Rightbloggers: Obama Unfairly Uses Bin Laden, Jokes, and Slow Jam to Get Reelected

"Obama fooling on Fallon while failing America," wrote Rev. Michael Bresciani. "Pathetic," sniffed Ann Coulter.

"The Five Attacks President Obama For Being Too Cool In 'Awful' Fallon Appearance," reported Mediaite. Ben Shapiro declared that Obama's appearance violated campaign laws, and demanded, "Mitt Romney should be given equal time, and an equally sycophantic propaganda piece by Fallon." Now that we would watch.

The performance "has some Americans wondering if the president has now 'jumped the shark,' that is to say, gone over the top to ensure his demise," claimed World Net Daily, offering as proof a caller-in to the Rush Limbaugh Show, and Limbaugh himself.

It just got worse when Obama gave another blithe performance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner last weekend.

Some objected to the whole idea of such a dinner. "Great to know that our fearless watchdogs are busy swilling wine with the people they are supposed to be covering and introducing them to their wives and posing for pictures with Mila Kunis," snarled Right, Wing-Nut! Breitbart fans picketed the show.

But some rightbloggers noticed MC Jimmy Kimmel did some gags about Obama, and enjoyed those, anyway. "You will notice when listening to Kimmel's roasts," explained Scared Monkeys, "the ones that are more funny than others are the ones that have a bit of truth to them, not just making a partisan hit joke." Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft approved Kimmel's routine "Including Kenyan Jokes" ("Needless to say - This was fun to watch").

Some even got into the celebrity-watching aspect ("God, I'd take Sandra Fluke over that whale of Meghan McCain. Gross," observed Donald Douglas of American Power.)

Your move, Mitt.
Howard Portnoy noted one Kimmel joke -- "There's a term for President Obama, probably not two terms" -- and provided this interesting context: "The cameras did not record the president's response," he wrote, "so it's hard to know whether he managed a rare laugh at his own expense or curled his bottom lip into the pouty expression he wears when he accuses his opponents of treating him like a dog."

Actually, as usual at these things, Obama seemed to have a good time, which just drove some of the brethren crazy.

At Reason, Lucy Steigerwald's fury over the President making jokes was palpable. "So why is it so jaw-droppingly wonderful that the president manages to have enough comic timing to get some of the jokes that he didn't write across?" she asked. "Why is it so exciting that it's like he's people?... Remember, mocking the stupidest critiques of your presidency is the height of edgy, self-deprecating humor."

Steigerwald was mildly pleased that Kimmel made jokes at Obama's expense -- "Maybe the bloom is off the rose a little for Obama if a comedian dared to go there" -- but this was spoiled by the crowd's enthusiastic response to Obama: "The way the crowd howled at Obama's every half-witticism," she sulked, "it didn't feel like it. Listening to Obama speak in person is as infuriating as it is on television; worse, with journalists in hysterics and me looking dour and thinking this isn't funny. But maybe Obama is funny. Maybe I can't tell." Maybe entertainment news reporting, or entertainment, isn't her thing.

Jonah Goldberg was cheered, slightly, by a video from Republican front group American Crossroads mocking Obama for being "cool," but not totally satisfied.

"I wish the ad had at least one or two really solid clips conveying how despearately Obama wants to seem cool, which is always the great coolness-killer. It would have helped set the tone of the ad much better."

Yeah, that'd be really awesome. Connoisseurs of Goldberg's legendary work ethic will especially appreciate his follow-up: "What would those clips be? I'm not sure, but then again I'm not making the ad. Michael Moore seems to find a way to find that kind of footage pretty easily, and I have no doubt it can be found in Obama's case."

You heard him, guys. Get to work. It's gonna be a long campaign.

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