New Jersey Kiddie-Porn Roundup Nets 27 Arrests, Two Mustaches

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Sex-offender fashion trends appear to be changing -- of the 27 alleged pederasts arrested during "Operation Watchdog," a multi-agency pervert roundup conducted by several New Jersey law enforcement agencies, only two of them have mustaches.

What's slightly less amusing than the stereotypical facial-hair preferences of pedophiles is the fact that one of these alleged creeps lived in a building connected to a daycare center.

"Operation Watchdog" has been going on for about three months. Multiple New Jersey law enforcement agencies monitored multiple suspects downloading or distributing images of (gulp) child erotica on various kiddie-porn file-sharing networks.

A New Jersey State Police spokesman tells the Voice that the majority of the suspects were arrested last week -- when law enforcement officials sprung their trap on the alleged pervs they'd been monitoring for several months. However, the man who was found to be living in the same building as a daycare facility, 23-year-old Cesar Salgado-Maya, was arrested on March 1.

"He wasn't more of a threat than others," the spokesman says,"but his proximity to children caused [authorities to arrest him before the others].

Another man, 53-year-old Bernard Cahill, took photos of himself sexually assaulting a child. The photos were found when police served a search warrant at his Folsom home.

One guy, 66-year-old William Brooks -- who already has a kiddie-porn conviction in another state -- had his computer actively running a file-sharing program exchanging multiple images of kiddie porn as police served a search warrant on his home.

Below is how the New Jersey Attorney General's Office says authorities were able to track down the alleged perverts:

Detectives were able to link all arrested subjects by their use of the Internet to download or distribute images of child pornography. There is a large library of images and videos known to law enforcement. These pictures are able to be traced in a number of ways, including their digital fingerprint, as they are passed through cyberspace. Detectives then follow the file transfers to their origin and destination locations. Peer to Peer, or P2P, file sharing networks play a significant role in the distribution of child porn. Detectives, often with intricate undercover identities in the cyber-world, also monitor searches of these sites to develop suspects.

New Jersey Attorney General's Office
The pedophile stache apparently is out this year.
Of the 27 alleged pervs taken of the streets last week, one them -- Jasmyn Oliver -- is a woman.

"Those who thought they could hide their child porn crimes in the secrecy of their homes have been exposed by the relentless work of law enforcement working together. We will continue to stand together--as the name Operation Watchdog implies--as guardians to protect children from those who would make them sexual victims," Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, says in a statement.

The majority of those arrested during the operation were charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. However, Cahill was also hit with a sexual assault charge because had the bright idea to take photos of himself abusing one of the victims.

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