Fox News Claims It Identified Gawker Mole; Alleged Mole Denies It. Either Way, Gawker Sucks At Anonymity


The thing about anonymity is that to remain anonymous it helps when people don't know who you are -- a concept that the blogsters over at Gawker apparently have a hard time understanding.

Gawker has a bit of a history when it comes to promising anonymity to people who contribute fantastical, often reckless stories to its site -- only to have the identity of these sources outed shortly after. The latest "anonymous" Gawker blogger who's likely to soon lose his anonymity is a "mole" inside Fox News who's using his job at the network to tell unflattering, but ultimately irrelevant, stories -- and it took Fox less than 24 hours to figure out who he is (according to Fox, anyway).

Fox confirms to the Voice what Mediaite -- which actually asked readers to guess how long it would take for the mole to be outed -- reported earlier: that the mole has been made and the cable news behemoth is "exploring legal options."  

However, after hearing that the jig was up, "the mole" published the following post on the Gawker website:

So Fox's PR team has been telling people that they have "found" me and are presently "exploring legal options." If Fox has smoked me out, it's news to me. I'm still here. Back to work.

Don't get so cocky, "mole," Fox News responded to the post by reiterating its initial statement and saying "we know who it is." The mole, it seems, just hasn't been confronted by management...yet.

Let's assume for a minute that Gawker isn't completely full of shit, and that Fox News didn't really find the mole -- if Gawker's history tells anything, the mole will eventually be outed, and probably lose his job with the network. Just ask Dustin Dominiak.

Dominiak was an anonymous blogger for Gawker who attempted to slime Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell with a story about a one-night stand and a ladybug Halloween costume. About five hours later, the anonymous blogger was anonymous no more -- former Voice blogger Foster Kamer figured out who he is and published his identity in a post you can see here.

And lest we forget the secretive "Mike's Apartment."

Point is, Gawker does a poor job at protecting its sources and fact-check its information -- maybe because it doesn't know how, or maybe because it just doesn't care. Either way, we're willing to wager a testicle that the Fox News mole will be identified sooner rather than later.

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One thing I've noticed about Gawker is the culture over there, (which inevitably bleeds out into their stories) is devoid of journalistic ethics or even a vague sense of civic morality. Obviously, they don't care about their own reputation, because they are less legitimate than the National Enquirer or Newsbusters. So why would they care about protecting sources? They suck their talent dry, deal in conjecture and smear tactics over research. The mole will be hung out to dry, fired then sued and meanwhile, Denton rolls around in the carcass of exposure and scandal.


Please tell me you're a Gawker mole.  Hubris needs to have its day over there. 

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