Mayor Bloomberg Doesn't Have Much to Say on OWS Police Tactics, But Still Criticizes Protests

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C.S. Muncy
Occupy Wall Street in March, when more than 70 occupiers were arrested.
Mike Bloomberg doesn't have much to say about what he and the New York Police Department are doing to prepare for Occupy Wall Street's big day of action on Tuesday, but he didn't miss a chance this morning to criticize the protests.

At a press conference outside City Hall today, the Voice asked the mayor what the city and the NYPD is doing in advance of May Day -- a full day of protests and demonstrations that is aimed at breathing new life into the movement that began last fall.

In our question, we also asked him about rumors that several hundred NYPD officers were training on Randall's Island with riot gear and mock protesters.

He didn't address that part of our question, but said, "We are prepared for everything we can think of all the time. Our tactics are something that we don't talk about in advance for obvious reasons."

Bloomberg continued, "People have a right to protest. We will protect that right. They don't have a right to disrupt other people and keep other people from protesting or just going about their business."

The mayor's comments were not surprising -- he's repeatedly defended the NYPD's actions in response to OWS, and usually dismisses the protests on the whole when he has the chance.

"We will do what we normally do and find the right balance," he said.

He added that he doesn't really know why people are choosing to protest in the first place.

"I've always thought if you want to change things, I'm not sure what protesting does. Just go out, and try and do something. Make it better. Help kids get a better education. Start a business. There's a lot of things, a lot of ways you can volunteer and help make this city better and this country better," he said.

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In response to several phone calls: Yes, there SHOULD be orderly groups visiting major places central to the formation of financial and international/domestic policy strongly questioning the direction of government and the financial world. The group should insist on constitutional standards of behavior by ALL concerned. But as one caller said, this is the basic problem with king Michael, he does't believe that there should be any such thing as a constitutuion andits restraints on those in office.


The focus of all of this should be first, the Constitution and the importance of maintaining 100% constitutional standards of freedom and standards of behavior both towards citizensAnd standards of governmental behavior. The second focus MUST continue to be the behaviors Of the six major banks, the Federal Reserve and the financial control mechanism.  OWS should ALSO Begin a MAJOR focus on the secret power and behavior of the Non Governmental Organizations on the Upper East Side and in London where national and world policy  is now being written. Washington has become only the ceremonial capital today.  OWS MUST focus on these as a first priority if it wants remain relivant or survive. But the more it become a Bloomberg verses OWS punch and Judy show, the more  OWS loses what made It very important. What SHOULD occur tomorrow May 1st, is that average Americans every-where simply make up a sign and carry it in full public view from their homes to their jobs and home asking how a small largely secret group has come to control the nation’s –and the world’s finances and how have a small sinister group of well financed “experts” in private organizations have come to formulate national policy entirely outside of the elected government or public view. Which has led, kiddies, to things like 2008, Viet Nam and Wars with Millions of deaths…. Keep focused on that; if you want to really help the country…..


guess what Bloomberg , we got some surprises for you and your private army....................and you are not going to like them...........................when it is all said and done your army is going to think twice before they trample the civil and constitutional rights of the people again . 


"occupy wall street" = George Soros-funded romper room for dummies. "Clap your hands, march around, repeat after me because we 'consensus-building' and we have to act like we're in pre-school!"

How could ANYBODY be so FUCKING STUPID to buy into this? 


And there are plenty of people who know how they train :) Just FYI, Bloomie.


if there's any reason to tax the rich, it's Mayor Bloomberg

crybaby Bloomberg, blaming everyone else but himself for the problem


 you seem stupid enough to buy into the Soros BS.....................I am actively involved in OWS across several states and to date I have not seen a check from Soros nor even heard his name mentioned outside of idiots like yourself .

Kind of sad you are getting screwed and are not even smart enough to turn around and to see who is plowing you. Thank God those of us involved are smart enough to see we are getting screwed and who is doing the screwing and you know what we are doing something about it , what is your justification for existence?

Phil Perspective
Phil Perspective

 Someone should ask Bloomberg why hasn't he "Gone Galt" yet.

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