Cops Bust Bodega Worker Ismael Duran for Not Selling Booze to Minor

If you sell alcohol to a minor, you can get arrested.

And if you do not sell alcohol to a minor, you can apparently also get arrested.

No, really.

The Daily News tells the story of Ismael Duran, a father of three who immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic three years ago. Duran works at the Giselle Mini Mart in Brownsville. When 18-year-old undercover cop Anthony Harriott tried to buy Smirnoff Ice, Duran checked his I.D. and refused, as Harriott is a minor.

Another customer, 51-year-old Stanfiel Collymore, bought the Smifnoff Ice and then gave it to Harriott outside, the News reports.

The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office claims that Collymore agreed to take Harriott's money in front of Duran -- but the clerk's lawyer counters that he was busy with other customers.

Collymore and Duran got slammed with charges of selling alcohol to a minor and unlawfully dealing with a child. But Collymore got off the hook. His case "was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal."

Duran, unaware that video surveillance present in the store clearly supports his claims of innocence, listened to his former lawyer: fearing time in Rikers', he pleaded guilty and paid a fine.

The Bodega Association of the United States is pressuring prosecutors to vacate the plea.

The Voice reached out to the New York Police Department and the Brooklyn D.A. to see what's up. We'll update if we hear back.

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Why didn't just get a criminal court summons?


I saw a story about this on the evening news on channel 7. The video doesn't show any other customers that Duran could've been busy with and the reporter said that the police said Duran has been arrested for selling alcohol to a minor before.

Bob Schwartz
Bob Schwartz

Never admit to nothing if you didn't do it!


Once he refused to sell the alcohol the first time, it should have ended. The Cops send a goat in & clearly set this man up. Being arrested for something in the past isn't a conviction for the future & as we can see by the video isn't always a legitimate arrest.

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