Bill Dear is Full of It and I Can Prove It

Remember this book? No, and apparently no one else does, either.
Here's the big difference between 2012 and 2001.

Back in 2001, a private eye with a history of inserting himself into high-profile cases put out a self-published book with the really strange title of O.J. Is Guilty But Not of Murder. I read the book, interviewed the author, spent some time observing his methods, and then, in a 7,000-word story, tore him a new asshole over his reprehensible way of gathering information to make pure fantasy sound plausible.

Few people took note of either his lame book or my takedown.

But now it's 2012, and Bill Dear has repackaged the same horseshit he was peddling eleven years ago.

The big difference? Well, now there's the Huffington Post.

HuffPo bit hard not only on Dear's repackaging of the same old malarkey, O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It, but also on the man himself, buying his tall tales about how he's the best private investigator who ever lived, and has the only plausible explanation for who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

I beg to differ.

In 2001 I was a staff writer at New Times Los Angeles, a newspaper that no longer exists, and whose archives are no longer online. That no doubt benefited Dear, since today's journalists jumping on his story were unaware that he had already tried to sell this bogus story eleven years ago.

In my story, I actually praised the man for how well he had spun his tale, and showed some respect for his outsized character. But then I showed, step by step, how his theory is the worst kind of snow job that foregrounds coincidental information while ignoring or hiding the only evidence that really matters.

I'm going to reproduce my entire 2001 story, but first, here are the highlights for HuffPo readers who need bullet points.

First, the highlights of Bill Dear's theory for why Jason Simpson, O.J.'s son, committed the crime...

-- At the time of the killings, Jason was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon -- he'd attacked a former employer with a knife.

-- Hospital records showed that Jason had been treated for a mental disorder that had triggered three suicide attempts as well as sudden, fierce and irrational attacks on other people.

-- Jason may have left his chef job the night of the murders earlier than he indicated to police, and would have been carrying his set of chef knives with him.

-- Nicole had changed her plans and had not brought the family to eat at Jason's restaurant the night of the murders, which Dear theorizes was a blow to Jason's ego.

-- Dear believes that Jason went to see her that night to confront her about ruining his big night, and his mental state caused him to go into a rage and kill her (with Goldman just in the wrong place at the wrong time).

-- OJ then did what he could to help cover up for his son.

As I said in my original story, there are some interesting points made in Dear's book, and he tells it in a way that makes it sound compelling. But the holes in his theory are more numerous than the holes in the two victims.

-- Dear almost completely avoids any discussion of the actual blood evidence at the scene, the single most important piece of evidence to consider. And his ideas for how OJ Simpson's blood ended up at the scene are beyond preposterous.

-- Dear's timeline for that night is a complete farce. In 12 minutes, he has Jason committing the murders, calling his father, and then OJ coming down and observing the scene and returning home.

-- Dear discounts evidence of OJ's violent history, while overplaying and misdiagnosing Jason's own mental health history, according to an expert we consulted.

-- Ron Shipp, O.J.'s friend and a former cop, told me that Dear had misrepresented what he said after being interviewed in ways that favored Dear's theory.

-- And despite the tenuous nature of his theories, Dear put Jason under years of unwanted surveillance that smacks more of Dear's attempt at fame than any rational search for the truth.

With Huffington Post's help, Bill Dear will now get his moment in the sun that was denied to him back in 2001 -- when the 1994 murders weren't so remote and when journalists still had a better grasp of the facts.

He'll enjoy every minute of it, I have no doubt.

What follows is my entire 2001 story. I can only hope that now other journalists will take the time to check out Dear before celebrating him.


New Times Los Angeles
May 24, 2001, Thursday

O.J. Confidential
Texas private eye Bill Dear spent nearly six years and $1 million trying to pin the Bundy murders on O.J.'s son Jason. But his theories stretch credibility and his tactics stretch the law.

By Tony Ortega

It's a Thursday morning, and Bill Dear is starting the day's surveillance of O.J. Simpson's grown son Jason by parking his rental car across the street from Jason's Venice bungalow.

The night before, Dear had flown in from Dallas, where he's a private eye known for inserting himself in high-profile, unsolved crime investigations. Over the years he's succeeded several times when local police failed to find a killer or a missing person, and people who know him attribute that to Dear's extraordinary perseverance and attention to detail. When Dear sets his mind to solve a mystery, friends say, he doesn't let go.

