, housed in the former Cedars of Lebanon hospital on a street that was renamed L. Ron Hubbard Way (Scientologists refer to the place as "Big Blue" or "PAC base," for Pacific Area Command). But the highest levels of international management are housed at a secretive desert base near Hemet, about 85 miles east, which Scientologists call "Int Base" or "Gold," because it houses Scientology's audiovisual studios, Golden Era Productions. CST's compound, however, is in the mountains above San Bernardino, near Lake Arrowhead -- as Amy Scobee pointed out, even high-level executives at Int Base had no idea where it was.]

[Lake Arrowhead is a reservoir at 5,125 feet elevation, surrounded by mountains that see millions of visitors from the LA area every year. As a kid, my own family used to go up to nearby Crestline to stay in a big, rustic old cabin. It's a lovely place.]

[CST's complex lies just off Rim of the World Highway where it intersects with Lake Gregory Drive and Highway 189, called Squirrel Inn Road (this should get a chuckle from some readers -- "Squirrel" is Scientology jargon for heretic, and just about the worst thing you can call a church member.)]

[On the left, you can see the intersection with Lake Gregory Road, Rim of the World Highway, and Squirrel Inn Road. The complex consists of multiple "production" buildings, barracks, and other structures. We've highlighted three here -- the production building that stands over the vault itself, the "LRH House," and the entrance to the compound.]

[The entrance to the compound from Squirrel Inn Road. Gill says that when he arrived in 1988, the guard shack had not yet been built.]

[The building near the circular drive in the center has an elevator that lowers into the twin vaults below.]

[This is an overhead look at Rimforest's "LRH House," where a reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard would be raised until he's old enough to take over Scientology.]

The compound at Rimforest had quite a few structures, but the point of the thing -- the point of all of CST's bases -- was its vault.

When Gill arrived in 1988, he says, the Rimforest vault was about a third of the way to completion. It consisted of twin, cylindrical underground repositories with corrugated steel walls, and a suspended concrete floor about a third of the way up from the bottom of the cylinders.

"They were about 17 to 20 feet tall," Gill says. "There were two portals where it goes between the two steel pipes."

As with similar vaults farther north in California, in New Mexico, and another one under construction in Wyoming, the point of the vaults is to store L. Ron Hubbard's writings and lectures in the form of etched steel plates in titanium containers, as well as in other forms, so that his "technology" could survive a nuclear attack and help reform society in an apocalyptic world.

But in 1988, that was still well in the future. The titanium capsules were still in the planning stages, and much of CST's work involved simply archiving all of Hubbard's written and spoken words, organizing them, and xeroxing them on acid-free paper.

"The capsules were still being researched. The etching of the plates was being started, and compact discs were being researched, too," Gill says.

"CST made a lot of trips to China to get a deal going on the time capsules and new e-meters," he adds.

I asked him what the plans for the titanium capsules looked like. "It was like a banker's box, and you'd have a place to fill it with inert gas, like argon gas," he says.

So at this point, the vaults themselves were empty. But there was still much work to be done to them. "We hadn't loaded anything into the vaults yet. We were still waiting for the time capsules. But we were pushing to get everything by LRH archived. Plates etched, Compact discs copied. The plan was to make each base completely self-sufficient," Gill says.

While the vault would hold all of the Hubbard materials, each base would need housing for staff, and all of it would need to have power from big, reliable generator sets. "That was one thing I did. We went to Caterpillar and got generators for all of our bases," he says.

They took their work very seriously. In the production buildings, where the Hubbard archives were being handled, they had actually constructed full-blown clean rooms, the kind of thing you normally only expect at high-tech firms. "There's an argon gas system that will flush out the air in the room in three seconds," he says.

Everything about his job, Gill says, was done on an emergency basis; each new order had to be treated with even more urgency than the one before, whatever the expense.

As an example, he tells me about a time one winter when things were icy and the footing was unsure. "A French woman tripped walking between the main production building to a building where staff lived. She broke her wrist. I got an order to solve the problem. What I came up with was heated pathways. We put in three to five miles of pathways connecting the dining area to the production building to the staff housing, using stamped concrete pathways with glycol hosing in it. We set up a pump room on a thermostat. When the temperature dropped, it would pump heated glycol into the pathways and melt the snow," he says. "We got a guy from Germany who had developed it for runways. He was living in LA. We brought him up to design it. It was a huge deal. I think it was around $20,000."

