Who Does Michael Bloomberg Love On Twitter? We Find Out With Twit Amore

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Because love is at least nominally in the air (Valentine's Day is Tuesday), the Internet has brought you a new tool to discover your digital crushes. Twit Amore is an app that allows you find out who you or someone you like to stalk loves on Twitter by simply entering a user's handle. According to the site's "about" page it can reveal these "romantic" (note my use of scare quotes) interests by "using the Twitter API, it looks up who you follow, your timeline and your favourite tweets." We decided look up the loves of a few notable New Yorkers, and didn't find anything too incriminating. [h/t]

Our mayor's Twitter heart goes out to WOR NewsTalk Radio where he gabs every Friday.

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It makes sense that the man behind Pat's Papers would send his online adoration to the paper of record: the New York Times.

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And finally, the city's current athletic obsession Jeremy Lin loves fellow Knick Landry Fields.

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[EstherZuckerman / ezwrites]

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