Rick Santorum Bails On New York GOP's (Pricey) Dinner

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Rick Santorum is no longer running for president -- and he's no longer attending the New York GOP's fancy party next week.
There's bad news if you forked over $1,000 to New York's Republican Party to attend its annual dinner: former presidential candidate Rick Santorum won't be there.

GOP spokeswoman Becky Miller tells the Voice Santorum is out. Santorum, she says, didn't give a specific reason, but we can only assume the former presidential candidate's bailing on the pricey dinner has to do with his throwing in the towel in the presidential primary earlier this week.

Santorum and former U.S. House Speaker/now-faux presidential candidate Newt Gingrich were both scheduled to attend the dinner in what state GOP Chairman Ed Cox has pimped as one of the final campaign stops for presidential candidates before the New York primary on April 24. He's made attempts to hype New York's GOP as actually "playing a decisive role in this year's Republican presidential nominating process."
Even if Santorum was still in the race, New York probably would have had zero impact on the outcome of the primary (more on that here).

Gingrich, as far as we know, will still be attending the dinner -- even though he's all but bailed out of the presidential primary himself (he's already referring to his campaign in the past tense and has said he expects Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee. Yet, he refuses to back out of the race).

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will give the keynote speech at the dinner, which will be held on April 19, at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Manhattan. As we mentioned, it will cost you a thousand bucks to get in the door, and $5,000 to snap a photo with any of the GOP bigwigs.

Additionally, we owe our readers (and Miller's boss) an explanation.

Yesterday, when we first wrote about whether Santorum would still attend the dinner now that his presidential campaign is kaput, we penned the following:

The New York state Republican Party is holding its annual dinner next week, at which now-former presidential candidate Rick Santorum currently is scheduled to be a guest of honor. However, now that he's bailed on his campaign, it's unclear whether Santorum will actually show up -- and that's because the New York GOP won't tell us.

We've called, emailed, and even sent smoke signals (alright, maybe not smoke signals) to the state's GOP asking whether Santorum would attend the dinner. Its response: crickets.

That's all true (with the exception of the smoke signals) -- we called twice and sent an email but got no response. However, Miller did actually send us an email response yesterday morning -- before we wrote the article. Unfortunately, the email ended up in a "quarantine file" in our email system and we didn't see it until this morning -- nearly 24 hours after the article was published. We've since connected with Miller and she assures us she was not trying to hide the fact that Santorum is longer attending the dinner. 

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