Another time, he says, they came up with a way to reduce the number of times staff had to go into town: "We put in a dry cleaning machine at the base so we didn't have to go outside to do that." Gill says the machine alone cost between $50,000 and $70,000 in that project.

Gill didn't only oversee construction projects at CST's Rimforest headquarters. He also spent much of his time at Trementina base, in New Mexico.

Like Rimforest, the main point of Trementina is its vault. But it has another feature that has also made it somewhat notorious, and previously caught the attention of news organizations: its bizarre giant CST logo carved into the desert floor, intended to be seen from the sky.

[CST's logo is carved into the desert floor not far from the vault entrance.]

[In this overhead view, you can see the logo and below, the landing strip, and between them, a road with switchbacks -- the vault entrance is just off it. San Miguel County Road C-56-A is to the right.]

[Trementina is an unincorporated town in the northeastern portion of New Mexico.]

When Gill arrived at Trementina base for the first time, the airstrip was still being cut out of the desert. "The priority when I was there was finishing the LRH House," he says.

As at Rimforest, Tremintina's vault was in place, but was mostly empty. I asked him to describe it to me.

"It's a huge door with a timelock on it. It's like a huge safe, like a safe in the bank," he says. And inside? "It's all white, like painted cement. One long shaft, with a dividing wall about halfway down, with another vault door inside of the main vault."

There was equipment, too. Reel-to-reel players, for example, and other devices that could make use of the things that would be stored. "It's like an external library," Gill says. "There's everything you need to make use of the materials. Multiple binders of instructions...whoever survived a nuclear war could use it, if mankind was going to rebuild society."

I told him I understood that concept, but why the big logo visible from the air (which at that time was still being planned)?

"That's where LRH is supposed to go, when he returns," Gill says. Once Hubbard adopts a new body, he's expected to make his way to one of the CST bases. "That's where he's supposed to be raised and be taken care of," Gill says. "So the symbol is a way for a spirit to find its way back to where it belongs."

I hadn't heard that one. Naturally, people have made fun of the symbol, saying that it looked like it was intended to signal space aliens coming to Earth. Instead, Gill was telling me it was there to signal the wandering spirit of L. Ron Hubbard.

Suddenly, I realized that Chuck Beatty really was only half-joking when he noted that CST's logo seemed reminiscent of the Kool cigarettes trademark, the brand that Hubbard smoked like a fiend in life. (Beatty, a former Sea Org member, is a sort of unofficial historian of the church.)

There's another interesting feature at Trementina. The vault entrance is not visible from the outside: a large, multi-story house was built around it to conceal it. Gill says it's called the "Ventilation House." Trementina's LRH House is some distance away, and is only one story. (An image of the ventilation house can be seen at the top of this story, taken from a CBS investigation that flew over Trementina.)

Gill also installed generators at another vault site on the northern California coast near Petrolia, California.

[In this overhead view of the staff quarters for the Petrolia vault, you can see straddling the road the CST logo, which isn't as distinctive as the one in New Mexico.]

[Petrolia's vault entrance, farther along the road, inland from the previous image.]

[The Petrolia vault is south of Eureka on the California coast.]

[The vault is near the end of an unnamed road (unnamed on Google maps, at least) that branches off of Old Mattole Road.]

Gill also made trips to a vault being constructed in an old mine near Tuolumne, California, and referred to it as the Lady Washington Mine.

[An overhead view of the complex around the mine entrance, which is just south of the center of the image.]

[The Lady Washington Mine site is near Yosemite Park, which is to the southeast of Tuolumne.]

[The mine site is just outside the town of Tuolumne itself.]

Gill says that at each of the remote vault sites -- the ones away from the Rimforest headquarters -- the goal was to create a vault and fill it, complete an LRH House, set up generators, and when everything was finished, leave just a single person, a caretaker, to maintain the place as they waited for either nuclear war or for the reincarnated LRH to show up.

