New Logo for the Brooklyn Nets

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The new logo was set to be unveiled on Monday but Jay Z--who owns 1% of the team--couldn't wait, unveiling this t-shirt yesterday


Also, the war of marketing has begun


Meanwhile, we still don't know if Deron Williams--the only star on the current roster--will resign with the Nets or leave for, rumor has it, Dallas.

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I like such logos. It's pretty shiny, minimalistic and memorable.

Bo, yeah you have a point here. I wish they do it too...

Jim Mitchell
Jim Mitchell

Have you read Mushnick's column the last several years?  He is vemo against black gang friendly jersies, Obscene language in rap music and all that falls in that vein.This is an exampleHail, the Gang-wear's Here! Part 2,010: When there's no shame, it's easy. And where there's money and TV, there's no shame.No doubt on Nike's money-on-a-stick orders, the Virginia Tech football team this Monday night, for its big season opener on ESPN, will, for the first time, wear all-black uniforms -- specifically its all-black Nike Combat issue uniforms.Florida State, school colors garnet and gold, last season wore all-black Nike uniforms for national TV. Coach Bobby Bowden, wading through absurd explanations issued by the school -- one was that the black uniforms were to honor the Seminole Indians -- finally said that FSU was just acting on Nike's orders.Read more:

Bo Obama
Bo Obama

I still wish they would change the name of the team to the Brooklyn Hipsters. Or at least the Brooklyn Hoopsters.

P.S. I'm not sure I get the billboard. Is it directed at New Jersey?

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