Long Island Baby Orphaned After Dad Stabs Baby Mama, Shoots Self

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Two people are dead -- and a baby is now without parents -- after police suspect a 31-year-old Long Island man fatally stabbed his baby mama before taking his own life yesterday morning.

According to the Suffolk County Police Department, James Schultz, of East Northport, was found dead inside his parents' home about 9 a.m. yesterday. His 13-month-old son also was found inside the home -- the baby was unharmed.

After finding the baby -- and Schultz's dead body -- police tried to contact the boy's mother, 23-year-old Katherine Farrell, but were unsuccessful.

Detectives discovered that Farrell hadn't gone to work yesterday, so they checked out her home in St. James, which is where they found her body.

Authorities suspect Schultz picked up his son earlier that morning, fatally stabbed Farrell, and drove home. He then shot fatally himself.

The baby was turned over to Child Protective Services. The investigation is ongoing.

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While I agree, regarding the choice of words, there is a bigger issue.Young Tyler is receiving good care, and both sets of grandparents are working through a VERY difficult time. The fortunate part of this seems to be that Tyler will not want for love and affection, developmental relationships and will (probably) not be subject to multiple foster homes, as there are enough relatives to keep it all in the family.I know that the Schultz family is setting up an 'Education' fund for Tyler, and (while I don't know the exact purpose, yet) I believe Kate's parents are as well.Donations, to either, are appreciated, as well as the press reporting on these funds, and a little compassion from all.Thanks,RK


What a DISGUSTING way to tell the story of the death of a child's mother and a mother's daughter.  Show some respect!  I don't even know these people and was disgusted with the terminology used in the article.


Who wrote this article? Katie wasn't a "baby mama" she was the mother of a child and a fantastic human being. The person who wrote this should be fired because they are disrespectful and don't know how to articulate. 

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