Michael Ledee Directed Woman To Molest 9-Year-Old Daughter As He Watched On Webcam

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As far as perverts go, they don't make 'em much sicker than Michael Ledee.

Ledee was convicted yesterday on charges that in 2010 he directed a woman in Washington to molest her own 9-year-old daughter while he watched the abuse on webcam.

Ledee, 29, of Brooklyn, contacted the woman via-a Yahoo! Instant Messenger account and made his request -- and the unidentified mother actually did it.

According to a federal indictment obtained by the Voice, on May 24, 2010, Ledee received one or more images of the woman molesting her daughter.

After a three-day trial in federal court, Ledee was found guilty of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child, sexual exploitation of a child, and receipt of child pornography.

"We are committed to protecting children from online predators," U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch says. "Those who sexually exploit children will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

A Justice Department spokesman tells the Voice that the mother in the case already has been convicted in Washington and currently is serving a prison sentence of 25 years to life.

Ledee faces up to 35 years in prison when he's sentenced by United States District Judge Nicolas Garaufis.

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What I want to know is how did they find out this happened?  Did Ledee decide to call the cops and tell them what he did or did the Mother decide to turn herself in and tell the cops what she did?  Are we missing something here?  Is this story indirectly telling us that our webcam chats are being watched by FBI or Yahoo techs?  Have they indeed hijacked/tapped our webcams????

I wanna know how this story even got discovered LOL.  Was it recorded by Yahoo? That means everyone's webcam chats are recorded ??  


Where is the rest of the story? What is the nature of Ledee's relationship with the mother? Was the mother convicted? Is there a father in the picture?

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