NYPD Doesn't Give Enough Speeding Tickets, Transportation Alternatives Says

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Peter Vallone, Public Safety Chair
New York's main transportation advocacy group wants the NYPD to give out more speeding tickets.

Transportation Alternatives is putting pressure on the City Council to crack down on dangerous drivers, and is telling the Public Safety Committee today that cops just don't do enough to prevent people from going over the speed limit.

The group, speaking at a budgetary meeting, has cited a stat identifying that four times more tickets are issued yearly for tinted windows than for speeding in precincts (not highways.)

Juan Martinez, general counsel for the group, tells the committee that more than 50 percent of NYPD precincts issued less than two speeding tickets a week.

Martinez insists, however, that speeding is a big problem: From 2001 to 2010, 1,745 pedestrians and cyclists died in traffic-related incidents, while 142,485 got hurt.

By the group's calculations, more New Yorkers were killed in traffic -- 3,647 -- than
murdered by guns -- 3,558.

"Traffic is the number one cause of injury and death for kids 14 and under in New York City," he says.

And most of these crashes -- over 60 percent -- stem from speeding, distracted driving, or failure to yield. But speeding is the deadliest of drivers' vices: in 2010 alone, speeding lead to the deaths of 45 people.

On the issue of windows, he says:

"We are not aware of any crashes caused by tinted windows. Tinted windows may be a safety concern -- but it cannot be a greater safety concern than speeding. In 2011, however, NYPD precincts issued four
times as many tickets for tinted windows as for speeding -- 16,300 speeding tickets as compared to 65,900 tinted windows tickets."

Martinez's testimony, furnished to Runnin' Scared by Transportation Alternatives, follows extensive recent controversy surrounding the NYPD's handling of bike and pedestrian accidents, notably in light of the department's mishandling of the Mathieu Lefevre investigation.

These chancy road conditions have not simply prompted Council hearing on the Lefevre case, but the development of a non-commercial web portal to help accident victims.

Runnin' Scared reached out to Peter F. Vallone, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, and Martinez. We'll update when we hear back.

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Donate to an accident victim
Donate to an accident victim

Please donate to an accident victim. We need your help immediately. You can go to any fargo bank under and donate online. If you should have addittional information about accident victim, please visit his blog to know more about him. 

Speeding ticket Toronto
Speeding ticket Toronto

That's so true...NYPD must chase others, not speeding drivers....it's true that these drivers are responsible for most accidents but besides this task NYPD has so many others....or maybe NY drivers are very responsible and they don't exceed the speed limit so as a result for their behavior the number of speeding tickets is very reduced:))


I would think that the NYPD have better things to do then chase people doing a few MPH over the Posted Speed Limit.


If the posted speed limits were set to maximize safety at the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic under good conditions several things would happen.  1) The flow would be smoother.  2) The flow would be safer overall.  3) It is likely the accident rate would go down slightly.  4) The "speeding problem" would almost disappear.  5) The percentage of drivers more than 2 or 3 mph above the limit would be extremely small, so a low level of speeding tickets would be correct.  6) The city treasurer would be FURIOUS at the loss of actual and possible revenue - but the safer driving environment would be appreciated by 99+% of all the road users, cars and pedestrians alike.  See the science on our website.James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, www.motorists.org, Ann Arbor, MI


OH PLEASE.  HOW MANY OF THOSE CRASHES WERE CAUSED BY EXCEEDING THE SPEED LIMIT!  IF you check out OHIO it is 1%  http://www.publicsafety.ohio.g...  IT IS RIGHT THERE ON PAGE 17 of the abobe. 1.2%. 

(Some states try to hide this fact by using "speed related" where EVEN if the speeding DIDn'T cause the crash, because it was there, they "count" it.  NY does this I believe).

Most "speeding' is the result of UNDERset speed limits.

It is one thing to pull someone over who is acting dangerously (you should).  But to GROUP everyone else who is NOT endangering people into a propaganda piece of "speed kills", is downright DISHONEST! 

see more on the issue:  http://www.motorists.org/speed... 


The only reason that "speeding" gets blamed for a high percentage of crashes is the failure of cities to post the speed limits at the level which produces the safest and smoothest traffic flow with the fewest crashes.  Cities that favor safety over other factors will set the posted speed limits at the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic under good conditions AND they will time the yellow intervals on traffic lights for those actual speeds.  Typically, this methodology to maximize safety will set the posted limits 5 to 15 mph higher than currently and will time the yellows .5 to 1.5 seconds longer than currently. These actions will improve safety in almost every case.  See the science on both issues on our website.  If it makes sense to you, contact your city officials to ask them to use 85th percentile speed limits and equivalently long yellows.James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, www.motorists.org, Ann Arbor, MI

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