Cops: Morgan Stanley Banker Stabbed Cabbie, Used Racial Slurs

A top honcho at Morgan Stanley, William Bryan Jennings, has been charged with stabbing a Middle Eastern cabbie with a pen knife and using racial intimidation, cops say.

The banking behemoth says that the Americas co-head of fixed income and capital markets has since been put on leave, according to the New York Times.

Here's what supposedly went down: On Dec. 22., Jennings took a cab from a New York charity gala to his $3.6 million Darien, Conn. home. When he got there, he refused to pay the $200 fare, the cabbie claims. He's also said to have become abusive and started using racial slurs.

The cabbie says that he began driving, to find a police officer to settle the matter.

He claims that Jennings then stabbed him, when he put his hand in the passenger compartment,the Stamford Advocate notes.

Jennings' lawyer counters that the cabbie started acting erratically.

The attorney tells reporters that the driver actually tried to charge $300 and started speeding back toward New York when Jennings refused to pay the rate.

Jennings only pulled out the fishing knife out of fear for his safety -- and the driver got hurt because he tried to wrest it away, his lawyer says. Jennings' attorney also says that his client did not use racial slurs.

Runnin' Scared put in a call to the Darien P.D. to get a peek at the police report.

We'll update when we get a copy of the charges.

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I hope the honest cabbie gets a bit of the millions this jerk has made. Cheap skunt.


Why did the cabbie kidnap the banker? Why couldn't he just set the banker free? Nobody likes being kidnapped and the driver should have heeded the banker's pleas for him to stop the cab so the banker could escape and run free. What right did the driver have to lock the banker in the back of the cab and drive off to who knows where and ignore the bankers pleas to be set free.

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