Tibetan Hunger Strikers Enter Day 23 Of Fast Outside United Nations

CS Muncy
Today brings Day 23 of the fast outside the United Nations by three Tibetan monks protesting Chinese occupation of their homeland.

Protesters will gather at Times Square this morning at 8, the Chinese Embassy at 11, and then meet with the hunger strikers at 3 p.m., organizers say.

People close to the strikers say their strength is fading with each day, but they are still alert and able to talk and sit up. One of the trio has lost an estimated 31 pounds during the fast.

Shingza Rinpoche, 32, Dorjee Gyalpo, 59 and Yeshi Tenzing, 39 have sent a 5-point appeal to the U.N. in which they have asked for a fact-finding delegation to enter Tibet and investigate human rights violations and for China to allow international journalists to enter the country to report on the situation. Nearly 30 Tibetan nuns and monks have burned themselves to death in protest, including 15 in the past two months.

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One of hunger strikers is a Monk, and two of them are lay people living in united states with families and U.S passport.  Get your facts right Mr Graham Rayman.  30 Tibetans have set themselves on fire inside Tibet. TIBET WILL BE FREE.

Sandy Jones
Sandy Jones

I encountered the fasting Tibetans while in New York. They deeply moved me. They are giving up their lives for the innocent people and monks of their country who are under a brutal, and undeclared military coup, and the U.S., other nations, the U.N., and mainstream media have turn their backs on the murders, beatings and imprisonment of their people. God be with them and their cause.

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