After landing at LAX, Dear rented a dark passenger car -- the better to blend in, he says -- and drove to Venice to case the joint until the wee hours, hoping in vain to catch a glimpse of Jason returning home. Dear eventually gave up and went to his West L.A. hotel at 3 a.m. Back after a few hours of sleep, he's agreed to let a New Times writer and a photographer tag along. At 63, the tall ex-cop looks dapper in a black suit and alligator boots. His longish graying hair, mustache and small beard are neatly groomed. Between frequent interruptions by his cell phone he reels off diverting anecdotes in a richly accented voice. There was the time, for example, when he was summoned by Robert De Niro to a seedy bar. As he was led through an alley to the appointment, Dear began to suspect he'd been set up. Assuming he was about to get whacked, the investigator placed his hand on a concealed gun and got ready to shoot if his guide made any false moves. But the man indeed delivered him to De Niro, who wanted tips about the private eye game to help him portray a gumshoe in an upcoming movie.

Dear sometimes hires other people to keep an eye on Jason Simpson's residence, but he also makes regular trips to L.A. himself. Dear and associates have shadowed Jason for nearly six years, rooting through his trash, checking his mailbox to see who's communicating with him, and talking to neighbors and employers to keep tabs on the 31-year-old chef.

This morning, Dear notices right away that something is not right. Jason's car is missing.

"Where's the Jeep? Did he get rid of the Jeep?" Dear says excitedly.

Jason lives on a narrow but busy Venice lane that's lined with parked cars. But none of them is a Jeep. Dear immediately concludes that the vehicle's absence is linked to his presence. Feeling the heat of Dear's investigation and afraid the Jeep will prove to be incriminating, Jason has ditched it. Or so Dear theorizes.

"I have to get my hands on that Jeep!" he exclaims.

Within a day, Dear finds that Jason's vehicle has in fact been sold. He begins to make inquiries about buying it himself from the new owner. If he can do that, he says, he can then submit the Jeep to state-of-the-art, scientific retrieval techniques in the hope that maybe, just maybe, after all these years, there's still something in it that Dear says should be there:

The blood of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Bill Dear is not the first to suggest that Jason Lamar Simpson, O.J's son by his first wife, might have committed the famous murders of June 12, 1994. But no one has taken that notion to such lengths.Dear has worked to put together a case against Jason since shortly after the slayings took place. The gumshoe estimates he's spent more than $1 million of his own money in his quest to finger a murderer whose identity is already a foregone conclusion among most thinking people.

But Dear says many people who were completely convinced of O.J. Simpson's guilt have undergone dramatic conversion experiences after reading his recently published, 324-page book, O.J. Is Guilty But Not of Murder.

Admitting that he, too, assumed early on that physical evidence pointed unequivocally to O.J., Dear says he soon had doubts. He found it incredible, for example, that O.J. would have killed his ex-wife knowing that their two young children, Sydney and Justin, were upstairs and possibly still awake.

That just didn't fit Dear's concept of a father.

Neither did it sit well with the Texan that O.J. was accused of such a terrifyingly brutal crime. Whoever had killed Brown and Goldman had obviously done so in a maniacal rage. O.J. had been accused of abusing his former wife, but nothing, Dear claimed, suggested he might be capable of viciously carving up two human beings.

And it bothered him that the LAPD believed that O.J., after knifing the victims and spilling massive amounts of their blood, had somehow tracked only small amounts of it into his Bronco and his Rockingham estate. If O.J. had committed the murders, Dear believed, copious amounts of blood should have been smeared on the Bronco's brake and accelerator pedals and elsewhere in its interior.

But, he says, it wasn't.

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doing a simple internet sniff: it is a fact that the comments here praising Tony Ortegas Op-ed are from the same person. Pathetic, most likely Tony himself. Shame on you.


Tony Ortega has to be aware of my 1999 book The Frame of the Century? because the publisher ran full page ads for it in New Times Los Angeles -- yet he uses Ron Shipp as a source to refute Bill Dear -- which is akin to using Bonnie and Clyde as witnesses to refute claims made by John Dillinger.

