Picture Of Upper East Side Madam With Former NYPD Employee Surprises Law Enforcement

If the book of choice for Upper East Side mothers is the salacious Fifty Shades of Grey -- now with its very own New York Times feature -- perhaps the Upper East Side story that's grabbing headlines should be Fifty Shades of Gristina. Anna Gristina, that is, the 44-year-old madam who ran a brothel out of an apartment in that neighborhood, and, as we've previously noted, had some notable friends. And the story keeps developing. Now, attention is focused on Gristina's connections to law enforcement officials, after a red flag went up following a picture in Friday's New York Post of Gristina with a bodyguard who was a former NYPD second-grade detective. The man, Sylvan "Sly" Francis, also had worked in the Manhattan DA's office.

The photo was taken in 2001 when Francis was serving as her bodyguard. The Post reports that at the time he was also serving the district attorney. He retired from the NYPD in 2002, according to the Post.

The New York Times City Room said in a post yesterday the photo sent a "shiver of recognition through the ranks of law enforcement:"

Any reasons for the close proximity of Ms. Gristina and the man remained immediately unclear on Friday. And Mr. Francis, on a Facebook page on which he listed himself as having "worked at" the New York Police Department, did nothing to shed light on how he knew Ms. Gristina or why he was seated with her.

"Nice photo of me from back in the day," was a comment posted on the page along with a link to the tabloid article and its photo. A little while later, a person commented on the posting, writing, "I knew it was you fredo ... lol."

Nice Godfather reference. You broke my heart.

A Post story today explains that the DA's office had no idea that Francis was connected to Gristina:

"They just found out about this," said a law-enforcement source.

The source said prosecutors are in "circle-the-wagons" mode as they probe Francis' relationship with the woman they are accusing of running a 15-year escort service for the rich and famous.

"Now they're going to go back and look at his record when he was working in the office," the source said.

Apparently, Francis worked in a different part of the DA's office than the one investigating Gristina. The Times reports that he worked in the Special Prosecutions bureau.

We've sent Facebook message to Francis through a page that lists him as having worked at "Nypd." We'll update if we hear back.

Meanwhile, in another element of the Gristina scandal, the Post reports Saturday that a woman who allegedly collaborated with Gristina, 30-year-old Brooklynite Jaynie May Baker, "is negotiating possibly turning herself in as early as next week."

Baker has been indicted. She has also been on vacation.

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Isn't this the guy Matt Abramcyk the guy who's lawyer David Jaroslawicz's office was raided by the corruption unit in the Anna Gristina Madam scandal? DNA broke the story. You must realize these are the illegal businesses with Abramcyk and the quid pro quo the DA is looking for with David Jarolsawicz which extends to Matt Abramcyk? This is Abramcyk's "lawyer friend" too just like Anna Gristina. All of Abramcyk's llc's all trace back to David Jaroslaiwcz at Smith and Mills, Tiny, 77 Warren, Super Linda and the Pizza Cafe at 287 Broadway. You must know the only ones lying for them in more than a dozen buildings south of Canal in all of Abramcyk's bars are the police, dob and fire?

This includes 385 Greenwich llc, No Moore Oysters llc, 71 N Moore llc and Maritime llc at Smith and Mills; Yenem llc and Randal llc at the Pizza Cafe and 287 Broadway the tilting landmark; Webway llc (my personal favorite) and now 109 W Broadway llc in the old Delphi, Brushstrokes and which became Super Linda; 77 Warren llc aka 77 Warren; 135 W Broadway llc aka Tiny's just to name a few with Abramcyk which all trace back to David Jaroslawicz where not a single city record adds up across the board. And the only ones left lying for them 3 years laters falsifying all the records and reports in all these buildings is the police, DOB and fire. These are all the Gindi's buildings and bar incidentially which is why they hide behind dozen's and dozens of faux llc's. But they just keep making up stories. Except 28 of the Gindi's buildings went on the market after 40 years within a week of DNA breaking the story about David Jaroslawicz.

Abramcyk's businsses are not exactly on the up and up after gazing at the city records. He talks a good game. He's an English major, now a finance guy. Except this guy bottomed out of the stock market after like a year and went from job to job. His partner's from Beatrice Inn can't stand him. Abramcyk has a long history of just not telling the truth. It's just a little disheartening to read a thing about this Abramcyk kid given the records were all seized when their lawyer's office was raided. But when this kid and a dirty lawyer goes after innocent woman and children in a dozen buildings south of Canal in Tribeca for the Gindi family who owns all these buildings and bars, when not a single city record adds up across the board including the taxes, and there all these fires and illegal businesses and dozens and dozens of lawsuits in all these buildings with Abramcyk and Jaroslawicz and the Gindi's nephew Ken Dubow when they hurt many people, I just don't think these people or these businesses are legit.

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