LeBron Has Taken His Protests to South Beach


Well, he couldn't make it to Union Square two nights ago for the emotional Trayvon Martin rally, but LeBron James just tweeted a picture of his entire team in hoodies--with the hashtags #WeAreTrayvonMartin #Hoodies #Stereotyped #WeWantJustice--as a sign of protest against the sad story of the slain teen.

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JeffreyJSmith NewYork
JeffreyJSmith NewYork

What IS objectionable in all are two things:

First, Mr Zimmerman is being tried in the press. Second, this incident is the latest opportunity for what remain of the left and the black power movements to refuel themselves and pour, like bile, into the streets.

No one really knows what happened in this matter. The investigation is not complete. Butthat doesn,t stop the Sharptons, the christine Quinns or for that matter the Anderson (CIA)Coopers from pouncing on the incident.

I live in Brooklyn Heights. We have had a flood of "hoodies" from the projects over the last 30 years who have committed hundreds of violent felonies. The hoods certainly AREused to avoid easy detection. The hoods in many cases are a kind of uniform for an often violent street culture.

Again, no one knows what really happened yeat. What if angelic Trevon tried to grab mr Zimmerman's firearm? What-no kid who envisions himself a "gangster" has never tried to snatch a gun? That's never happened?

As far as Florida's "stand your ground" laws-it's the reason crime is so low in most parts of the state. Hoodlums with or without hoods know they can't runthe kind of intimidation games they do in places (like New York) were the law forces the average honest citizen totry to flee from violent criminals.

one thing's for sure in all this: one "possible" miscreant will never hurt anyone else......


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