From The Frame of the Century? Pages 196 - 198

Shipp is known to have had an alcohol and cocaine problem,
and is reported to have supplied cocaine to Simpson in the 1980’s.
He had a habit of hanging around O.J.’s house uninvited so often,
and in O.J.’s absence, that Simpson’s maids complained to
him about it, and Simpson had to have his assistant, Cathy Randa,
tell him to stop coming around so often. Simpson had also complained
about Shipp’s uninvited visits to Kato Kaelin, too.
Kaelin reports that, prior to the murder of Nicole, Shipp had
familiarized himself with the access and security features of O.J.’s
estate. A week before the murders Shipp showed up at Simpson’s
house, uninvited, late at night with a blond female. Shipp awakened
O.J. and repeatedly told O.J. that the woman was a “Nicole
type,” and demanded that O.J. come down and meet her—and to
bring a bottle of wine. Simpson reluctantly complied while complaining
about the incident on the phone to his assistant, Cathy.
In the weeks before her murder, Nicole had complained to O.J.
several times that Shipp was coming around her house unwanted,
also, and telephoning her repeatedly as well. I have this from
two sources.
Shipp had a background as an L.A.P.D. officer for 15 years,
then had gone into the field of private security and investigation
for a year, before going into commercial property management.
Shipp had bragged to one of his security clients that when he
was a cop he had “snuffed people.” Shipp also had run a scam
on this same client to frighten his client into believing that a
woman who had been stalking him before was stalking him
again. It was a lie; the woman was 6,000 miles away at the time
Shipp made this claim. The client paid off Shipp and fired him,
telling him he never wanted anything to do with him again.
On the morning of Nicole’s murder, Shipp long-distance telephoned
this same client, whom he hadn’t talked to since he’d
fired him for his deception three years earlier, at 5:30 AM Los
Angeles time, June 13, 1994, to tell him that Nicole had been
murdered. Shipp later testified in the Simpson criminal trial to
having first learned about Nicole’s murder between 10:00 AM
and 10:30 AM, while standing in line at the First Interstate Bank,
and receiving a page from his mother. Shipp has repeated that
claim publicly ever since. Shipp also testified that Simpson had
confessed to him in a meeting in the evening on June 13, 1994
that Simpson claimed he’d been dreaming of murdering Nicole.
However, another friend of both Simpson’s and Shipp’s at the
time has told me that it was he who’d had a dream before Nicole
was murdered—a dream that Nicole had murdered O.J.—and
he’d told Shipp of his dream. This friend says Shipp just took the
dream he’d told him about, flipped it around, and said O.J. had
said it.
Shipp has told different people different stories of where he
was the night of June 12, 1994. He told one reporter that he’d
had a fight with his wife that night and was out with another
woman. He’s also said on a TV interview that he was at home
that night. Shipp’s wife isn’t on the record at all about this, and
considering that they have two kids together, she isn’t likely to
turn Shipp in for lying about this, even though Shipp has cheated
on her before. In other words, Shipp does not have even a consistent
alibi for the night of the murders.
So tell me. Should the L.A.P.D. have looked into whether Shipp
was a possible murderer of Nicole? Were there warning signs,
the sort of danger signals Gavin de Becker wrote about in The
Gift of Fear?
Since Shipp had both intimate access to the homes of both O.J.
Simpson and Nicole, since he has expert background in surveillance
and forensics, since he might own electronic surveillance
equipment, since he wears size-12 shoes like the shoe prints
found on the Bundy walkway, since he could have known about
Simpson’s planned trip to Chicago, since he knew where O.J.
kept his spare keys, since he could have known what code name
O.J. Simpson had his knee surgery under at Cedars Sinai
hospital where O.J. kept an autologous supply of his blood for
autologous transfusion … don’t you think the possibility that he
committed the murders and framed Simpson for them should at
least be eliminated as a possibility?

Here's what I conclude.

Bill Dear's investigation establishes that the murder weapon in the Brown/Goldman murders was found in the stored personal effects of Jason Simpson, and that Jason Simpson's alibi for the time of the murders was fabricated.

My investigation establishes Ron Shipp with premature knowledge of the murders, hours before the LAPD detectives arrived at O.J.'s Rockingham house, and a set of professional skills which could be used in a frame-up capable of being accepted as authentic forensic evidence by professional investigators and laboratory analyses.

Putting two and two together, Jason Simpson is most likely to have committed the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and either called O.J. for help or called Ron Shipp for help, in covering up his two murders that night.

