MS-13 Gangster "Silencio" Earns High Marks For Gang-Name Mystique, Low Marks For Getting Away With Murder

In addition to being a feared gangster, if you join MS-13, you get one of these (ahem) cool tattoos.
We're not going to venture to guess what an alleged MS-13 gang member has to do to earn the name "Silencio," but we'll give credit where credit is due: it's a badass friggin' gang name.

Unfortunately for "Silencio," a.k.a. Carlos Ortega, 22, his badass gang name probably isn't going to get him off the hook for the federal murder charges he'll soon face for the 2010 murder of David Sandler, and the attempted murder of another man in Brentwood that same day.

Additionally, the United States Attorney's Office says "Silencio" also was involved in the murder of another man, Mario Alberto Canton Quijada, on March 17, 2010 (spoiler alert: he admitted to hacking him up with a machete).

According to an 11-page federal complaint, provided to the Voice by the U.S. Attorney's Office, "Silencio" and other MS-13 gangsters, including Jimmy Sosa, who has the less-impressive gang name of "Junior," agreed to "put in work" for the gang on February 17, 2010, by murdering a member of a rival gang.

The gangsters cruised around Brentwood in a Ford Explorer that night looking for rival gangsters to kill, which is when they found Sandler -- who they believed to be a member of the Latin Kings, a rival street gang -- at a deli near Timberline Drive and Second Avenue.

According to the complaint, the MS-13 members also knew that Sandler sold weed, so they devised a plan to arrange a drug deal and then kill him when he showed up with the marijuana.

Sosa approached Sandler and asked if he could buy some weed. The two men exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet later to make the deal.

Shortly after, Sandler told the gangsters that he had the weed, and they could meet him back at the deli to pick it up. "Silencio" and Sosa told him they'd rather meet somewhere more isolated, but Sandler insisted they meet at the deli.

When the gangsters showed up, Sandler was there with another man, whose identity is known by the feds, but is referred to only as "John Doe" in the complaint. "Silencio," who previously had agreed to kill Sandler, approached the two men with Sosa. When Sosa handed Sandler the money, "Silencio" started shooting, hitting Sandler in the head and hand. "John Doe" also suffered gunshot wounds, but survived.

Sosa and another alleged MS-13 gangster were arrested shortly after the shooting. "Silencio" got away.

The complaint also alleges that "Silencio" was involved in the murder of Quijada, an MS-13 member who refused to carry out the murder of a rival gangster.

According to the complaint, on March 16, 2010, Quijada was given a final chance by MS-13 leadership to kill the rival gang member. He refused, which, it turns out, is a mistake in the world of violent street gangs.

MS-13 leadership held a meeting that night to determine how they should deal with Quijada's refusal to follow orders. Their conclusion: he obviously had to die.

Early the next morning, a group of MS-13 gangsters -- including our boy "Silencio" -- lured Quijada to a beach in Far Rockaway, where one of the gangsters attempted to shoot him in the head. However, the gun jammed, so "Silencio" hacked him up with a machete and then took turns stabbing him with the other gangsters.

One of the blows from the machete, the complaint notes, "penetrated deep into Quijada's skull, through his eye-socket, which resulted in the machete becoming lodged in the skull."

Yesterday, members of a federal task force located "Silencio" and took him into custody. Following his arrest, "Silencio" admitted to being associated with MS-13 and to murdering Sandler and Quijada.

"Silencio," who is an illegal immigrant originally from El Salvador, is expected to be arraigned in federal court later today.

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Gabe Morales
Gabe Morales

These MS13 guys are extremely dangerous, but more can and should be done to stop them here and abroad, we got to reach young kids before they decide to live "La Vida Loca"! :.



Finally they got da motherfucker who took my cousin away from us .... R.I.P cuz we love u nd miss u


In glad they got this salvy finally. Yo imp holla at deuce for my number I ain't over on east side no more.

An old friend
An old friend

Wish I knew b4 the feds got him. Ortega worked at ma job. I was there when he was taken away. I new D for just a few years Tazz introduced us some 7 years ago not a week after I last spoke to D  he was gone. I told him when i first spoke to him after he came bk that he should never hav he shruged, laughed n told me it was borring upstate. I was there that night when it happed saw the choppers, cops every where; no one had to tell me I knew what had happend I lost a friend from me n Tazz much love bro and to his mom I hope Ortegas capture n eventual conviction will in time make the pain just a lil easier to bear


R.I.P homie,im glad they finally got him for u,now u can sleep easy...

Yo A, Nyggas was glad to hear u made it,dont think like that. u know its not what D what have wanted.


rest in peace David sometimes I wish that coward had better aim and I'd be with you..I guess all see you up there hold a spot for me......IMP.

James King
James King

 Hey. I wrote this. Shoot me an email. I'd like to talk with you.

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