What Does Mitt Romney Have in Common With Catholic Incense?

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Mitt Romney sure did have a hectic weekend, having to balance heavy duty damage control -- that whole "stay at home moms need to learn the dignity of work"-thing -- with a "Saturday Night Live" bid.

Monday morning's recaps don't just provide a great opportunity to look back at the Republican presidential candidate's campaign activity: Some Romney coverage entertains because it's just kind of...yeah.

Some examples?

"Mitt Romney's Mormon faith has hovered over his 20-year political career like a thick layer of incense at Easter Mass," writes Politico.

Also: "Mitt Romney won't be filing his taxes tomorrow. Mitt Romney feels about his tax returns the way the bad guy in The Spy Who Loved Me feels about the plans for his submarine tracking device: Anyone who even comes into contact with them must die. So he's filed for an extension," opines a Huffington Post writer.

And: "Obama campaign tries to paint Mitt Romney as a Don Draper throwback."

Do you have a favorite comparison from the 2012 election coverage? Let us know in the comments below!

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Politico really needs some help in the metaphor department.  No candles or incense in Mormon worship.  Maybe they should talk about green jello or ice cream or "funeral potatoes." (cheesy casserole often served at Mormon potlucks and after funerals--don't knock it til you try it.


There you go Politico.  Get imaginative.

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