Since Gill left Scientology (more on that in a minute), CST began a new vault project in Wyoming, which raised the hackles of some residents there. A local helped us pinpoint the location of the project, which is going on near a place called Sweeney Ranch.

[What the ridge along Sweeney Ranch Road looked like in 2006, before CST began construction.]

[The same spot on the ridge today, showing areas cleared off and several structures.]

[The Sweeney Ranch mine is in southwestern Wyoming.]

[The Wyoming complex is along Sweeney Ranch Road, south of the town of Rock Springs.]

Dylan Gill installed generators and oversaw other construction projects at CST properties for about three years. Then, one day when he was at Trementina base, he got a call from Rimforest.

"I was told to come back," Gill says. "I came to the [Rimforest] base, and I was escorted to a car, and was driven down to Happy Valley."

Just outside Hemet, the property still had its name from a previous owner, but there was little happy about the place. For years, Scientology sent executives to the place to go through grueling reeducation.

"I got a month and a half of MEST work," Gill says, which is Scientology jargon for hard labor. "And I was given a lot of sec-checking. I wasn't told what was the problem for why I was being busted down." Later, he says, he was told there were financial irregularities in his work.

"It didn't make any sense," he says. With $14 million in projects, he was being accused of vague problems with expense receipts -- but as we've heard from several former high-ranking officials, executives often found themselves sent to Happy Valley or a place called "The Hole" at Int Base for reasons that were hard to understand.

"I was working 120 hours a week, six days a week, and getting paid $18 a week." He would get bussed to Int Base to work, and then go back to Happy Valley to sleep.

Gill remembers that he was assigned to dig up a big pile of moldy stuff. "We were going through it and throwing it away. Suitcases and things," Gill says. And then the thought suddenly hit him: "Oh my God, this many people had been here before me and had gone, and this was all their crap. All moldy, and under tarps."

Gill says his wife had also been sent to the Int Base, but he wasn't allowed to talk to her.

Besides the hard labor, he was intensely interrogated, and in one of those sessions, he learned that he was being blamed for another person's "crimes" -- in this case, the crime of masturbation. We've written previously that when Sea Org members are interrogated, they are put under intense pressure not only to confess to mistakes they've made in their job or doubts they have about Scientology, but they are also questioned about their sexual practices. In this case, Gill explains, a fellow member admitted to masturbating, and told his interrogators that the idea to do so had come into his head after Dylan Gill threw a condom at him.

Gill admits that the story sounds ridiculous. But at the time, what upset him about it was that his interrogators were not following standard Scientology policy. If they had been, they wouldn't be blaming him for something that another person had done.

He says he decided to "route out" -- to leave the Sea Org. And that brought him to the attention of Gary Morehead.

"Gary R-factored me for 6 hours, until I micturated," he says. After pissing himself, Gill relented and agreed to go into the Sea Org's prison detail, the RPF -- and even, for a brief time, be assigned to the RPF's RPF -- a prison within a prison. For several weeks, he'd be so isolated he wouldn't even be allowed to talk to other members on the RPF.

Morehead tells me that he did "R-factor" RPF members -- to "reality-factor" someone was to intimidate them with the consequences of their actions -- and he remembers Gill's time in the RPF. But he says he doesn't remember frightening Gill to the point of urinating. (But he says that did happen to others.)

Later, Dylan ran into his wife at Int Base while he was there working.

"I hadn't spoken to her in five or six months," he says. He knew he wasn't supposed to, but he talked to her anyway. She responded by turning him in, writing a "Knowledge Report" about the incident.

"It was pretty hard for me. That's when I figured out that, for me, my wife came before Scientology. But for her, Scientology came first. I blew days later," he says. "Everybody went to sleep and I stayed up. As soon as everybody was asleep, I left."

Gill escaped down a dry riverbed, walking to Hemet. "Gary came looking for me on a motorcycle," he says.

Morehead tells me he remembers Gill escaping.

"That was a long hike, especially at night. As dark as dark can be," Morehead says.

