Scientology Admits Connection to Slimy Anonymous Attack Websites

We've pointed out in the past that Karin Pouw, the Church of Scientology's spokeswoman, appears to be struggling, having been thrust into the role of chief mouthpiece since Tommy Davis vanished sometime last year.

But her latest gaffe is more than simply an embarrassing moment for her and the church. This time, she seems to have really stepped in it.

Last weekend, Guy Adams at The Independent published a lengthy and thorough profile on Marty Rathbun, who was once the second-highest ranking official in the Church of Scientology and who today is helping lead an independence movement of disaffected former church members.

When Adams approached Pouw for the church's side of things, she made a stunning admission, which Adams was good enough to share with us.

Karin Pouw has confirmed that a video attacking Rathbun -- made up of footage taken by the "Squirrel Busters" -- was a product of the Church of Scientology, and she also appears to confirm that the vicious attack website where the video appears is also connected to Scientology itself.

For weeks now, we've been looking at these anonymous attack websites, examining them for evidence that connects them to the church, and now, suddenly, Pouw has made that connection for us.

1. Minerva And Vince

For as long as the Internet has been a thorn in Scientology's side, the church has tried to hit back using its own online strategies. In the mid to late 1990s, for example, Scientology's chief adversary was a Usenet group, alt.religion.scientology. Church attorneys attacked the newsgroup directly, trying to get it shut down, but there were also online approaches as well. In 2001, I wrote a profile of Tory Christman who, when she was still named Tory Bezazian, made anonymous attacks on the posters at a.r.s. on behalf of the church using the screen name "Magoo." (Her plan backfired: after actually reading the criticisms of Scientology at the newsgroup, she eventually realized that they had a point; she made a famous and public defection from the church at a.r.s. itself.)

Also about that time, 2001, a website calling itself "Religious Freedom Watch" sprang up which featured unflattering photographs of Scientology critics and slanted and misleading articles about them. (It still exists, but seems somewhat frozen in time, still railing at a.r.s. critics from back in the day.)

Since Marty Rathbun left Scientology in 2004 and then, five years later, started up a blog that is highly critical of church leader David Miscavige, several anonymous attack websites have appeared, largely focused on him and other high-ranking officials who have left the church in recent years. (Several of these executives all appeared in the blockbuster 2009 investigative expose by the Tampa Bay Times, "The Truth Rundown," which seems to have been a prime motivator behind the sites appearing.)

At "Who is Marty Rathbun" ( for example, you can find not only various attacks on Rathbun, but also a series of similar websites for the other executives who appeared in "The Truth Rundown": Mike Rinder (, Amy Scobee (, etc.), Tom DeVocht, Jeff Hawkins, Steve Hall, Marc and Claire Headley, as well as the actor Jason Beghe and also one for director Paul Haggis, who appeared in a lengthy New Yorker profile a little more than a year ago.

In the websites, Rathbun is called a "militia cult leader." Haggis is a "status-driven screenwriter." The exaggerated, context-less attacks made against the two of them in these websites sound an awful lot like Freedom magazine's similar attacks last year. (Freedom is the church's official propaganda organ.)

Another website, "Mark 'Marty' Rathbun Blog" ( is more vicious. Since 2009, the website has published hundreds of attacks on Rathbun of the vilest sort, making sexual allegations about him and his wife Monique, and also taking aim at other independent Scientologists who visit the Rathbuns in Texas. It was operated for more than a year by someone who called herself "Minerva." Then, in 2011 the posts were suddenly re-bylined "By Vince Fletcher" (you can still find some older posts that contain both bylines).

All of these attack websites make use of protections which prevent a "whois" search from identifying their owners. The whoismartyrathbun websites are hosted by and shielded by The martyrathbunblog site is hosted by and is protected by its domain hider, WhoIsGuard.

I asked Mike Rinder, the man who formerly oversaw the Office of Special Affairs, Scientology's intelligence wing, if he had any doubt that the websites were part of a church retaliation operation.

"I can assure you these websites are orchestrated or ordered or directed by OSA. There's no question about it," says Rinder, who was OSA's executive director until he left the church in 2007.

"There's always some kind of plausible deniability set up, like with the Squirrel Busters, who said they were individuals acting on their own. But that veneer doesn't really hold up very well. Eventually it always comes out," he says.

2. Pursuing Lori

In December of 2010, Lori Hodgson made her first trip to see Marty Rathbun in South Texas.

