Mike Bloomberg Hates Guns. What Else Is New?

As you've probably heard, four New York City police officers were shot over the weekend during a shootout with a man in Brooklyn. As you've also probably heard, Mayor Mike Bloomberg hates guns -- and he's using the shootout as the latest anecdote to illustrate his point that gun laws need to be tougher.

Keep in mind, this is the same mayor who told the Voice last month that having an illegal gun in New York isn't as bad if you're from out of state -- after publicly encouraging authorities to throw the book at former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress for having an unregistered gun, of course. More on that here.

Bloomberg's latest cry for tougher gun laws comes in the form of an editorial he wrote for the New York Daily News yesterday, in which he claims that more than 82-percent of gun owners support tougher gun laws. Curious where the mayor got those numbers, we had his office provided us with a poll taken in 2009 that shows 82-percent of National Rifle Association members support "sensible new measures to combat illegal guns" (vague, we know). 

He claims that despite the overwhelming public support for tougher gun regulations, the federal government is "cowering" to the gun lobby, which apparently is why four cops were shot yesterday morning, and eight have been shot in the past four months. 

"Every one of the criminals who has shot at our police officers possessed his gun illegally. Every one. And make no mistake: It will happen again -- and again -- until those in Washington stop cowering before the gun lobby," the mayor writes.

Bloomberg is calling for "common-sense" fixes to the background check system for people who buy guns. He says "federal law says that criminals cannot buy or possess guns -- but they do, every day. And Washington just stands by as thousands of innocent Americans -- and police officers -- meet their death."

Read the mayor's entire editorial here.

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Is Bloomers just a nut? I can't understand why he is so intent on gun control of the law abiding? Why can't he keep his jail doors shut and do something about the real criminal element...

I cannot find anything anywhere that states why he is on this crusade.

hey bloomberger... leave us alone! Turn in your guns and security and stop drinking soda... it's making you nuts!!! LOL

Rocky Bass
Rocky Bass

I was robbed 3 times, 2 at gunpoint and 1 with a meat cleaver over my head. Chased off burglars several times, winging one with a.30-06' in the garage and holding him for the police. One afternoon another young black guy (as all other incidents) came into my house and started telling my grandfather about how he was going to rape my grandmother (who has in the back yard working in the garden). Thank GOD grandpa was able to get his little.32acp from the table next to his chair! The "man" ran for it and there is still a bullet hole in the wall next to the front door. Unfortunately this one got away and I am sure did more harm to others.Guns don't kill people, dangerous minorities do!Without guns civilization is not possible, their removal merely subjects one to a tyranny of the young, the strong, the many.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber

The Archduke loves to see a Cop shot. Loves it I tell ya. That's because he can once again jump on his soapbox and attack our US Constitution.

But every Cop killer has had a rapsheet as long as a toilet roll. So ... why were these repeat offenders even on the street ?? Answer ... the Archdukes Liberal justice system. The same Liberal justice system that put Officer Figoski's killer out on the street even though the judge knew the dirtbag was wanted in North Carolina for murder.

Sadly, the sheeple of New Yorkistan pay the Archduke $1.00 per year and still don't get their money's worth.


Mike, i'll give up my LEGAL guns when you fire your armed guards, get every criminal to turn in their guns, get every enemy, and " friend" of the US to destroy their guns, and make it the law that the police exist to protect me, not just do the paperwork following my death, no ? Nothing ? Take a walk.


nyc already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. what bloomberg refuses to acknowledge is that these illegal guns arent coming from ny they are coming from other states. the law abiding gun owners of nyc are regulated to death just trying to enjoy a 2nd amendment freedom just like any other. bloomberg uses these opportunities to press his socialist anti gun agenda. he is a tyrant that wields his fist and cares nothing about arming law abiding citizens, he cares more about disarming them and letting the criminals do as they please.

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