Dan Halloran Running For Congress As A Heathen Republican? We Can Hardly Wait

Could Dan Halloran, our favorite member of the City Council, be running for congress?

Hunter Walker reports at Politicker that this is a possibility.

We've kept a close eye on Halloran since he ran as one of the first openly Heathens for public office in 2009, being swept onto the City Council as a Republican in the first Tea Party wave. In December of last year, we chronicled his tumultuous first couple of years as a city legislator, during which time he's demanded tolerance of his own minority religion while castigating Muslims, had multiple screaming matches with constituents and law enforcement officers alike, and been investigated for his unsubstantiated charges against the Department of Sanitation.

Walker reports that spokesman Steven Sites (who has been avoiding us over the past couple of years) says Halloran is considering possible runs for the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as the New York State Senate.

Either way, we look forward to covering this race and speaking further with Halloran's constituents, as well as the supportive and disaffected members of his Theodish kingdom, New Normandy.

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I've been a practicing heathen since 1992. We took one of Halloran's Theodish group into our home just before there was a really ugly meltdown that more or less dissolved it. Anyone who would vote for this guy doesn't really know him. Do your homework on him first. On both a religious and a political level, this guy is a disaster waiting to happen. The NY Post assumes pagans and heathens will automatically vote for this guy, but he does not have a great reputation as a Drighten in the local NY heathen scene. Learn the history first.


Look forward to Mr Halloran's run for congress.  He is one person who really appears to care about his constituents and community.  Yes, he can be a bruser, but as we all know you need a person with this sort of personality to get the right things done.  It is ashame that a journalist like Mr Thrasher continues to make issue about Halloran's religion/spiritual path.  I myself welcome a heathen/pagan in public office - diversity is a good thing, right? Or at least I'm told such in papers like the VV..

Dwayne Hoover
Dwayne Hoover

It already seems that he's trying to morph from a self-proclaimed libertarian into a generic GOP Neocon since he's running. From his FB announcement, "JOBS & ECONOMIC GROWTH, ISRAEL & NATIONAL SECURITY, and GAS PRICES & ENERGY INDEPENDENCE- thats the HALLORAN 2012 Campaign, a referendum on Obama's failure in leadership!." Not exactly Ron Paul material anymore......


Its great to see more pagans living out of the closet, but the republican party's emphasis on Christianity and the culture war makes this whole thing an odd fit.  This is gonna be great.

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