National Rifle Association Convention Attendees Talk Trayvon Martin; Bad Taste Ensues

The gun lobby has been quite busy...

Shortly after news broke that New York pols get more cash from the National Rifle Association than any other state, self-professed Second Amendment enthusiasts spent a weekend full of firearms festivities (and fun) at their annual convention.

Of course, attendees had a lot to say about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin -- none of which is all that unpredictable (or tasteful, for that matter.)

To be perfectly clear, the NRA has not made an official, organizational statement on the Martin case, though the group accused "the news media of sensationalized reporting."

Still, the organization's agnosticism on this incident hasn't stopped its members from yammering on about "bandits" and their continued support of stand your ground-style laws.

Indeed, interviews in the New York Times give the sense that participants fear for their lives even when strolling through the park, so they wind up treating day-to-day existence like a Clint Eastwood movie or first-person shooter video game.

The evidence?

"Eager to explain the benefits of carrying a concealed weapon, hikers discussed how they feared bandits more than bears on the trail. Aging men rattled off hypothetical situations requiring self-defense; the details varied, but all involved some version of a younger, more muscular aggressor," the Times reports.

Some more specific pearls of wisdom something.

--"'The danger is potentially reversing the laws that it's taken us decades to get in place and the further erosion of my rights...I'm a 61-year-old fat guy with a bad back with a little bit of shrapnel in my leg. There's no way in hell I'm going to be able to run away from a 20-year-old.'"

--"'This whole thing rests on who threw the first punch. Either the gun saved Zimmerman's life or we had a cowboy, someone who thought because he had a gun things could escalate.'"

--"'Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch guy trying to defend his neighbors...I'm sure he didn't set out to see what happened happen. I just hope they're fair to both sides.'"

--"'I wasn't there, so I can't say. People are jumping to conclusions and shaping it into whatever they want it to be.'"

--"'This whole thing rests on who threw the first punch. Either the gun saved Zimmerman's life or we had a cowboy, someone who thought because he had a gun things could escalate.'"

Let's also not forget this tried-and-true refrain: "'Guns don't kill people, people kill people.'"

Now, we understand the Constitutional right to bear arms, and our intent is not to make fun of its supporters. We get it.

What's a bit worrisome, however, is that the focus of the pro-firearm position post-Trayvon Martin certainly seems to be defensive and reactionary, rather than proactive.

Martin, an unarmed teen, died from a gunshot wound amid a very controversial set of circumstances. Now does not seem like an appropriate time for anyone to bemoan that his death might impact gun ownership.

Another way: if a kid gets killed, people should not mourn America's potentially changing relationship with the device that facilitated his death. That should not be the focus of this discussion.

To do so just suggests a skewed set of values that puts an ever ephemeral principle over human dignity.

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JeffreyJSmith NewYork
JeffreyJSmith NewYork

Let the investigation proceed WITHOUT undue influences. The law should take its course. Butthat said, given the amount of pre-trial venom this case has already caused, not to mention the behavior of the press..How can an unbiased jury possibly be impaneled? How do you select a jury who will be impartial? So how then can a trial anywhere in the area possible be a fair trial? At the very least you would have to change the venue to a far, unbiased as possible, part of the state. All of the above aside, everyone reading this should consider the role of the press and how selectiveThe national level press always is…No? OK Just Google the following “incidents”: 1) KC Boy set on fire Melissa Coon East High 2) Shawnee Twiet Gang Beating Minneapolis WCCO 3) Milwaukee Wisconsin State Fair Riot West Allis 4) Akron Ohio Gang Beating Marty Marshall Rachel Hopson. In ALL these serious cases racial language and threats were freely made. Just Google ANY of these incidents AND FOLLOW THE THREAD AFTER THAT Amazing! Why hasn’t ANY of these cases become part of any national coverage? There is a clear rising pattern of violence here. So why isn’t the national media making that a part of the national discourse. We all know why….

Michael A. Benjamin
Michael A. Benjamin

Quoting the NY TImes as a responsible unbiased source does not fly as a good idea.  African Americans should be natural beneficiaries of the Second Amendment and defenders of private gun ownership rights. Jim Crow laws and the Black Codes specifically forbade blacks from owning firearms. I think armed black men could not be so easily lynched or chased from their homes. The same goes for the black neighborhoods beseiged by local narco-terrorist drug gangs. Gangbangers wouldn't be so quick to spray a block with gunfire, if they knew responsible adults who recognized them were armed, too. The law-abiding but armed citizen would not hesitate to turn in these bums because criminals don't intimidate armed people.

So rethink your views about who has bad taste or leaves a bad taste.


What a stupid remark to say "To do so just suggests a skewed set of values that puts an ever ephemeral principle over human dignity". No one , repeat no one on on the pro 2nd amendment side is putting their 2nd amendment right to carry over the sad circumstances on Treyvon Martin's death. It is a natural part of the discussion considering the U.S. Attorney Generals well documented dispise of citizens owning guns. Your comments are as dispicable as is Holders position is.  

Ugo Flesch
Ugo Flesch

The sixty year old fat guy is more likely to turn the gun on his family or community. The gunsin families are ripped off by family members. Think of liquor, medicine and gun cabinets and you will find a family member with a problem.

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