Joe Namath on Tim Tebow: NY Jets 'Need The Good Lord on Their Side'

Leave it to Broadway Joe to cut through the bullshit -- or, as they say at Joe's and my alma mater, the U of Alabama -- the horseshit.  On Piers Morgan last  night, Joe had this to say about the mess the Jets have put themselves in regarding Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez:

"You don't tell your starting quarterback -- who's played three years, and who's gradually grown -- that he's the man. Then you bring in somebody right behind him, with an added formation, that they're going to give teams trouble with?  No."

What Joe means is that it's a huge amount of time and trouble to bring another quarterback in just to run the "wildcat" -- the play where Tebow is supposed to run the ball in when the Jets get inside the 10-yard line.

Or, say, on third-and-two from midfield.

And Namath raises yet another question that the sportswriters who are praising this move don't' seem ot have considered: How much practice time are the Jets going to give to each in camp?

Listen here.

And, finally, Joe is totally correct in his assessment of last season: "The way the Jets have played recently, they need the good Lord on their side ..."

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Andrew Gaze
Andrew Gaze

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