Tibetan Hunger Strikers Enter Day 29 of Protest Outside The United Nations

Despite the hospitalization of one protester and police pressure, three Tibetans -- including one monk -- have entered the 29th day of a hunger strike outside the U.N., decrying China's harsh oppression of the Himalayan state.

Dorjee Gyalpo, 59, was taken to the hospital on Monday, Tsewang Rigzin, president of the Tibetan Youth Congress, told Runnin' Scared.

Gyalpo, who has grown increasingly weak, has nonetheless continued his hunger strike at the medical center, and underwent a heart x-ray Tuesday, Rigzin said.

The other two demonstrators, who were examined by paramedics on scene, remain at Ralph Bunche Park, at East 43nd Street and 1st Avenue.

Here's what Rigzin, whose group represents some 35,000 Tibetans in exile, says happened: An ambulance arrived at the U.N. on Monday, and EMS began examinining the men. At the time, Gyalpo had trouble standing.

They decided that Gyalpo needed medical care, and he was "forcibly removed" by the NYPD to the hospital. When it became clear that he would be taken away, some 50 protestors surrounded the ambulance, begging authorities not to do so.

Rinpoche Shingza, 32, and Yeshi Tenzing, 39, were also examined.

Shingza, a monk, was told to go to the hospital, but signed off on a medical form and returned to his post.

The hunger strikers want the United Nations to send a delegation to Tibet and allow the international media to report on the conditions in the country. They also want China to end undeclared martial law in the nation, free political prisoners, and end patriotic "reeducation."

Runnin' Scared will keep you posted with any updates. We also reached out to the NYPD to see what the department's policy is on hunger strikers.

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It doesn't matter if it take 1000 years will keep knocking on your door and not let you forget.No amount of money and guns can wipe out the pain and suffering . Only genuine political change. Thanks guys but you are one of thousands that have already sacrificed so much and of millions to follow.


Kill All Chinese

Rape their women


What is the problem with the United Nations? They have let China terrorize the beautiful Tibetan  people for how many years now? While the United Nations has set lamely and turned a blind eye to the inhumane injustices done to these wonderful soul! This unacceptable ldeficiency on the part of the United Nations is totally intolerable. And shows the world the true reality of the United Nations lameness in helping the needy peoples of our world! More than a million Tibetan people have been brutally murdered. And even the USA has stood silent to this savage and cruel inhumanity! Soon inevitably KARMA will rear it head and China will feel the heavy hand of the universe press down upon it just as oppressively as China has upon Tibet! FREE TIBET NOW!

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