House Dems Ream Bloomberg Over NYPD's Muslim Spy Scheme

Ten House Dems have come down on Mayor Mike's response to the NYPD's Muslim spy scheme, decrying his reaction as "underhanded and unprofessional."

As detailed by The Associated Press (via Washington Post), the pols have demanded that Bloomberg end out-of-state spying.

The electeds' outcry stems from recent AP reports indicating that the NYPD -- with money from White House anti-drug programs -- spied on entire Muslim communities. The NYPD's intel ops also took officers all across the Northeast. They checked out Muslim Student Associations as far as Yale and the University of Pennsylvania.

The AP has also reported that the NYPD sent "an undercover agent on a whitewater rafting trip" to observe these students.

Bloomberg has shot back at critics, saying that the department's tactics are lawful and necessary.

"Your administration's conduct in this affair has been underhanded and unprofessional," the lawmakers still argued.

Bloomberg has yet to publicly respond to these claims. Runnin' Scared reached out to his office for comment.

Some signatories of the March 22 doc include Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J. (formerly of the Intelligence Committee); Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. (the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee's oversight body); Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; and Rep. Mike Honda, D-Calif.

The Congress members asked Bloomberg to detail how much he knew about the NYPD's activities and how federal money was spent.

Check back to Runnin' Scared for updates.

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what is really funny is thinking forward about seven years when the country folk decide they have had it and starve the city folk into rioting. Of course, too stupid to do otherwise, the ah, sophisticated urbanites will begin by burning down the crap holes called down town. Looking forward to it. suibne


Way to go Dem leadership, really keeping our priorities straight in an election year and a time when jihad against the West is on the rise due to turmoil and loss of the old guard in the Islamic world.

All it would take is a Toulouse-style jihadist attack in America to make those House Dems eat their words.

The dems up for reelection should just come out opposing puppies and kittens too to really secure defeat in November.


Sadly, when you say "All it would take is a Toulouse-style jihadist attack in America to make those House Dems eat their words", you're right. I say "sad" because it's amazing how many people cave in to the politics of fear. But as everyone knows, fear is big business.

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