Gill managed to get to Beaumont, then pawned his Sea Org ring to get enough to catch a bus back to Northern California. (Today, he notes, the RPF is no longer run at Happy Valley but at Int Base itself, which has a high wall with razor wire. It's not so easy to escape like walking down a riverbed.)

After he got away, his family disconnected from him. His father doesn't see him and doesn't see Gill's children.

For a time, Gill paid towards his "freeloader's debt." Scientologists who worked on staff would receive spiritual services -- auditing -- at discount rates. When they leave, the church hits them with a bill for what they would have paid for the services at full price. Gill estimates he paid about $3,000 toward his freeloader's debt (he was never told what the church expected him to pay in total). But then he stopped paying. He gave up any idea of getting back in the good graces of the church, even though that meant his family would continue to shun him.

Today, he says he's much happier and doing well in Las Vegas. But he is still haunted by what he went through in the church.

"Two or three times a year I get really fucked up and emotional. It's the weirdest flood of emotions and it's awful," he says.

Last year in Texas, there was a gathering of Independent Scientologists -- people who have left the church over their problems with the management of leader David Miscavige, but who still adhere to the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard.

At the party, Gill was reunited with Gary Morehead, the man who had interrogated him at Happy Valley.

"Gary's a good guy. I didn't harbor any bad feelings against him or anything. Once you're out, you're out. While you were in, everybody was just doing what they thought was right," he says.

Gill wanted me to know, however, that he doesn't consider himself an Independent Scientologist.

"I like Marty [Rathbun]. I like Mike [Rinder]," he says, referring to two of the most prominent former church executives in the independence movement. "I like a lot of the indies. But I don't practice Scientology."

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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I don't know if its occured to anyone else the Vaults were being built urgently in 1988 and Miscavige announced Basics in June 20075 saying it was five years of work. Has Miscavige updated them? Were they re-etched? where was the fundraising? did miscavige comission the original tablets knowing there were 'errors'? Tony could there be a story in this? (after all the fun in Texas of course)


I have no idea if the source is reliable, but there is a strange report that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) detected a magnitude 3.0 earthquake near the Scientology vault in Wyoming on Feb. 9, 2012 and then mysteriously deleted the data on this earthquake. 



I just felt like posting the 200th comment. There. 


Yet another human being sent to the Hubbard-inspired prison camp for unknown reasons. I bet Hubbard and the similarly creepy Kim Jong-Il would have made great friends.


So these two huge circles/balls can be seen from space...... somebody needs to add the shaft and tip to finish the job.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

So, David Miscavige, whadda you gonna do? Don't you think its time you turned off those motion detectors at Int Base, take down the razor wire and release the prisoners. You can't hide forever!


Tony, This by far is your best article. As a former SO member for 25 years the only thing that kept me going through all the insane years in the Church of Scientology was really the mystery of CST and their purpose. Even as a lower bowl member I had heard through the grapevine of CST . Fascinating.

billy bob
billy bob

That landing strip makes me wonder 'bout John Travolta's plane?So, how many of the vault have runways?  All of them?

I was thinking, for a guy who went on and on about the false R6 implant, Hubbard sure did foster the classic risen messiah myth himself!

I like how someone said elsewhere, according to Hubbard prophecy he would be born again, once again as a redhead, to a humble Sea Org woman...and they say that Miscavige is the Herod of this story, commanding the coerced abortions in the Sea Org in an effort to prevent the Old Man from returning and spoiling his gig. 

It's clear to me that there really are people on this earth who believe that Hubbard was some kind of Godlike Being.  But the actual existence of these bases can be justified as showpieces for the elite, fly in, take a tour, "Oh we are so close to the dream of preserving LRH's creations, we are just short such and such Million$, so we're asking Distinguished SuperPatrons to become Super Titanium Patrons, by giving us the funds needed to buy the titanium disks needed to fill these vaults..."

The key is the empty vaults, waiting to be filled, provoking an emotional response ... it could be just that, a prop in the long con.

I also am reminded a little bit of those hatches and stuff on LOST.  That freaky island always reminding me a little of the Scieno-Madness.  In fact I have written essays on all that, but I digress.