Hodgson was an independent Scientologist -- someone who has dropped out of the official church but still adheres to the philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard -- and was going to see Rathbun, who had not only been a powerful executive in the church but also one of its most respected "auditors." Now that Rathbun was also out, he was offering auditing -- spiritual counseling -- outside of the church's control.

Lori Hodgson with her two children, Jessica and Jeremy Leake, before they disconnected from her because she left the church.
Hodgson says that when she returned to San Jose, California, she was confronted by John Allender, a local Scientologist whose wife had been Lori's "case supervisor" when she was still in the church. He accused her of "squirreling," and frightened her by saying "Do you enjoy beatings?" She reported the incident to San Jose police. (I briefly got Allender on the phone Wednesday at his business, Sterling General Construction in Campbell, California, but he refused to be interviewed and said he'd send an e-mail, which never came.)

Scientologists use the epithet "squirrel" to refer to a heretic -- someone who is improperly using Hubbard's tech. It's just about the worst thing one Scientologist can call another. Lori says Allender somehow knew that she'd been to Rathbun's house for the unsanctioned counseling.

On Saturday, April 16, 2011, Lori returned to Rathbun's house for another visit. On Monday the 18th, she started counseling sessions with Rathbun, and then took a break for lunch. That's when there was a knock at the door, and Rathbun found this bizarre scene unfold on his porch...

That's Allender doing the talking. Another of the men is also from the Los Gatos, California "org." Calling themselves "Squirrel Busters," they had arrived to question Rathbun about his counseling of Lori Hodgson. (We started our reporting of the Squirrel Busters two days later, on the 20th, and characterized them as a "goon squad" whose only purpose was intimidation.) Over the next five months, a rotating crew of camera-wielding Scientologists planted themselves in his cul-de-sac, following Rathbun and his wife around town, claiming to the local press to be a film crew making a documentary.

On May 3, 2011, the attack site martyrathbunblog posted a story written by Minerva which was told as if it were a diary entry by Rathbun himself. (The post still exists, but its byline has been changed.)

Lori Hodgson had traveled to Texas to get spiritual training from Rathbun, using Hubbard's principles and an "e-meter" -- the same kind of auditing the church itself uses and bases its tax-exempt status on. Minerva's post, however, turns Hodgson's visit into a screed filled with sexual innuendo, with references in the diary entry and in the comments by other anonymous posters to Lori Hodgson's breast augmentation surgery, and her limp, the result of a congenital condition.

None of that information is obvious to people who don't know her well, Lori tells me, and she says she has no doubt exactly where the website got its information about her -- from her confidential "pc file" that was compiled while she was a church member.

"Allender's wife knew that information," she says, referring to the "case supervision" that would have been done of her supposedly confidential auditing sessions in the church. "I told no one that information but my auditor. About my breast surgery and that I was born with one leg shorter than the other, which caused my limp. They used that information against me because I went to see Marty Rathbun," she says.

"I think it's just gross. It's just very cruel. It's very private and you trust these people. You're told that it's completely private. You never imagine that it's out there for the public to see," she says.

The entry by Minerva included a photo of Lori Hodgson and Marty Rathbun taken during her visit to his house, further suggesting the link between Allender's camera-carrying Squirrel Busters and the Minerva site...


Monique Rathbun was also victimized in the post with juvenile innuendo. She attempted to do something about it that June, sending a notice to WhoIsGuard that the site was impersonating her husband and attacking people in ways that violated's terms of service. She attached the URLs of 25 websites, all of which had "martyrathbun" in their names and were putting out similar anonymous attacks.

Monique tells me that for about a day, the websites were down as Namecheap investigated, but they were soon back up, and she was told that she'd have to take legal action if she wanted anything further to be done. It was after this that, for some reason, the martyrathbunblog site suddenly changed the bylines on all of its posts from Minerva to Vince Fletcher. (I attempted recently to convince "Fletcher" to e-mail me through the site's comments section, but he didn't do so.)

Then, in August 2011, a direct link between the Squirrel Busters and the church emerged.

In a skillful piece of reporting by Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, we learned that the Squirrel Busters had hired a freelance videographer named Bert Leahy who quit the job after a week, disgusted when he found out the real purpose of the project. A man named David Statter was running the Squirrel Busters, Leahy told Collette, and the job had less to do with making a documentary than simply harassing the Rathbuns...

"Dave flat-out said our goal is to make Marty's life a living hell," Leahy said. "That's a quote. He never said 'stalk,' but he said make Marty's life a living hell with every means possible of impeding his everyday living, and make it so miserable for him and his neighbors that his neighbors will want him to move."

