Kirsten Gillibrand Is Why Oil Prices Are More Than $4 A Gallon (According to Her Wannabe Opponent Bob Turner, That Is)

James King
If you were wondering why gas prices have been outrageously high lately, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and President Barack Obama are to blame...duh.

That's according to the propaganda ministry Senate campaign of Congressman Bob Turner, anyway, who currently is trying to win the Republican nomination to square off with Gillibrand in the November election.

Gillibrand, meanwhile, was in Manhattan this afternoon, where she officially was nominated to be the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat she currently holds.

Obviously, Gillibrand and Obama didn't single-highhandedly conspire to make gas prices more than four bucks a gallon. But this is an election year, where oversimplified rhetoric to explain complex issues is to be expected -- and expected from all sides.

In any event, the price of gas, or (we apologize in advance for using this uber-obnoxious term) "pain at the pump," is the issue du-jour for Turner, who reportedly spent the weekend hanging around New York gas stations alerting motorists that Gillibrand was the reason why it now costs an arm and a leg to fill their tanks.

He followed up loitering at gas stations with a press release issued this morning, in which his campaign spokeswoman, Jessica Proud, says the following:

"At every turn Senator Gillibrand is voting against increasing domestic oil production and those votes result in higher prices at the pump. When New Yorkers think about their crazy gas bills, they should think about Kirsten Gillibrand."

Specifically, they should think about her vote against an extension to the Keystone Pipeline Project, which Turner's campaign says would create more than 20,000 jobs, and decrease reliance on oil from places like Venezuela and the Middle East by nearly 40 percent.

Regardless of whether those numbers add up, there are a few environmental issues with the pipeline that might cause a Democratic senator -- who has to worry about the environmentalist vote -- to vote against it. In other words, she's not intentionally trying to make gasoline expensive just to make the lives of New Yorkers as miserable as possible.

The original proposed route for the extension would have taken the pipeline over the Ogallala Aquifer, which is one of the largest reserves of fresh water in the world and provides agua for about two million people. Not to mention, it supports about $20 billion in agriculture, according to a 2010 editorial in The Tyee.

Part of the route also would have gone over an active seismic zone that had a 4.3 magnitude earthquake as recently as 2002.

The company pegged with building the pipeline, TransCanada, has since altered the route to avoid those areas of potential catastrophe, but it's still a hot-button issue for environmentalists -- and NASA scientist James Hansen's comment that the pipeline extension would be "game over for the planet" certainly isn't helping Republicans in favor of the project win them over.

Pressure from environmentalists prompted Obama to delay a decision on whether the extension to the pipeline is in the national interest until 2013 -- after this year's election.

Meantime, though, expect more from Turner's camp -- and probably every other Republican running for office this year -- on the evil Democrats' plot to bankrupt (insert location of respective constituencies here) by keeping oil prices sky high.

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Charles W.
Charles W.

Oh pleeze - She will crush this republican bug - just as he should be


gas is higher this year for 1 reason only, not counting the innate greed of big oil.

bottom like you have to get past the smoke and mirrors the washington nitwits are hiding behind realize that opec is just a big oil whipping boy. speculators are just a govt scapegoat. the real reason oil cost more today than it did last year and every year past is that the dollar is worth LESS today than it was last year. can we all say inflation??

big oil wants more dollars this year because they are worth less (fiat currency=worthless) than they were last year.


Does anyone in US realise that there is a world beyond your borders? And that in those places petrol costs 2-3x what you guys pay? And that in a free world/free market (founding principles for the US?) you sell to the highest bidder without government interference? So why if I had a gallon of oil would I sell it to US drivers rather than tanker it some place else and sell it for more?


The Keystone Pipeline has NOTHING to do with current fuel prices.

And I'm GLAD Senator Gillibrand is supporting more investigation into environmental impact... has anyone actually WATCHED "Gasland" all the way through to the end??


Mr. Turner is yet one more echo chamber for ALEC and Big Oil talking points.

Nonstop to JFK
Nonstop to JFK

Pandering to the uneducated and uninformed.

This is the modus operandi of the Republican party these days.

TRUTH 101!
TRUTH 101!

Your right Mark. But it's a lot worse than you iterated. First the greedy 1% steal the oil from WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S public lands for a pitance. Then as you said yhe world oil market dictates the oil prices by pure speculation.Then the added indignity of glorified satanic corpate fascist geed takes that American oil and gas to other countries that have higher prices, and the 1%ers sell the gas by the literinstead of by the gallon, And make more money from WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S oil and gas. Thus manipulating the higher prices that WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLEwill in turn pay at the gas pumps. Then you have the GOP WHICH IS THE 1%ers sing thier twisted swan song. Blaming Obama and every body else and thier mother for the dilemma that the geedy 1%ers have caused by thier greed. Where is the 1%ers patriotism, about what damage that thier greed is doing to our country? And the problems this is causing the poor, the middle class, and the elderly who are on fixed incomes. I know people who allthier life have gone to church and now can not afford to drive to church on Sunday! Or those of us who take a friend, neighbor, or a veteran to get needed medical care Now not being able to give that ride like they where accustomed to doing out of the love in thier hearts for thier fellow man. All because of satanic greed, called capitalism and the free market. Christ did not like the greedy, and so do I! May GOD'S powers be with the AMERICAN PEOPLE! And not the 1%ers greed!

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