O.J. Simpson engaged a criminal lawyer for Jason before he got a lawyer for himself, and has wanted two things since June 1994: not to be criminally convicted for the murders yet to protect his son Jason -- and every time someone got close to identifying Jason as the actual murder O.J. has diverted attention toward himself by misleading the media and the public.

O.J. Simpson is not willing to trade Jason Simpson's freedom for his own.

My belief at this time that the frame of O.J. Simpson was done the night of the murders by a team including Ron Shipp with O.J. Simpson's consent or partial consent, for the purpose of O.J. protecting his oldest son, Jason Simpson.

J. Neil Schulman, author
The Frame of the Century?


Did New Times Los Angeles not have an editor? Because that article was about 50% longer than it needed to be.


Tony Ortega, you are a fucking moron. Are you a cop's son, a racist, or both? You obviously have an axe to grind with Bill Dear. Did he hurt your feelings? There is not one valid point in your bullshit article, before or now. Stop being part of the problem, you fucking douche.


Jason did do it and i know this for a fact....Dear's theory may not be 100% accurate but it is damn close and better than any detective framing..Ii mean work by the LAPD.


The truth will come out one day and when it does I will be happy to see everyone who has been so judgmental and one-sided about this case have to eat crow.


no wonder the newspaper you worked at went out of business with reporters like you working for them. I am not surprised  L.A can not solve any unknown little little murder cases,much less all the big murder case they whiff on.

Online Wedding Registry
Online Wedding Registry

Yeah. Good job in getting all the facts just to create this article. However, what do we know about the whole truth?


Actually... Johnny Cochran, who was NOT a kook...

called Jason to his offices early in the trial and asked him if he killed Nicole.

Why do you suppose he would do that?  Do you think he did NOT know the more than anyone of the case he was working?


Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

CofS Exit Zone
CofS Exit Zone

I'm betting all the fools on HuffPo eating up Dear's spiel, are Casey Anthony junkies going thru withdraw.


Good job getting the facts straight about this and giving HuffPo a real lesson in history.


People love conspiracy theories. They are more fun than the truth. 


Darlin', don't you fret.  Those of us with a brain not steeped in uber- liberal, left leaning BS know that HuffPoo is utter crap & NOT to be trusted as a source for anything.  If morons wish to spend their hard earned money on this re-packaged horse puckey, let's hope they follow up by recycling the pages to wipe their asses to truly put that book where it belongs. 

J Neil Schulman
J Neil Schulman

Misstating evidence, prejudicial preference for a failed prosecutions dismal attempt to make a mountain of evidence out of a molehill, lying about what Bill Dear wrote, and using compulsive liars as sources does not make for good journalism.

Bill Dear outclasses Tony Ortega by such a high mark there's no comparison.

Bill Dear's documentary The Overlooked Suspect won Best Documentary at the 2008 Backlot Film Festival in Culver City. The full movie is on Google Video and you can watch it here:


Wow. You've really done your homework on this douche, Tony. Great job.  William Dear had a book signing at Book Soup in West Hollywood on Monday night. Hear it was poorly attended. The douche wants $28 for his book.


No, nothing to do with scientology, but a whole bunch to do with solid, fact-based journalism, which is Tony's strong suit, I've noticed.


Yeah OK Tony but what does this have to do with Scientology? LOL

Bradley Greenwood
Bradley Greenwood

The Huffington Post has never had any credibility in my mind. They have taken a beating from other critics as well. It's hack journalism, part of the dying AOL empire.


OJ's behind bars, give it a rest, nobody except racist nuts cares.



 How in the hell do you know this for a fact??! The only way you would or could know for a fact- is if you witnessed this heinous crime. In that case, you are an accessory to murders.
We all know that OJ is the killer because of all the obvious evidence- and the only one with a reason why Nicole was killed and poor Ronald was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
You can eat crow azzzzhole.  OJ is a narcissistic sociopath, just like Casey Anthony, and you too, are fooled by his glib and superficial charm.
Keep drinking the koolaid idiot. 

Mimi The Great
Mimi The Great

Oy vey, this guy sounds like a fullblown douchebag several lucky charms away from being a full bowl! Excellent job in 2001 & now!


I want oj to die in prison. Only after he has decayed and suffered there of course. And then he can go rot in hell. Nasty black devil.

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