Rathbun then questioned Leahy further, and learned that David Statter was actually Dave Lubow, a private investigator long in the employ of the Church of Scientology. Leahy had witnessed Lubow running the Squirrel Busters from a hotel room, taking instructions from callers in Los Angeles, one of the church's headquarters.

Rinder and Rathbun -- who both oversaw campaigns against defectors and critics while they worked at the highest levels of Scientology -- say that this information didn't surprise them at all. Of course the Squirrel Busters was a tightly controlled church operation, they say, and an expensive one at that: for five months, a rotating crew of Scientologists was flown in to harass the Rathbuns. They were housed and equipped, and other locals were also hired, including a former law enforcement official and several local attorneys. This was not a cheap operation.

Gradually, the idea that the Church of Scientology engaged in a bizarre form of spiritual warfare, using a group of aging church members who were instructed to harass Marty Rathbun while wearing sky blue "Squirrel Busters" T-shirts and with cameras strapped to their heads, is getting out to a larger audience. The Voice covered it as it was happening, including Rathbun's arrest and then the dropping of charges against him. Major media gradually seems to be waking up that this was an astounding and freakish story and perhaps one of the most unwise things the Church of Scientology has engaged in for many years.

And now, Karin Pouw has doubled the dumb.

3. Karin's Letter

Besides their daily harassment of the Rathbuns, the Squirrel Busters were making short films about them (one hesitates to call them "documentaries," however).

They were unintentionally comical, and tended to be pure propaganda. But then, in January, a film nearly 10 minutes long suddenly showed up that made use of footage shot by the Squirrel Busters that had been edited into a more slick presentation, including the kind of titles and re-enactments that those of us familiar with products of Golden Era Productions are used to seeing.

Golden Era is the name of Scientology's audiovisual studios at its international headquarters which lies about 90 miles east of Los Angeles. At "Int Base," church films are produced for many different reasons.

This new film was titled "Marty Rathbun: A Violent Psychopath" and, like in the Freedom magazine attacks of the previous year, Rathbun is portrayed as a "cult leader" who is bent on violence. (The voiceover also seems to be done by the same person in the earlier Freedom magazine videos.)

The video is featured at both the whoismartyrathbun and martyrathbunblog websites, suggesting once again that this is all one concerted campaign of the church, but hidden behind domain name privacy protection and anonymous operators.

Karin Pouw
Rathbun and Rinder assure us that the church itself is behind the video and the websites and the slimy, anonymous attacks. They're in a position to know, since they oversaw their own campaigns against critics and defectors in the past.

Then, a surprising new confirmation came from the church itself, in the form of a letter from Karin Pouw.

Guy Adams sent us a copy of the letter he had received from Pouw after he sent her a series of questions about Rathbun for his recent profile. We're going to quote the relevant paragraph in that letter here, but we'll make her entire response available further down.

Here, in part, is what Pouw said of Rathbun to the reporter from The Independent, a major daily newspaper in the UK...

I further wish to point out that the Church has put out videos which show Rathbun lying in his own words, based on his own statements. To that end I further invite you to watch the video at this link showing Rathbun's nature:

Let me make sure readers understand the significance of Pouw's words.

The chief spokeswoman of the Church of Scientology makes clear that the video "Marty Rathbun: A Violent Psychopath," posted to YouTube by the account "whoismartyrathbun" -- the same name as the attack website -- is a product of the church itself. She recommends that a reporter watch the video at the attack website, which she says shows "Rathbun's nature."

The video itself contains footage taken by the Squirrel Busters -- an expensive operation that was run by a longtime private investigator in the church's employ. And the video appears at two anonymous attack websites, one of which slimed Lori Hodgson using information she says could only have been gathered during her confidential counseling sessions while she was a member of the church.

I don't think there has ever been quite so much information which all points to the coordinated nature of the attack websites, the field operation, and the videos, all linking to the Church of Scientology.

Scientology has been known for operating this way for decades, of course, and we shouldn't forget that this is the same organization that was raided by the FBI in 1977 for what is still the largest infiltration of the federal government in this country's history.

Since 1993, however, Scientology has operated with tax-exempt status, and because of that insists that it is a church. But does a church deal with criticism by coordinating retaliation through slimy anonymous operators with attack websites and misleading videos?

Earlier this week, I sent Karin Pouw a request for a statement. I doubt that I'll get a reply. But this, at least, is what I sent...


