Dawa Lama, Queens Monster Who Threw Newborn In Hospital Trash Can, Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter; 10-Year Prison Sentence Expected

Daily Mail
Dawa Lama, 24, will likely spend the next decade behind bars when she's sentenced next month.
When Dawa Lama, 24, gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the bathroom at a Queens hospital last year, she could have easily turned him over to hospital staff if she felt she couldn't care for the boy. But she didn't -- she threw him in a trashcan. He died seven days later -- and now Lama is likely facing some time as a guest of the state.

Lama pleaded guilty this afternoon to one count of first-degree manslaughter in the May, 2011, death of her newborn son, who was posthumously named Mingmar Gurung.

"Today's guilty plea is a just and fair disposition to a sad case involving a very troubled young woman.  The defendant has been held accountable for what was a serious but avoidable crime," Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown says in a statement about the guilty plea. "New York's Safe Haven law allows a parent to anonymously surrender their unwanted newborn infant to personnel in a safe place - such as a hospital, a police station or a fire station - and not have to worry about getting in trouble."

Lama, who reportedly kept her pregnancy a secret from her family, went to the Elmhurst Hospital on May 10 of last year to register for prenatal care.

According to Brown, after checking into the hospital, Lama started experiencing pain in her abdomen and back, and went to use the restroom.

While in the bathroom, Lama gave birth to her son, whom, the district attorney's office says, was born "alive and full term with no obvious deformities."

Lama then removed the umbilical cord and threw the baby in a trash can -- again, New York's "Safe Haven Law" allows a mother to drop a baby off at a hospital, fire station, or police station and not face any charges as long as it's done within five days of the baby's birth. Despite already being in a hospital, Lama threw the kid in the garbage like a piece of trash.

Lama then left the bathroom, stopping at the front desk of the hospital to pick up her ID before leaving the building.

The baby was discovered later that day when hospital staff found blood on the floor in the bathroom. He was placed on life support for a week, but ultimately died.

Lama's sentencing is scheduled for April 16, in front of Queens Criminal Court Judge Lenora Gerald, who indicated today that she will likely sentence Lama to 10 years in prison.

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 मलाई  लाग्छ दावा लामा एउटा शेर्पा परिवारको र जन्मिएको नवशिशु को पिता गुरुङ परिवारको भएकोले उनीहरुको पारिवारिक मेल हुन नसक्ला अथवा आफ्नो समाज र परिवार बाट अस्वीकार्य होला भन्ने डरले  बरु जे होला होला भन्ने मनसाय बोकेर मुटु माथि ढुंगा राखी  त्यस  निर्दोष नवबालक लाइ निशासिलो स्थल अनि स्थितिमा मिल्काएर  हिडेकी हुन सक्छ  त्यसैले हामी अनि हाम्रो समाज पनि अबको यो एक्काइसौँ   सताब्दिमा आएर पनि उही पुरानो अनि अन्धबिश्वाशिलो रुढी बादी  परम्परालाई नै अंगाली रहने हो भने हामी अब जमिन बाट माथि आकाश तिर लम्कनुको सट्टा जमिन  मुनि भासिनु  भन्दा अरु विकल्प देख्दिन त्यसैले  मेरो अनुरोध सबैमा हामी   सागुरिएर होइन फ़राकिएर हातेमालो गरौँ  !   त्रुटी प्रति क्षेमा चाहन्


Good, rot behind bars. And in the future, use contraception so you don't have to bring a life into being only to subject it to such unspeakable horror!

Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez

Three bucks says she's a dropout and her family are on welfare, section 8, and ebt cards while collecting unemployment and driving a cab around.

Manny Espinola
Manny Espinola

Two bucks says the family are religious conservatives - reputation and "honor" above all.


Let's not make this about you Jose Fernandez.


Poor baby, RIP

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