Georgina Bloomberg, Amanda Hearst Save Puppies

The Humane Society of the United States and Jones County, North Carolina busted a supposed puppy mill on Wednesday -- and New York's own Georgina Bloomberg and Amanda Hearst were on the scene to help.

The shakedown saved at least 80 puppies and maybe one pregnant calico cat from unsanitary living conditions, the Humane Society announced.

Cops and animal welfare officials present say the animals were left in their own filth and weren't allowed to socialize with each other, as required by law.

Authorities say the animals didn't get adequate water or veterinary care, either.

The socialites worked with veterinarians "to examine, catalog and treat" the Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, and Pomeranians.

The Humane Society says that the scene, located in a rural part of the state, featured fetid conditions, as the animals were:

"living crowded in small wire enclosures amongst their own feces. Many of the dogs were severely matted, appeared malnourished and were suffering from a variety of medical issues. The property owner was selling puppies to unsuspecting consumers through local newspaper advertisements."

Apparently, Mayor Mike Bloomberg's daughter and the publishing heiress were quite helpful, with the Humane Society team telling City and State: "They were really great to work with."

City and State is reporting a total of 88 rescued dogs and also a pregnant calico cat. The Humane Society is checking to confirm the exact number of saved animals and whether a feline was present.

This isn't the first time that Hearst has advocated on behalf of animal rights and welfare. She started her own anti-puppy mill non-profit, Friends of Finn, after she found out that her own dog came from shady breeders.

Sadly, it turns out that the Empire State's connection to bad breeders isn't altogether that uncommon. A Humane Society investigation in November linked over 100 high-end New York dog shops with Midwest puppy mills.

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I thought Georgina worked for the ASPCA, HSUS's rival?  I wonder why she quit the ASPCA, maybe it was becuase of what they did to Dr. Pam Corey, the equine vet they destroyed trying to make her lie to the public...


I wish Mike Bloomberg cared half as much about homeless humans as his daughter does about homeless animals.


I'm glad that Georgina Bloomberg is interested in animal welfare.  I can only hope that she will draw the attention of her father to the daily slaughter of cats and dogs at the New York Animal Care and Control.  NYC was supposed to open two more city shelters for unwanted animals,  so that each borough has a shelter of its own [right now only three shelters exist - Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island].  However, her father they mayor cancelled the bill that would have required the construction of two additional shelters in the Bronx and Queens. As a result, the overcrowding in  Manhattan and Brooklyn is severe and many animals are put down because of the lack of space. 


It's not a competition.  Everybody deserves to have a home.  Animals are more helpless than humans, as they cannot provide for themselves. 


I completely agree with you, actually. My point is that Mike Bloomberg shouldn't expect any sort of Karmic bump because his daughter seems to have a heart and want to use her money for a good cause. He is still a no-goodnik.

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