O.J.'s Son's Not "The Real Killer" -- Regardless Of How Much Of His Trash Private Dick Bill Dear Sifts Through

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Texas P.I. Bill Dear once posed as a doctor to try and get O.J. Simpson's son's medical records.
The story about a Texas private investigator's new book claiming that he has proof O.J. Simpson isn't guilty of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman is getting the kind of media buzz you would expect when someone makes a claim as absurd as "O.J. didn't do it."

The book's author is P.I. Bill Dear, and this is actually the second time he's attempted to use a work of alleged non-fiction to let the world know that Jason Simpson, O.J.'s son, is the real killer.

We spoke with Dear over the weekend. Read all about it here. The story about his new book has since made its way to the Huffington Post, US Weekly, and an assortment of other national media outlets. What none of those media outlets mention -- and, frankly, we didn't know until after writing our post about Dear yesterday -- is that he's basically been maniacally stalking the younger Simpson for the last 17 years.

In 2001, Dear pimped his first book blaming O.J.'s son for the murders (he published the book himself). It was titled O.J. Is Guilty, But Not Of Murder, and it just so happens that Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega penned a 7,200-word article detailing Dear's creepy -- probably illegal -- methods of stalking  Jason Simpson while Ortega was working for what was once the New Times Los Angeles. Ortega's piece was titled O.J. Confidential; Texas private eye Bill Dear spent nearly six years and $1 million trying to pin the Bundy murders on O.J.'s son Jason. But his theories stretch credibility and his tactics stretch the law.

Sadly, the paper is no mas, and the article no longer appears online (we've read it, though, and are working to get a PDF copy posted later today). However, the Dallas Observer, a Voice sister paper, published a similar profile on Dear's quest to find the real killer, which you can read here.

Until we can get a copy of Ortega's story
posted, we'll give you a little teaser about the lengths to which Dear went to pin the murders on Jason Simpson: he dug through his trash, bought his old car, often staked out his house in the middle of the night, knows that he rents "crime movies" from Blockbuster, and once even posed as a doctor to try and convince a file clerk at Cedars-Sinai Hospital -- where he claims Jason was a patient -- to give him Simpson's medical records.

From Ortega's story:

"Each morning I carefully dressed in my white jacket, took my clipboard and punctually made my rounds up and down the halls on the plaza level of the South Tower," writes Dear in his book. "I greeted the security officers at the desk with a smile, bought coffee for the nurses at the commissary and, most importantly, smiled at the file clerks who came and left from the records department."

He didn't wear a nametag or verbally identify himself as a physician. But he ingratiated himself with a thirtysomething records clerk by bringing her flowers and offering to hire her "in my office." A few days later, he got to his bottom line, asking her for copies of "all the records you have on a patient, J. Lamar Simpson."

The woman complied, telling "Doctor" Dear to return the next day when the copies would be ready. But when Dear did so, he got cold feet, worried that he might be arrested. It's illegal in California to impersonate a doctor and to obtain medical records by fraud. (Both crimes are misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in jail and fines.) Dear says he left the hospital empty-handed.

The only thing that could make Ortega's account of Dear's antics seem more depraved is if Charlie Sheen made a cameo appearance...which he does.

Hopefully we can get a copy of Ortega's story posted later so you can get a behind the scenes look at what went into Dear's book. Check back for updates.

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To discredit Deer's findings on the grounds that he went to great lengths to get them is ridiculous.  Since he had no support from the authorities, who didn't even investigate Jason as a person of interest, how else would he get to such information?  Who but a "nut" could crack such a "nutty" case.  LAPD and DA's office have proven for years (Manson, RFK, etc etc etc) that they are incompetent when it comes to trying celebrity cases).  This explanation gives a plausible (not proven) explanation to why the "mountain of evidence"  against OJ is paradoxically solid but shaky, and why the things that don't add up (the timeline, OJs demeanor with Kato, etc) don't need to add up.  If OJ didn't "do it" but was there and got involved with a coverup, then all of it can make sense.  Simply, Jason had more motive, means, and opportunity than OJ by a LONG shot.  He should at least be a suspect in this OFFICIALLY UNSOLVED murder case.


I have followed the case from the get go, and became convinced early on that O.J. was framed.  I disagree in part with Dear:  Jason MIGHT have done it, but all Dear proved was that Jason was certainly capable of committing these murders, not that he did.  The most interesting part of the book was the part about those trumped-up charges by the Nevada DA, and how Simpson was set up by Thomas Riccio.  How did Riccio know Simpson was coming to Vegas?  The 9 to 33 year sentence Simpson got for forcibly (and not that forcibly) retrieving his possessions from Beardslee and Fromung, both ex-cons (along with Riccio) would be the crime of the 21st Century, at least so far.


LOL.  The photo brings to mind another nutter:  G. Gordon Liddy.  amirite?


This story does make sense.  The son,Jason,wrote in his diary, "this is the year of the knife"He is just like his dad........full of it.   They both think they are above the law and better than everyone.


So OJ would take the fall for his SON?! Patently ridiculous. 


 RETROKIMMER.COM I have always thought that OJ had a bigger stronger person with him that night on Bundy Dr. Always thought it was Al Cowlings because he certainly fell off the planet after the trial didn't he? OJ is a hystrionic narcissist and I doubt highly that he would cover for his son or anyone...but his own involvement was significant in this crime so that would justify in his keeping his mouth shut on the whole crime. I have always wondered was Robert Kardashian's cover up involvement really was...Either way...OJ is in a cage where he belongs and his son will end up there too eventually with his violence...


Not "Patently ridculous" as you believe it to be. Why so? Well, I refer you to OJ's alleged suicide note left behind at Robert Kardashian's house when OJ and AC Cowell set off in the white Ford Bronco. In that note a despondent OJ clearly faults himself for Nicole's murder. He doesn't claim to have committed the actual murder but that he contributed to the climate that prompted the actual murderer, Jason, to carry out the grisly act.


OJ abandoned his first wife, Marguerite and his two children, Jason and his sister, to begin a relationship with 19 year old Nicole who Marguerite said in nationally televised interview during OJ's trial that Nicole would drive by the family home and also repeatedly call the family home to speak with OJ. 


According to Ortega, Jason and Nicole had a stormy on again off again step-mom, step-son relationship. Maybe Jason never forgave Nicole for breaking up his parents marriage and possibly the fact that OJ and Nicole briefly reconciled 3 weeks before her murder may not have sat well with Jason who Ortega claims had a terrible anger management problem.


I believe Jason may well be the murderer because of the DNA matches OJ who I doubt could actually viciously murder 2 people in cold and then calmly return home and get ready to take a flight to Chicago. My guess is Jason shows up at OJ's house with bloody clothes but not the knife and conceals the true nature of his earlier deed, OJ helps him get rid of the clothes, sends Jason off and then he, OJ, gets ready to head off to airport.


Also. OJ denied owning a pair of Bruno Maglia shoes but photo at trial showed him wearing a pair. My theory is he gave shoes to Jason sometime much earlier and Jason wore them the night he murdered Nicole and Ron Goldman and thats why bloody shoe print was determined to be made by Bruno Maglia shoe. So, to cover up for Jason, OJ lied and said he never owned a pair of Bruno Maglia shoes. Again, more reason why OJ took blame in his quasi-suicide note.

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