My conclusion about these vaults is that they probably perform a number of functions, impressive eye-candy for the IAS whales, set dressing for the "secret" teachings of the cult, the inside reincarnated messiah story.  Now with all that backstory, imagine what would happen if DM suddently announced that HE was back, and they have him secreted in one of these holds, but of course they can't even let out which one, etc...  It could be his last ditch resort to salvage the COS, keep hold of a source of power over them.   Of course now we know where Shelley has been this whole time, she's been caring for little LRH at Twin Peaks!

And how would the Independents react to that?  Come forward with their own reincarnated Ronnies?


It's amazing to ponder the utter waste of millions of dollars that was spent on these fortresses. Think about the lives wasted in servitude as a sea org member. With their numbers dwindling, who is going to be left to maintain these places? Staff recruiting is at an all-time low. L. Ron Hubbard's(Saddam Hussein)* successor, David Miscavige (Uday Hussein)*, will have no choice down the line to cancel the policy of restricting sea org members from having children. I can just see it now. David Miscavige addresses his minions, "All Sea Org members who are married now have permission to have children. We need this for our future survival! Now....START FUCKING!!!!"

*Just wanted to make a historical comparison. 

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Wow, there's some truly very important new history in this interview Tony!   Thank you Dylan.

I didn't know that LRH himself was built homes at the CST vault sites, and the logo on the ground, for LRH to locate where to go, and that the Rim (Twin Peaks) CST mother headquarters facility is likely today the site where a reincarnated LRH would return to.

That is HUGE new news!    That really needs spreading and digesting.

At ASI, which was Miscavige's org before Miscavige then shifted full time to being COB RTC, at ASI, when I got to ASI in 1992, I noticed discussion of CST matters was hush hush, we could not say anything to the public Scientologists about locations of the sites, and even I when I was at ASI, even though plenty of CST staff would filter through ASI to brief and be briefed by Norman Starkey and David Lantz (two ASI staff then, now both demoted from ASI, Starkey's at the Int Base, David Lantz is in the Middle East, both are official Scientologists in good standing though).    I was told by other ASI staff that Miscavige went ballistic if any ASI staff said too much about CST matters.

Well, if the CST sites with the logos that are bulldozed into the ground so a person can see them from the air, if those large "crop circle" logos (the KOOL double Os with diamonds in the middle of each circle) are for LRH, that is HUGE new news.

That should be international news.   The CST vault sites with LRH homes, which are for LRH, that is huge.

As far as who were posted in the CST sites, as of 92-95, I knew those postings, it was couples, the French (or Canadian French) CST couple named Ouellette was in Petrolia.   The Moresi couple was at Creston.   The oriental short man, forget his name was Trementia I believe.   I don't know the other sites' people though.

Unprecedented info, I hope other media pick up on the LRH houses being for the reincarnated LRH to come back to, and that the LRH house at the Rim, is likely where LRH would go ultimately, but it's been over 26 years now since Hubbard died, and he said he'd be back in 21, so he's 5 years overdue, and when the protestors next go to CST at Twin Peaks/Rim, they should ask the receptionist if LRH has come back yet?


That Kool logo is calling for Hubturd's thetan like a here kittty kiity

Sarasota Breeze
Sarasota Breeze

At the risk of sounding pedantic, dry cleaning produces toxic waste.  How is this being disposed of?  It is against the law to dispose of it by just dumping it.  Even if you dump it on your own property.


She responded by turning him in, writing a "Knowledge Report" about the incident.Of all the sick behaviors common to the Scientology culture, one of the most warped and disturbing is the practice of one spouse reporting the other to management for the puniest of misdeeds.  


"Gill remembers that he was assigned to dig up a big pile of moldy stuff. "We were going through it and throwing it away. Suitcases and things," Gill says. And then the thought suddenly hit him: "Oh my God, this many people had been here before me and had gone, and this was all their crap. All moldy, and under tarps."