I found this paragraph in the letter you recently sent to Guy Adams to be simply astounding:

"I further wish to point out that the Church has put out videos which show Rathbun lying in his own words, based on his own statements. To that end I further invite you to watch the video at this link showing Rathbun's nature:"

With this paragraph, you are admitting that the church is behind that video (of which there was really never any doubt) but you also imply that the church is behind that attack website itself. At the minimum, you are saying that you consider that website a source of information the church endorses.

It just so happens that I've been looking into that website and another very like it which also features that church video, This site recently included reprehensible attacks on Lori Hodgson which, she informs me, contained material that only could have come from her pc folder.

I'd like a statement from you: Please respond to what appears to be a concerted effort, probably by OSA, to produce attack websites on behalf of the church, which hides behind anonymous operators in order to criticize former members, in some cases with information divulged only under confidential settings.

I'd really appreciate a reply.

I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Karin Pouw's full letter to Guy Adams, including several pages of questions and answers.


Scientology on the High Seas

In November the Voice obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard's previously unpublished "Orders of the Day," which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean on the yacht Apollo. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we're looking at what was happening the week of April 8 through 14 during those years.

This week, the Commodore finally has SMERSH on the ropes...


April 9: Another flap means the Commodore has to comm ev the hell out of everyone and once again, do things himself. For crissakes, can't people just keep their hats on and do their dangblasted jobs?


Out of the confusion of yesterday came a peaceful beautiful port scene today.

It took me no less than 7 hours of hammer and pound to find out enough data to get it handled. The agent had asked (correctly) for an advance, he had been told (by whom a Comm Ev is deciding) that "no money was available." Thinking he would not be paid all sorts of "sinister signs" showed up.

Several people knew this. Instead of handling it themselves or passing it on to CS-3 or myself at once so it could be handled, the whole situation went bad and gave the appearance of a "hostile port."

Now today, smoothly, LT. WALLY BURGESS, an old hand at routine port actions, paid over the ordinary advance, smoothed it all out on fuel, lub oil, radar, what have you and all is serene and well.

Even the local radio station has a tape, made aboard, friendly about the "school ship" going over the local air the evening of the 9th.

So it's all like glass and we have a radar fixed, got to the bottom of a lub oil situation in the E/R (they were pirating the Main Engine's lub oil tanks for the gennies) and will be able to use the port or not as we choose.

Now somebody on board may tell you "Even in the wog world this situation _________".

Listen, kiddies, in the wog world had it happened it wouldn't have been solved at all and we'd be outside the port with no lub oil and low fuel!

The ship will run to whatever perfection its people create.

False reports are an aberrated environment.

One has a Sea Org to the degree he or she contributes to its perfection by showing initiative and handling what comes up. Individual Initiative not orders make a true group.



April 13: SMERSH is just about toast.


Indications are that we will have won the war with Smersh in a year or two.

They have lost further "prominent leaders".

We have directly traced and documented their origin to East Germany and have found the crimes they sought to hide.

Lesser lights in their ranks are turning to us for guidance.

Their network is collapsing under the various stresses to which they have been subjected.

They may fight more skirmishes through men they control in govts but it is obvious that we will win the war.


Those who recall the infamous effort to hit us in ports by spreading tales of "dope traffic" and "mystery ship" will be interested to know that the instigator, Jack Lundin, has turned up (or been turned up to be more factual) at WW shaking with terror. He has told all and has promised to be good hereafter.

The instigator and paymaster was a "George Anderson", a British Consul in the major city of this country. More recently British Consuls have explained they have nothing against us. They and American Consuls are pleading innocent.

Our standard tactic of killing rumors with truth documented (called the "dead agent routine" because when they find the rumor monger is lying they kill him) worked very well at the time.

Now here's a rumor monger scared spotless and damning his former employers.

The moral is, the enemy is few. If we're alert, on the ball and use our PR tech right, he hasn't got a prayer.



IMPORTANT: R6EW -- The following people have LRH approval to do the R6EW Solo Course: Des Popham, Lyle Power, Rheva Spence, John Allcock, Sven Petersen, Connie White, Nancy Tidman, David James, Arthur Hubbard, Janis Gillham, Fred Blessing, Al Bornstein, Pat McCullough. I am your terminal for this. Come see me within 24 hours. Come in and finish. Look at it: isn't it optimum for you to be clear? DO IT. NOW.

Love, Robin Hubbard
Basic Courses Super

How was that solo love, Kate?

Bonus 1970s Awesomeness

While L. Ron Hubbard plied the seas, back on dry land Advance! magazine was thrilling Scientologists with its tales of "OT Phenomena." Those church members who had reached the higher levels of spiritual training shared their stories of superhuman powers with fellow dupes -- er, enthusiasts. This excerpt is from Issue 28, January 1975...

