Occupy Wall Street's Six-Month Anniversary March Is Underway (UPDATE)

via Nick Pinto
Though the St. Patrick's Day Parade might be the most high-profile march of the day uptown, downtown Occupy Wall Street is marking their six-month anniversary with a march that takes protesters back to the financial district and, specifically, the place where the movement began: Zuccotti Park (a.k.a. Liberty Plaza). The Voice's reporter Nick Pinto is on the scene, where he tell tells us that interactions with police are getting tense. At 2:29 p.m. he tweeted: "Reporters closer to the action say at least half a dozen arrested. #OWS #M17" You can follow him on for live updates.

We called DCPI to check up on the number of people arrested, but were told that since it is "still an ongoing event" there are no totals yet.

This morning parents and children were invited to "chalkupy" the park. Nick snagged a photo of the result:

via Nick Pinto

On the subject of OWS, just last weekend we reported on OWS' finances, which appeared to put the movement in a tight spot. Since then, the most recent Accounting Working Group report from March 7 states, "at our current rate of expenditure, we have TWO WEEKS of recurring budgets remaining."

Update: 12:48 a.m.
Keep following Nick who is on the scene, keeping track of late night action. Police have closed Zuccotti. There have been many arrests (including, at the Observer reports, of bagpipers). When we spoke to DCPI around 12:45 a.m. we were told they have no final numbers. Occupy also has livestreams.

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Tell me, did Diane Sawyer come down from her 15-room Manhattan home that she bought from Robert Redford because her 12-room Manhattan home wasn't big enough for her dogs to shower praise on the occupiers?  Notice I said shower on them, not shower with them.

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