A Tad Disturbing


it will be easy to clear the planet after a nuclear war - 50, 000 left and all paid up IAS, and if we discard the body to go higher up the bridge - as LRH did, no regging, no success storis


around 22 years ago i was lowly staff in an org that was being renovated - and their were holes in the walls and ceilings.I heard mention of squirrel inn road and lots of giggling - top staff talking to a CMO missin that had just arrived. I heard talk of preparations for LRH coming back - there was a child who had been born just after he died - one who would genetically fit the bill, born to suzette (hubbard) and guy white - it occurred to me, as soon as it happened, that those adopted children of nicole kidman may be in fact children of int - their biological parents have sway over them now - why do i think it, because both tom and nicole now have natural born kids. Guy white is closely associated with - guess what, lake Arrowhead "Narconon' and i bet - one person in the know might be gordon bolstad or a sparshott girl. i am not sure that narconon isn't a very smart system of finding addicts and dealers and dissing the dealers to the police - a columbian military man is the latest freedom meadal winner, and the original columbian rich columbian at FSO - people know how he was turning entheta cash into theta cash


looks like a pretty okay story there Tony. thanks for taking the time to write it up.

V for Vacation
V for Vacation

This story is phenomenal.  I hope some public Scilons were able to see this and the Super Power leaks.  


Way to go, Dylan and Tony (and VV crew!) Yes, "CST" was very vague to most of we who were "In". We (public) were told we needed to pay for the Titanium Disks, thus "Author Services" sold Hubbard's Fiction books (leather bound: Gack!)....where we'd get one/month. Big $$$$ for them. We used to laugh about the world blowing up, seeing a hand pop out of the torched rubble: It's an "OT"....who crawls from LA to New Mexico (The only place we knew the Discs were back then)-----pulls out the Titanium Discs, and a meter, starts auditing and THAT saves mankind? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) But! As silly/insane as that sounds, we paid for it, month after month. Author Services put on "Shows"...from a chapter of one of Hubbard's Fiction books, all to use to reg (get) more $$$$$. I only found out the 3 people who technically"own" CST are 3 attorneys who were never "in" Scientology. Most staff and public "in" do now know this, to this day. Thanks again, Dylan and Tony! I love the maps,too :) Tory/Magoo


Fabulous article Tony!


Miscavige must be spitting bullets and slapping hisminions like crazy.


This is supposed to be ultra, ultra-secret and here isall is, along with photos and maps. I wouldn’t put it past him to order it all abandonedand new sites found.


Keep up the good work – you are making a difference!


Fact check:  Hubbard smoked Kool *non*-filters, which have pretty much been outlawed in all 50 states.


Does your cat have strange entities infecting its body? These may be "Body Fleatans", which are very common on cats.

However, there is help for your cat! The religion of Siamology offers a technology for clearing the recative mind. A special device called the C-Meter is used to detect the actions of the recative mind and bring them to the surface, so they will no longer affect your cat.

After the cat's recative mind is "cleared", higher levels of cat development are possible. Does your cat have strange entities infecting its body? These may be "Body Fleatans", which are very common on cats. Siamology can rid your cat of Body Fleatans for only $350,000 or so...


Wow what a story.  I remember Anna Gill, who I believe to be Dylan's aunt.  She and her husband used to do sand art in glass and sell them at local art shows.  Dylan I am truly sorry for what you went through.  Your family is completely missing out in not sharing your life, your wife's and children's lives.  It is their loss and I hope someday they come to their senses. I am happy for you that you are out of there! This organization is being run by a complete dictator and it's aweful.  I wish for you peace, love and happiness.


  How many of these celebrities who give Scientology millions every year know about CST? 


Ahh, I knew there was an apocalypse story here somewhere. It is a cult afterall... Nuclear holocaust? How unoriginal, I would have imagined Scientology has an alien invasion apocalypse type story.

Future prediction: With this lovely piece of journalism going into circulation, I foresee some opportunists pitching up at the K-OO-L-Aid crop circle announcing they're the reincarnation of Hubbard..


 Re: The guard shack at Rimforest/Twin Peaks

It's always empty, because nobody goes up there; protests are held in LA. The Angry Gay Pope has a page on the place over at:

The AGP has used the phrase "Did you know that Hubbard's words are on golden places up at Twin Peaks?" in more that one video, check out:

It's video of an OT "begathon" at a mall in LA in 2010.________________________________

This article leaves certain questions open: were these CST bases planned and approved by L. Ron or was this another Miscavage thing? Is the house at Petrolia staffed with people?