Ever since I heard Peer Gynt's Suite I wanted to listen to it in my favorite place. Unfortunately this place is down by a river far from anywhere, in Scotland.

So as I haven't got a tape recorder, and taking a record player down was out of the question, I'd given the idea up.

Until I finished OT III Expanded that is. Now I can put on the music at home, set my body down, then go off to the river and enjoy the music. It's great. -- Cherry Collins, OT

Well thank goodness my smartphone and some earbuds have solved that problem and I won't need to go through several years of Scientology indoctrination and a third of a million dollars just to hear my favorite music down by the river. However, if I want to listen to some tunes, make some branches wiggle, and move some clouds around, I guess I'm going to have to get started on my TRs.

If you liked this collection of Scientology fun, please check our Facebook author page for schedules, updates, and behind-the-scenes notes. And don't forget to send us your latest story tips!

Tony Ortega has been the editor in chief of the Village Voice since March, 2007. He started writing about Scientology in 1995. You can reach him by e-mail at, and if you ask nicely he'll put you on his mailing list for notifications of new stories. You can also catch his alerts at Twitter (@VoiceTonyO), at his Facebook author page, on Pinterest, a Tumblr, and even this new Google Plus doohickey.

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As for hot subjects we've covered here, you may have heard about Debbie Cook, the former church official who rebelled and is now being sued by Scientology. You might have also heard about the Super Power Building, Scientology's "Mecca," whose secrets were revealed here. We also reported how Scientology spied on its own most precious object, Tom Cruise. (We wrote Tom an open letter that he has yet to respond to.) Have you seen a Scientology ad on TV lately? We debunked some of the claims in that 2-minute commercial you might have seen while watching Glee or American Idol.

Other stories have looked at Scientology's policy of "disconnection" that is tearing families apart. You may also have heard something about the Sea Org experiences of the Paris sisters, Valeska and Melissa, and their friend Ramana Dienes-Browning. We've also featured Paulette Cooper, who wrote about Scientology back in the day, and Janet Reitman, Hugh Urban, and the team at the Tampa Bay Times, who write about it today. And there's plenty more coming.

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Would it be possible to have a contest of all the other uses for a scientology e-meter besides using it for auditing? i would love to see the creativity and what folks would come up with! Perhaps a garage door opener, Christmas tree light dimmer, sexual enhancement device maybe even a blender! WHO KNOWS THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and that is what i enjoy the most from the comments on RUNNIN' SCARED !


personally i dont believe the two MR's are perfect angels but ,neither is anyone who gives testimony at a trial against a mafia mob boss or testimony at a Hedge-Fund-manager-gone-thief's trial! Yet, what the hell kinda shake down was that by those old geezers and the teenager from the scientology AV  department? (audio visual department) HOW HILARIOUS WAS THAT VIDEO??!!!  All of them with head-cams and shaky voices filled with adrenalin was more than pathetic! The t-shirts alone are anything BUT intimidating! MIKE WALLACE WOULD BE ASHAMED! I think i saw a canary fly out of the Grizzly Adams, on the right, beard. WAS THAT FOR REAL? 


the Rathbun's need to fence their property in and put up a gate. Unfortunately their property is just too wide open, and if they do live in Texas they may certainly criminally prosecute anyone who unlawfully enters on to their fenced property. Texas has zero tolerance for tresspassin' and zero tolerance for cults, hence, the gun culture usually solves that problem with buck shot in the ass. Not anything I would personally promote but, its a known fact..


What kind of documentary video stalking does scientology endorse? a crack team of geriatrics wearing digital miner baseball caps and baby powder blue squirrel t-shirts with badly drawn cartoons? ANONYMOUS WAS RIGHT, SCIENTOLOGY IS AN ARTLESS CULT! they need to expand there art department if they want their t-shirt business to improve the delivery of their message. I am still trying to understand what their little documentary outing accomplished? Do we think that David Miscavige was patched into the raid upon the door step of the Rathbun's via digital head-cams?? Most likely! SOMEONE PUT A PASSWORD ON THE WI FI PLEASE! 


This is the most pittiful example of counter protest i have ever seen by scientology,  THERE WASNT A GOOD LOOKIN' SEXY ONE IN THE BUNCH! 


You know its all over when they start sending out 3 grandpa's and the zit faced kid all wearing t-shirts with squirrels on them. GAME OVER SCIENTOLOGY! 




