Woman Gets Through Security At JFK With Dagger In Her Bag

Well, this is heartening terrifying news for anyone who plans on traveling through JFK in the near future. A woman got through security in Terminal 5 with a dagger in her bag, the New York Post reported. Nope, TSA people, you weren't hallucinating à la Macbeth. It was an actual antique dagger, which the woman, 26-year-old Gabrielle Olsen of Washington Heights, told police was given to her by her father for protection.

And it's not like Olsen hadn't caught the TSA's eye. Before the TSA noticed the dagger they confiscated a bottle of liquid from Olsen. Then -- after she passed through the checkpoint -- they noticed the pointy thing on "a screening-machine X-ray."

According to the Post, it then took the TSA 10 minutes to call the Port Authority police and another 10 minutes for Olsen to be arrested. The screening area was closed for almost two hours.

Unfortunately, this is just the most recent in a string of TSA mishaps at JFK, the Post wrote. The British Airways terminal was shut down in February after what the Post called a "suspicious passenger" eluded TSA officials. This inconvenienced Sherri Shepherd. Then, in an a more innocuous incident earlier that month, a man trying to reach his wife got past a checkpoint.

Let that last one serve to remind us that the ending of Love Actually could never happen.

[EstherZuckerman / ezwrites]

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lol, no doubt dude the TSA is the biggest waste of an agency there is. Hands down!Total-Privacy dot US

Jonathan Hendry
Jonathan Hendry

Doesn't look like it's sharp on the edges. Might be able to give a nasty poke.

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