I haven't been visiting here long enough to know if this has been covered yet, but I remember spotting something years ago on the internet about Tom Cruise's underground bunker at his place in Colorado.

Is there any truth in that?

www (DOT) nieuwsblad (DOT) be (FORWARD SLASH) article (FORWARD SLASH) detail.aspx?articleid=DMF04102007_053

All this apocalypse craziness reminded me of the book "When Prophecy Fails" by Leon Festinger, the psychologist who pioneered "cognitive dissonance" in the 50s.

Awesome book, with very surprising observations.


$cientology is doing the vault thing because they have no real tradition and heritage like older religions. Many people know that Jesus was said to have walked on water and raised Lazarus from the dead, but they don't know that Hubbard wrote science fiction or wrote Dianutty, which is as important as man's discovery of fire. (Until you read it, then it becomes less important than man's discovery of the hula hoop.)

So, the "secret base" and document preservation will just give it the air of importance and secrecy to existing and new Scilons only. That's where they kind of run into problems similar to the Xenu issue. What happens when this information is accessible, open and often amusing or appalling to outsiders, in the case of stories like this, a young man recruited to slave for them. Before, they could cope with being small but big in their own minds. They could keep their secrets and behavior from public knowledge. Now they can't.

As far as getting an urban legend going that Hubbard is reincarnated and Miscavige is in the Herod role, keeping him imprisoned or planning to kill him.  That would make an interesting movie. In real life, it could backfire, and only get the loons more excited about Hubbard being back. They would wait until he's of age, and Miscavige reintroduces him. In other words, they wouldn't believe the Herod part. Most cult members already trust Miscavige completely and already drink all the koolaid he serves up.

I also believe it is what you said. Hubbard created the Messiah myth for himself, knowing it would be as it is for Christians, waiting for Him to return.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

I was lying down in bed getting ready to doze off when all of a sudden Claire Headly flashed in my mind, she has red hair! I got up and Googled her and found a family picture of Mark, Claire and their boys. Yes, I was right! One of the boys has red hair, more red than the other.

Wouldn't it be a kicker if he was Hubbard? Claire was in the Sea Org and has red hair. I wouldn't doubt it crossed lil' David's mind, no wonder slappy and his minions forced abortion on her.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Yeah, don't masturbate just propagate!


 Redheads only! And write up full KRs afterward.


I wonder if the question "Is LRH back yet?" would offend Tommy Davis personally, like questions about Xenu.

Now reporters could follow that question up..."Well, if he isn't back, according to Tony Ortega of the VV, isn't it true you have a house waiting for him at a secret base when he comes..."

Problem is, most reporters, like Bashir, just OD on the crazy in Sciloontology. They may not go there, into details of their secret bases, and preservation of the Commodore's claptrap.

That's for "sort of unofficial" historians like you Chuck. All the rest of us little people enjoyed it too.

BTW Chuck, I'd say you were a full fledged "unofficial historian." Or are you not writing any of this down, like what I just typed about NOW?


we looked into that question and found that the chems can be reused quite a bit. the machines produce little waste if operated correctly.  plus there is a company called safty-klen that picks up the waste.


Very much akin to George Orwell's 1984, which I'm beginning to suspect was an influence on Hubbard's mindset regarding his obsession with controlling people. 

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Seems like they didn't let them keep their wog possessions or did it belong to missing people? Sounds creepy!

The Nazi's took and rifled through peoples possessions before they were gassed in the showers, just sayin'. =-O

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

 Happened to me also.   I was on the "Int RPF" out at Happy Valley, in Feb 89 to Mar 89, and then went back to that same RPF in Jul 96 to Nov 2000.    Some things changed over the years.  

In the 1989 slot, I remember Andre Tabayoyan was on that Int RPF at that time, and a lot of the biggies were on it, including Annie Broeker, Clarisse Brousseau (JB's wife), Paul Grady, Jim Logan, Jeff Walker was even on that Int RPF at that time, and it was about a 100 man Int RPF.

