Ahmed Ferhani, Terror Suspect or NYPD Dupe, Gets Own Protest

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The controversy over the NYPD's surveillance of muslim groups gets the courthouse steps protest treatment in Manhattan this morning, as a man arrested for an alleged terror plot has his next hearing.

Ahmed Ferhani, 26, of Queens is accused of plotting to blow up synagogues and the Empire State Building. He was arrested in May, 2011 with another alleged plotter. Police seized handguns and bullets in a raid. Critics claim Ferhani was "entrapped and framed" by the police.

The FBI reportedly refused to get involved in the case because the agency didn't trust the NYPD's informant. Moreover, cops allegedly knew Ferhani had mental problems, and had been placed in psychiatric wards 30 times. They also claim the NYPD surveillance program is a violation of court-ordered limits on its power.

The NYPD surveillance of muslim student groups and other organizations here and outside the city has drawn considerable controversy. But it also has been vigorously defended by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg.

The protest starts at 9 a.m. at 100 Centre Street.

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Why would the fact that he had mental issues be used as some type of strike against the nypd. The guy was crazy.....yes. Crazy enough to kill many.


Because this guy didn't think up the attacks himself. An undercover detective suggested that he do so. It could be argued that his condition was exploited by the NYPD to get a terror charge. The man made no attempt to contact terrorists either here or overseas. This case should be tossed.

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