Morgan Stanley's PR Department Suffers Particularly Bad Week -- Compliments Of Hookers And Racism

So, Morgan Stanley really took it on the chin in the PR department this week...

The public relations beat-down is the result of two of the financial giant's employees' suspected involvement in two fairly serious, but unrelated, crimes -- in one case, one of the company's bigwigs pleaded not guilty this morning to charges that he, in a drunken rage, stabbed a Middle Eastern cab driver while screaming "I'm going to kill you, you should go back to your own country.

The company's other public black-eye stems from one of its financial advisers getting placed on leave amidst suspicion that he was involved in a prostitution ring with a Manhattan mother of four.

If it's any consolation, Morgan Stanley's stock prices, as of 1:37 p.m., are up 29 cents.

The financial adviser, David Walker, hasn't been charged with any crimes -- yet. However, shortly before the arrest of "Soccer Mom Madam" Anna Gristina, prosecutors say she met with Walker to discuss raising money for a new "business venture." Click here for details, via-NY1.

William Bryan Jennings -- the Morgan Stanley honcho accused of stabbing the cabby -- however, does face charges, and was in a Connecticut court this morning, where he pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree assault, theft of services, and second-degree intimidation based on race or bigotry for the December 22 incident.

Prosecutors say that not only did Jennings stab the cab driver, he stiffed him on the $204 fare, too.

Jennings -- who reportedly makes more than $2 million a year, and agreed to the $204 fare before the cabby drove him from Manhattan to his Connecticut home -- offered just fifty bucks for the ride once he was safely in his driveway, which is where he stabbed the cabby after his $50 offer was refused.

We contacted Morgan Stanley spokeswoman Christine Pollak to see how she's holding up -- and to try and figure out what the hell's going on over at Morgan Stanley these days. She didn't immediately get back to us this afternoon. We'll let you know if she does -- check back for updates.

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William Bryan Jennings should be sentenced to serve as a hood ornament for that cabby for 204 days. That'll teach him.

I won't go near that prostitution story, it sounds like a mess, but sex work should be decriminalized for consenting ADULTS. Penalties should be ultrasevere for any trafficking in underage women and men, and the death penalty for any sex trafficking involving children.


The calculated fare is $143. Including the double-fare outside NYC. The cabbie wanted a 40% tip. Or $204. But the banker only wanted to give a 10% tip. Or $160. The banker should have had his fare ready to exit the vehicle!


The Village Voice should know a lot about running a "prostitution ring", just google Village Voice Pimps and you will find out all about it!


Simple answer.  Return the cab driver to his home country but only for as long as Mr Stamford Banker agrees to live wherever it is the cab driver was living here in the USA *and* to forego every penny of his Banker Income -- including this year's umpty-gazillion dollar bonus (thanks, American taxpayers!) -- over and above whatever the cabbie made from driving a cab.  

Oh the lovely irony of it! 


If they are underage they are not "women and men" they are children.

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