My response to "defrocked apostate":

You are right, neither Rathbun nor Rinder have clean hands, but the "church" claims it has "washed its hands" of both men, yet they bother them with the Squirrel Busters nonsense and the crappy attack websites, and the YouTube videos.

So who is worse?



The noise resonated around the distastefully decorated office, as once again the diminutive leader of the Sea Org slapped a woman in the face.

"To the RPF!" he shrieked. "Off with this declared squirrel!"

And once again, LRH tech was applied standardly, and Karin was frogmarched from the room, knowing her miserable fate.


So the Church of Scientology had a "Violent Psychopath" (Marty Rathbun) in their midst at the very highest levels for several decades - yet they could not detect that he was a "Violent Psychopath" until after he left.

This doesn't say much for Scientology procedures, or security, or auditing in general - does it?

Pretty much a self-admission by the "Church" of Scientology of complete and utter failure.

Stasy Miller
Stasy Miller

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It still remains to be seen.

defrocked apostate
defrocked apostate

Amusing seeing Rathbun and Rinder getting a little payback from their own criminal masters. They both deserve everything Scientology does to them.

Also it has long been known that Scientology takes information from customers' so-called "inviolate confession Pre-Clear folders" and makes it widely known in public.

This information should be saved off and used by people who sue the cult and file demands for the contents of PC folders which the criminals try to hide by claiming they're "inviolate confessions."


A little late to comment on my part, but did anyone notice another SIGNIFICANTadmission? She describes "secular"activities who have promoted themselves as separate from the church for years as "our initiatives", not "our partners". The Church of Scientology owns these groups. She claims they are church programs. Worthy of a story of its own.


Excellent read.

Also interesting to note in Pouw's letter the portrayal of Miscavige  as directly involved in issues of the day  - fixing all Marty's mistakes: "Each and every time on major situations, COB has had to intervene...". 

Very different than how they are describing DM's responsibilities in the Debbie Cook litigation.

Of course this sort of dumb-assery is to be expected when the person in charge has a grade 9 education, absolutely zero real-life experience, and is trying to manage things based on shit Ron said.

N. Graham
N. Graham

Newly discovered! Never ever seen before Ron notes! Neveraltered in any way by anyone!  Squeakyclean!  Virgin white!

LRHIncarnations-Chapter One of 12,438,235,120,023

In thisincarnation I remembered a valuable lesson from my previous life as Confucius, whenI had the epiphany that money was evil and I must sacrifice my own happiness totake all the money from everyone else, for the good of mankind. That is why,when I was the pirate Jean Lafitte, I not only took from the rich and gave topoor me, but I also funneled invention ideas to Thomas Jefferson (who was alsome in a former life, but that’s another story) and one letter I sent toJefferson ended up being the basis for the Declaration of Independence. Theidea for the swivel chair came to me as I was screwing over a few redcoats. Iwrote about it in two lives after that, including an unpublished manuscriptfrom when I was Mark Twain.  That onecontained some spiritual secrets I had revealed but not prepared people forproperly.  Consequently, they all suffered severe damage to the thymus and would have died had I notself-audited myself for the herbal cure. I actually came up with it way beforeEdgar Cayce did.  Not that I wasn’t everEdgar Cayce.  But that’s another story!

I give you hope,

Strength and life-

As the oiliest pirate

To battle strife.

Address the sea

Never know defeat-

Gaze upon-

Prince Jean Lafitte.

Newlydiscovered HCO Bulletin 1DMCOB*

*Found by Jada Pinkett in a closet at the CC inHollywood.

Some life shattering, POSITIVE newsJUST IN from COB:

It gives megreat pleasure in announcing that, after correcting the misplaced hyphens and quotationmarks in LRH’s sacred communiqués, it was found through the brand new,sanctioned version (now on sale!) that even though LRH was wonderful, aMARVELOUS human being, who made many sacrifices for mankind, he was trying toconvey that there had been a hidden hand there by his side all along, who,though his modesty tried to hide it, is stillthere guiding the ship-You Know He Must Not Be Named-(at least to hisface). So in light of these new revelations, all scientologists will need totake the NEW New Era Dianetics Course as well as repeat the Sunshine Rundown atnew 21st Century prices as Ron would have done. There is more to berevealed at the next newly-discovered sacred incarnation revelation (also a newcourse, and maybe some info about OT XI and a super-power to be named later),so you’ll just have to stay tuned and keep saving up!



 (The voiceover also seems to be done by the same person in the earlier Freedom magazine videos.)

