Will Woodstock Criminalize Hydraulic Fracturing?

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From a report earlier today, it looks like Woodstock might try outlawing hydraulic fracturing -- the highly controversial natural gas extraction method that many fear will pollute New York's water supply with carcinogenic chemicals and radiation.

The Town Board has decided to consider a proposal that would cite "civil rights as the basis for a ban," according to the Daily Freeman , and make fracking a criminal matter -- not a regulatory one.

A town councilman says that he has worked with other municipalities in upstate New York, some of which have considered adopting similar codes.

Indeed, Runnin' Scared reported on the town of Dryden, in which a judge agreed that the municipality had the right to ban hydrofracking.

The Freeman notes that Woodstock's Environmental Conservation Commission has also weighed a different measure. This would change zoning laws such that the "amendments would ban drilling activities without specifically identifying hydraulic fracturing as a prohibited land use."

In other fracking news, Mother Jones noted today that physicians in Pennsylvania have basically been put under a gag order -- they can get info on the health dangers of fracking chemicals, but can't share the info with patients.

Runnin' Scared will keep you posted with any updates.

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Any government which allows a "gag order"  to be placed on its health care providers prohibiting them from warning its citizens about potential health dangers caused by the actions of commercial enterprise (corporate entity) is not a  democracy by any reasonable definition.  Truth 101 mentions the ignorance of the powers that be.  My apologies 101 but there isn't a word in any language to adequately describe the degree of corporate hubris which drives the free market.  The only problem with the so called free market is that it isn't free.  Our energy problems may be temporarily met by corporate Amerika's extraction of all the natural gas spread about under our entire nation.  We may be able to use the internal combustion engine and heat our homes and power what little industry we have left but the 99% is going to be awful damned thirsty considering the fact that the 1% (I can't think of an appropriately derogatory term) will have taken control of all the remaining potable water.  Treatment for the rampant cancers will likely be with held from all but the deserving elites and evangelical nationalists which will have established a theocracy by then.  There is no end, at least no good end for all to the horrors the proponents of the Chicago School, Ayn Randites et.al. can unleash on us   And we murdered Che Guevara; go figure.  Have a nice day.

TRUTH 101 !
TRUTH 101 !

It truly overwhelms, perplexs, and greatly astonishs me how totally ignorant= lacking in knowledge or unlearned. An ignorant person can be very dangerous to themself or others! And down right dumb=lacking intelligence, stupid, or dull-witted. They are also a danger to themself or others. All for the love of greed. Where the hell do you people think that those toxic, poisonous chemicals are going to go after they have been put into the ground. They will ooze gradually into the water that we drink! And then you and I will pay, with bad health, sickness, and even death! All for greed and a fast fix to our own brought on fuel dilemma. Do you really think that these greedy companys are going to tell you the GOD'S truth about the side effects and adverse effects of these toxic chemicals are going to do to us. We will pay. And it will be with our health and our lives! Stupidity is costly!

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