Cooper Union Grad Students Are Pissed They'll Soon Have To Pay For School

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James King
This is a guy dancing on top of the monument in front of Cooper Union. We have no idea how the hell he got up there.

We snapped the above photo in front of our office this afternoon. It's of a protester -- pissed off about something (tuition, apparently) -- dancing on top of the roughly 40-foot monument in front of Cooper Union. The sign he's holding reads "No Tuition It's Our Mission" -- which apparently is in response to the college's decision to start charging graduate students tuition to attend the college.

He's been up there for a while. How he got up there is unclear, but the cops are letting him do his thang (which includes dancing on top of the monument). How long they'll let him do it remains to be seen -- he was still dancin' away at the time of this writing.

It should be noted, however, many people in the crowd were overheard saying "why don't they just hit him with a tranquillizer dart?"

Couldn't have said it better ourselves...

Below is some video we shot (our apologies for the poor quality).

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