I never bothered to watch those videos before. That's MISCAVIGE doing the voiceover. It's SO obvious.


Thanks to Tony's investigative reporting, it's more then obvious now,that the legal entity known as a tax-free "church of scientology" is also involved in harassing its former members in most outrageous ways.Consistently.

It's official now. Confirmed by the "church" officials - Karin Pouw/David Miscavige.

That includes publicly revealing confidential confessions of former parishioners, who are now squirrels and apostates. Makes sense right?!

L. Ron Hubbard would never do that. Or would he? Anyway.

Let's move to LRH's OOD's, circa 1969-71.. Ron keeps mentioning SMERSH. No comments.

And now "The Advance!" awesome music by the river success story - ok. Face palm x 5.

Wish you all a good new day!


Many times, the concepts like: troll, osa and idiot are really the same. Peace to all. 

Noah Miller
Noah Miller

The name reverted to "Guest" when the comments were taken down. This was a poster who had a particular interest in some very unrealistic homophobic claims about pretty much everyone. 


Karin Pouw.  Get out while the gettin' out is possible, if it's not too late already.It would be a great day if the "spokesperson" for the cult ends up speaking AGAINST the cult.  That may sound too optimistic, but ones higher-up than Karin have bolted.  It appears Lisa Marie Presley has "seen the light."  The cultists are dropping like flies.

Freedom or prison, Karin.  That may soon be your choice.

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Just read the fake martyrathbunblog. Geez, I guess it's safe to say they really have a hard on for Tony and Marty.

What's strange is this vicious propaganda has been publicly endorsed by a spokeperson for The Church Of Scientology. It's eerie, unsettling to read. It kind of gives you the creeps like a strange unexpected twist in a horror story. I felt dirty (unclean) after reading all the victims stories and how they were shockingly portrayed. Why would anyone support this scientology insane asylum?

For some reason that site brings back memories (from what I've read) of what Paulette Cooper must of gone through all alone with these people. Scientologys fair game practices will be their ruin.

I bet today is the most hits they have ever had on their site.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Tony Ortega, Merchant of Truth!    Can't thankyou enough!    

For years I've so wished ANY outside observer with print power would do what you are doing.

Unbelievable, this is dream come true, so many big stories you are years ahead, but you've been at it, and you do listen.

Thankyou!   Thanks Village Voice bosses too!

Village Voice making Pouw and the cult change?   Thankyou, as representatives of the Firth Estate (press), Village Voice with their series on Scientology, Tony's work all of it, there's NOT been anything in media coverage of Scientology EVER of this intensity!

This is dream come true, going into  those stories sitting there, waiting someone to put it all together!

Thanks Mike Rinder!

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

Dream come true quality journalism Tony Ortega and Village Voice.

As an ex Scientology staffer nerd of the Hubbard crap to an extreme I can put anyone to sleep in under 2 minutes, I have to give you my most favorite all time coverer/observer of Scientology stamp of thankyou/approval.

thankyou so much for covering the details you cover!

You're dream come true quality Tony!


I'm impressed Tony.  Bravo ought to be on top of you for a reality show by now.  "The Ortega Files"  !


Karin Pouw, the latest liar for the cult of $cientology to screw up.  Off she now goes now to the RPF.  Wonder who will be the next spokesman...


Forgot to add that after years and years of promises about exteriorization while in $cientology, I finally achieved it - the day after I left. It was like a giant cult was lifted off my shoulders. 

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Tony, I howled when I read, "Karin Pouw has doubled the dumb." My thoughts exactly. LOL!

Day by day scientologys "firewall of fakery" is being snuffed out by the water shed of "truth."

Thank you Karin Pouw (who is really David Miscavige) for proving once again that, Hollywoods favorite cult is run by a bunch of creepy, nefarious, bullying pack of thugs, and (lol) PR dummies. When will you ever figure out that, "YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORSE ENEMY?"

I bet none of OSA have the balls to ask their ecclesiastical leader to speak up publicly for the greater good of their church. Why don't you save face and grant Tony an interview. Hiding behind "no comment" makes you look weak and cowardly (hiding crimes) in front of the world, David.

I also want to thank you for providing us with the lulz and drama of "The Worlds Most Funniest Reality Religion" ever put on the internet. Are the Squirrel Busters in hiatus? When and where will they be appearing next? I miss the gut busting laughter, the 5 months of funny. It's better than watching reruns of "Secret Squirrel." And lord, don't get me started on Mr. Ed the boogie down OT8 dancing "Clear" grandpa, I'll pee.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you're killing your church with laughter, please don't stop. heheheh


I hope all is well for Bert Leahy. He did a brave thing coming forward with what was going on. He lost income doing this but he did what was right. That goes a long way in my book.  

