Andrew Cuomo Honors Catholic Abortion Bully. This Week Officially "Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week" In New York

Happy "Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week," New York!
On the same day Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan told reporters that he's "bolstered" by Governor Andrew Cuomo's assurances that he won't support a bill pending in the New York Legislature that would define abortion rights (NOTE: the Governor's Office declined comment when asked if Cuomo opposed the bill), Cuomo -- who is Roman Catholic -- declared this week "Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week" in New York.

"It is an honor to designate Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week in New York," Cuomo, who met with the New York State Catholic Conference this morning, says in a statement. "Cardinal Dolan has quickly become a beloved leader in our state and it is clear that he will continue to have a tremendous impact on the next generation of Catholicism in New York and throughout the United States."

Dolan has toed the conservative Catholic line with his opposition to abortion, and helped lead the charge against the same-sex marriage bill that Cuomo signed into law last year.

Additionally, Dolan bashed the Obama Administration's decision to no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as only being legal if it's between a man and a woman.

"The administration's failure to change course on this matter will... precipitate a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions and to the detriment of both institutions," Dolan wrote in a letter to the president last year.

Dolan's charm and conservative Catholic positions have made him somewhat of a rock star amongst Catholics -- 60 Minutes did a segment on him last year (which you can watch below), and he was elected in 2010 to be head the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

He's even been dubbed "the American pope."

Social issues aside, Dolan's often applauded for his efforts to repair the Church's image following seemingly endless cases of priests sexually abusing children. However, he reportedly also is urging Cuomo and state lawmakers to oppose a bill currently in the Legislature that would extend statutes of limitations for lawsuits in sexual abuse cases, saying it would "devastate parish finances."

Dolan's office didn't immediately get back to us when asked to clarify the cardinal's position on the sexual abuse bill, which you can read here.

To celebrate Dolan's week, Cuomo says One World Trade Center will be lit in red until Sunday.

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Carla Kendall
Carla Kendall

Cardinal Dolan is a disgrace.  He intimidates victims of child sex abuse by priests, in his own blog, which heknows is likely to be read by younger people, including child sex victims.


As a recent example, last August, a 16 year old girl cameforward saying that she was being inappropriately massaged by a disgusting 87year old priest (Duenas), who was getting more inappropriate each day.  The priest admitted he was massaging her,then blames the girl for "wearing short skirts", which is anotherCatholic technique of blaming the victim. 


Details at


Dolan and the Catholic League trash the girl in Dolan'sblog at


What the Catholic church knows is that if children readblogs, and they see this 16 year old girl, clearly being inappropriatelymassaged, getting  trashed by two of thebiggest mouths in the Catholic world, others will be afraid to come forward.


The goal is to intimidate the victims, and Dolan is agood as Pope Benedict, who got the Pope job for his work hiding pedophilepriests under Pope John Paul.


Now Dolan gets his promotion.



  Thank you Gov Cuomo for your respect and admiration of Timothy Cardinal Dolan.  He is a beacon of light to NY and our YOUTH everywhere.    Wouldn't it be wonderful for NYS to lead the way in the end toour tax dollar$ going to the Largest Abortion in the World/Planned Parenthood!  It would be even better if NYS closed the door on "Abortion AT Will" for Adoption instead?  NYS certainly has enough Roman Catholics who would support a Pro-LIFE Goveror!

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