Do Any GOP Senate Hopefuls Stand A Chance Against Kirsten Gillibrand?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is sooo hot right now.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand last week announced that her campaign currently has a ton of cash -- about $9 million -- on hand for her upcoming re-election campaign. Also last week, the results of a poll were released showing that Gillibrand has a considerable lead over all three of her possible Republican opponents.

Additionally, according to the Quinnipiac University poll, Gillibrand currently has a 60-percent approval rating -- her highest approval rating since taking office.

In other words, the rookie senator seems like a shoo-in in this year's election.

Three Republicans -- Congressman Bob Turner, Manhattan attorney Wendy Long, and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos -- each hope to unseat the popular senator, despite the discouraging poll numbers.

Pitted against each of her potential opponents in the general election, Gillibrand leads Turner 57 percent to 27 percent, Maragos by 57 percent to 23 percent and Long by 58 percent to 25 percent, according to the poll.

However, as the poll's director, Maurice Carroll, notes, "it's seven long months until Election Day."

Given Gillbrand's current wave of popularity, we want to know what you think: do any GOP candidates stand a chance against her in November?

Cast your vote below.

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Elliot Stamler
Elliot Stamler

Wendy Long is the Sharon Angle and Chrisine O'Donnell of NY and she will deservedly go down to the same defeat they did.  She might do well in Utah or Mississippi or Alabama.  Not in NY.   We aren't going to elect a senator who is a replicate of Michelle Bachmann on the issues and not even as attractive.


Gillibrand is our future. Long is more of the zealotry and weak understanding of economics that define today's GOP.


Kirsten Gillibrand is looking HOT.Her politics are not as socially liberal though.I'd love to Anal Fuck her and loosen her up.


As usual, the Democrat has the most money.

Wendy Long is a genuine person with real values.   They will not change as her campaign donors change as Ms. Gillibrand's did.  I hope it will be a Gillibrand versus Long campaign as it will give New Yorkers the clearest choice for Senator that it has had in many years.

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