Taleek Brooks, Brooklyn Teacher's Aide, Accused Of Filming Kiddie Porn In Classroom

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Brooklyn teacher's aide/alleged kiddie-porn star Taleek Brooks.
"Boy opened up wide by neighbor."

That's the title of one of the several kiddie porn videos federal prosecutors say Taleek Brooks, a teacher's aide at a Brooklyn elementary school, had saved on his computer, according to a 12-count federal indictment obtained by the Voice.

If you just threw up in your mouth a little bit, we don't blame you.

Brooks, 41, was arrested in January after the feds caught wind of his collection of child erotica -- and in many of the videos, Brooks had a starring role.

But it gets worse...

According to the feds, some of the videos were actually filmed in a classroom at PS 243, the school where Brooks has worked as an aide in a special education class for the last 17 years. Some of his underage (ahem) co-stars, the feds believe, were students at the school.

In addition to filming himself molesting children, Brooks is accused of distributing the videos over the Internet to other perverts.

In all, federal investigators discovered more than 1,000 digital files of kids as young as 10 engaging in sexual acts on Brooks' computer.

Brooks has been charged with several sex-with-a-kid related crimes, including sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography.

He's since pleaded not guilty, and remains in federal custody.

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