OWS Resurges In Zuccotti Only To Face Eviction and Arrests; Floor Collapses At St. Patty's Day Party; Two Arrested In Chelsea Murder

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C.S. Muncy
Occupy Wall Street roared back to life yesterday, as protesters marched and attempted to re-occupy Zuccotti Park. They were met by police who closed the park and violently arrested occupiers. Head over to the account by the Voice's Nick Pinto, who was on the scene, along with photographer C.S. Muncy. In his piece, Pinto explains that "the day would become a sort of a condensed repetition of Occupy's history, as protesters marched, set up shop in Zuccotti Park, clashed with police, were arrested in significant numbers, and were ultimately re-evicted, as police forcefully dragged them from the public plaza and re-erected the barricades blocking off the park." As of 9:07 a.m. DCPI did not have a total number of arrests. [Runnin' Scared]

The third floor of a Queens home playing host to a large St. Patrick's Day party collapsed last night. Two people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. [NYP, NYDN]

To men were charged with second degree murder in the case of John Laubach, the man who was found dead and bound in his Chelsea apartment earlier this month. The men were arrested in Orlando, Fla. Thursday. One of the men had been spotted on camera trying to use the Laubach's bank card at an A.T.M. [NYT]

Peter Kiruri of Kenya won the men's race of the New York City Half- Marathon and Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia claimed the women's. [WABC]

A man was stabbed early Saturday morning outside a restaurant in Staten Island where he was celebrating his engagement. It appears that the man, Antonio Lacertosa, had gotten into an altercation with a man who might have been an employee of the restaurant who "goes back into the place and gets a knife and stabs him." [NYT]

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Occupy protesters are lazy and not good for anything but noise. My ideas and opinions are expressed in the comments I submit, but in no way would lift a finger to make them a reality. People are correct when they say that I would never shed a drop of blood to save the world. My blood helps pump my heart and will not be used to better the lives of others.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Wait a minute, I thought OWS said that the physical occupations only distracted them from their goals so they moved on to phase two. So I guess this means phase two didn't work so they are going back to phase one: occupying physical space (jail cells). 


Shouldn't you be studying your favorite book, Mein Kampf?

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