Charles Barron on Ramarley Graham and Trayvon Martin: 'This Madness Must Stop'

As New York and the rest of the nation demand answers about Trayvon Martin's death, Councilmember Charles Barron delivered a message on the steps of City Hall this afternoon that was alternatively angry and somber.

Barron, joined by Ramarley Graham's parents and the family of Jateik Reed, asked that the February killing of Graham not be forgotten in light of the Sanford, Fla. shooting. Barron, alongside councilmembers Jumaane Williams and Melissa Mark-Viverito, voiced solidarity with Martin's relatives, calling for police accountability and an end to racial profiling.

But Barron, as well as the other electeds and community leaders present, delivered yet another message: Blacks and latinos had had enough, they said, and tension in New York's minority communities could soon come to a critical point.

Indeed, talk at the press conference quickly moved from Ramarley to riots.

"We're concerned that the case doesn't get lost," he began. "We don't want to forget about Ramarley."

"This madness must stop," he said shortly after. "We're going to unite with all of those families that didn't receive justice."

Using the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Barron described the 1967 riots as "the voices of the unheard."

"You'd better listen to us," he said, directing a warning to Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "[We are] trying to bring reason because our people are fed up. How many times are we going to say 'no justice, no peace?' There are going to be consequences if you don't listen to us now."

Williams, who also spoke at the event, criticized Cuomo.

"At least in Florida, the governor had the decency to come out and say something," he said.

He too attested to growing unease in minority communities, and the need to an end to stop-and-frisk.

"The streets are bubbling," he said. "We are very tired of coming up here to beg for justice"

Mark-Viverito then told attendees: "We want true justice and equality."

"There is this dual system of justice," she said.

Other speakers echoed their sentiments. Communities have grown sick of seemingly endless cycle of violence and the press conferences that come after to decry it, they said. Many Blacks and latinos don't trust cops, they said, and soon won't put up with the shakedowns and beatings.

"We're going to make it uncomfortable in this city," Barron said. "So that business can't go on until there is justice."

The press conference came to a close with shouts of "NYPD, KKK!"

After, Barron explained his comments further to Runnin' Scared: "I think we have to get to the point where business can't go on as usual. We need to get enough people out here to shut the city down," he said. "There's going to be an explosion. Don't blame the social weatherman."

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Non-White kills non-White.

It's Whitey's fault.


I haven't heard a peep from the race baiters concerning ''hate crimes'' in rlation to the white kid in St.Louis set on fire by to black teenagers. Haven't heard a sound from te race hustlers concering the elderly woman in Tulsa gang raped and beaten to death by some of Eric Holders people.MLK message has been highjacked by those of the sharpton jackson stripe who agitate for moolah.


What IS objectionable in all this are two things;  First; Mr. Zimmerman is being tried in the press. (and in the streets)  Second, this incident is the latest opportunity for what remains of the left and the black power movements to refuel themselves and pour, like bile, into the streets.  No one really knows what happened in this matter. The investigation is not complete. But that doesn’t stop the Sharptons, the Christine Quinns or for that matter the press the Anderson (CIA) Coopers et al from pouncing on the incident.  I live in Brooklyn Heights the historic district across from Wall Street. We have had a FLOOD of “hoodies” from the projects over the last 30 years who have committed hundreds of violent felonies. The Hoods certainly ARE used to avoid easy identification. The hoods are in many cases a kind of uniform for a often violent street culture.  Again, no one knows what really happened yet. What if angelic Trevon tried to Grab Mr. Zimmerman’s firearm? What, no kid who envisions himself a “gangster” never tried to snatch A gun away from its owner? That has never happened? At least one witness saw Treavon overMr Zimmerman striking him during the conflict. As far as Fla. Stand you ground law-it’s the reason crime is so low in many parts of that state.Hoodlums, with or without hoods, know that they can’t run the kind of Intimidation games they do in places (like New York) where the law forces the average honest citizen to the try to flee from violent criminals.  One thing is for sure in all this; one “possible” miscreant will never hurt Anyone else…

Jeffrey Smith Northeast Editor  American Free press (pub. Washington DC)    


So it's ok to murder "possible miscreants" then? That's Teabagger Nation for don't like the way someone looks? Fire away!


Well said Jerry...before this is over there's going to be alot of talking heads, politicians, athletes, movie stars and race baiters with egg on their faces. We will witness the last gasping breath of the corrupt and bankrupt PROGRESSIVE political movement.


Go climbing out on the narrow branch, handsaw in hand- thats a libtard for you. 

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