I remember taking my suitcase over to the bulding, a metal shed, around the "pool", and the pool wasn't used, but other than the storage place for where the RPF members stored their belongings, and it was a swimming pool, small one, drained of course, with everyone's suitcases and belongings in makeshift boxes, all stored.   I heaved my suitcase on the pile.

Another moment, in the end end end of my RPF, I switched down the LA RPF, and across from the complex is a parking lot we nicknamed "Cat Lot" short for Catalina Parking Lot, since it's the one off Catalina St, that side of the complex.

Even today, look on Google Earth, you can see the "containers" like those that a semi truck hauls around, and in those containers is where the LA RPF members stash their belongings, for the time that they are on the RPF.  

In the end end end, when you are routing out, you are on the RPF's RPF, and this today's RPF the routing out takes sometimes over a year, it took 15 months for me to "route out": and all the while I was on the RPF's RPF.

So one of the RPF'S RPF duties is to take care of the other RPF members' belongings, so we endlessly went through the two or three container (semi truck containers that is) which held all the 180 LA RPF members' belongings, straightened and put everything in alphabetical order, drew maps of where every person's belongings were in every square foot, and we had loads of unidentified stuff, and stuff belonging to RPFers who'd blown and also stuff being left behind as RPFers finally got routed out, and they didn't want some of their things.  

The details of the communal lifestyle of the RPF the RPF's RPF and the everyday  Sea Org of the whole Sea Org's history is shocking by middle class standards, to say the least!  

Don't forget, on the XSO chat site, there are hundreds of photos of the "old" Sea Org days on the Apollo, and I hope those photos go public someday, because compared to how those people lived with LRH, on the Apollo, things were the opposite of the posh buildings and quarters and uniforms of today of the Sea Org though.  

It's true the existing Sea Org is practically ashamed to show how life was even on the Apollo, even with LRH there!

So many Apollo photos would be considered "unacceptable" to be shown today, the ratio of Sea Org quiters in every photo, the number of famous "SPs" in every photo, it's like the history is an embarrassment from the current Sea Org Miscavige viewpoint.


I knew Mr Saldarriaga quite well. I was in the cmo with his daughter pilar. nice family.


 Miscavige has patented a giant turntable where the execs stand while it rotates.  He then just has to stick his hand out to slap them.  Kinda like a playing card and bicycle spokes.


 I'll try to find an image of the right pack! Thanks, Ebner.


OK.....I loved this post.  Body Fleatans is a better parody than OTVIIIisGr888!!!  Cats DO look like aliens when you look at their faces with their big eyes, big ears, narrow nose and  small mouths.  

I guess giving a cat the "Advantage" treatment to rid one of the Body Fleatans is the cats' Bridge to Total Freedom.  There's definitely a tech for the recative mind and it is 100% natural.  It is called catnip.  

Fucking fantastic.  I wonder why Anonymous never thought that one up back in 2008 when everyone was fixated on cats.


yes Anna is my aunt, Steve and her are now seperated. they still live in florida near clearwater.


 probably not too much. they probably just know that there's "LRH's secret vaults out in the desert" and nothing else.

Celebs in the cult are kept from seeing the horrors (well maybe except for T. Cruise)


One reason for the secrecy.


Excellent book, that. If you liked that, you will also like "The Great Derangement" by Matt Taibbi.


The CST secrets have never been shared with the likes of Tommy Davis. Until he reads them here.


I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that.  At least we didn't hear anything about him building incinerators at these sites.


I think he means another hispanic man, from Columbia, who recently won the award. It was in some recent promo sent out. Oscar Saldarriaga died in the 90's while in the SO. I knew Pilar when she first started taking courses and auditing. She was quiet and not really a scientologist yet. I felt sorry for her., She didn't look like she wanted to be where she was but came out of obligation. Per comments on ESMB, she became quite the bi*ch over the years as an SO member, lol.


Gives new meaning to the Sea Org motto: We Come Back!


Can you imagine the reincarnation of Hubbard wrestling Miscavige for control of the UFO cult. I foresee Hubbard finding himself in RPF soon after, then he can have a little taste of his own creation.


SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

You never know? God knows what they've built after Dylan left?

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