Karen Santorum Stands by Her Man, Defends Rick Santorum's Record on Women's Issues

Rick Santorum might think that contraception is sinful; that women shouldn't fight in combat; that rape babies are a gift from god; and that it's totally cool for his kids to hold their miscarried sibling -- but that doesn't mean he's anti-woman claims his wife, Karen Santorum, in an upcoming CBS interview.

Karen Santorum gets mad when people insult Rick's record on women's issues. (Random aside: Does she regret taking his name now that it means "the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex" in common parlance?)

Anyway, Karen, who has worked as a neonatal ICU nurse, got a law degree, and published two books, does not want you to think her hubby is an inept misogynist tool.

"They try to corner him and make it look like he doesn't know anything else [other than conservative social values] she told CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford in the segment for "This Morning," which is set to air tomorrow.

"As a wife, mother, an educated woman, it frustrates me that they try to do that."

She further argues that her husband is a lawmaking luminary, saying: "My husband is brilliant, he knows so much about -- you know, like I said -- national security, jobs, the economy...You know, every aspect of this race, any issue out there, he's brilliant."

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