So, ya all listen up, please. When in TX and in need of videographer services, make Bert Leahy the man!


I have a query for the experts:  

"We have directly traced and documented their origin to East Germany and have found the crimes they sought to hide."What's with this obsession with one's enemies "hiding crimes." Upon reading this bon mot, I was reminded that OTs confrontin' SPs on sidewalks like to endlessly repeat non-sense questions along the lines of, "what are your crimes" and "have you been busy trying to figure out how to hide your crimes," and the like. I can plainly see where it originates. But why was the old man obsessed with this idea of "hiding" crimes? It seems to be a whole other level of badness, beyond merely committing crimes.Weird. 


So you believe people who walked away from the cult because of its abuses, should justifiably be abused by scientology?  


I just can't believe the IRS has gone after their cut. What gives with this?


When I read postings belittling DM for his lack of education and experience, I am reminded that, at a very young age, he managed to wrest control of a massive cult infrastructure from all the rest of upper management, build a whole new infrastructure of interlocking entities to solidify his control over the organization and its money, get the US government to inexplicably and summarily surrender in their epic taxation battle, and has maintained his iron grip for a quarter century. 

9th grade education or not, you gotta admit he's a fairly accomplished megalomaniac. 

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

"absolutely zero real-life experience"

That's why he hides. Has David Miscavige even done the PTS/SP Course? If he has then he is living proof the tech doesn't work. Has he ever shattered and suppress anyone outside of his own scientology bubble without hiding behind an army of lawyers and pi's?

I think he's the only leader in history who doesn't personally speak up for his people. And why, if OT's are supposed to be far beyond anything that has ever existed on this planet letting him run scientology into the ground? Where is the fu@ken Confront Shatter And Suppress?

I mean c'mon, they study "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzu. Can't they figure out that David Miscavige is the reason they are losing the battle?

"But when the army is restless and distrustful, trouble is sure to come from the other feudal princes. This is simply bringing anarchy into the army, and flinging victory away."--Sun Tzu


"Karin Pouw.  Get out while the gettin' out is possible, if it's not too late already.It would be a great day if the "spokesperson" for the cult ends up speaking AGAINST the cult"

Don't push Karin, it tooks years of training to get Tommy Davis to the level of "Master Footbullit shooter", Karin is getting there nice 'n quick (although no one will ever truely be able to fill Tommy's shoes, that resembled open toed sandles by the end!), do we really want to start having to train a new spokesperson?


I don't think Karin actually exists.  Simply a face on their website.  Have you ever seen her and David Miscaviage in the same place at the same time.  hmmmmmmm...she's got his eyes!!!

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Yep. Freedom or prison. Get out before your reputation is completely shattered and before you're called a monster. You know the truth Karin.

It's just a matter of time before your all caught. You've already made a big mistake by admiting those videos. I'd hate to see you end up like Debbie Cook.


Chuck I would classify TonyO (and Village Voice) as more than a dream come true, He is one of the Shining Stars of Hope, forming part of the most beautiful Constellation of other Stars that have emerged recently(and there are some Bright ones that haven’t gone Supernova), whose magnitude seems to be increasing by the day.And I am sure there are those in the Church who understand the chilling phrase of fete and destiny, It is Written in the Stars.


That's funny. I bet you just sat by the ocean, read a book and had a margarita and felt free. 


In a strange way this makes a bit of the tech true. Though we all know this. A liar will reduce his own power because man is basically good. I have always and will forever believe that. Everything else is fear and/or ignorance and only serves to bring you down. There are laws of nature, and like LRH said "a little bit of truth is dangerous." He used that to the hilt.


Thanks for the responses, everyone. I was just watching that squirrel busters vid, and was startled to hear John Allander ask Marty what he's hiding. I think that L Ron was absolutely obsessed the possibility that people were withholding information from him that he could use to have power over them. Hence not only this ingrained confrontation routine about hiding things, but sec checking, auditing and all the rest.

In this totalitarian system, the individual is allowed no inner life, no privacy. The desire to have secrets can only be rationalized by the need to hide something, something which must be exposed -- and that something would be crime. Why crime? Because crime is a public concern. It is illegitimate to be kept private. So, just define all inner life as criminal behavior, set the punishment as eternal damnation, define the church's judicial system as the legitimate civil authority within the society of the membership, and you'll get them dancing on your strings -- for instance, harassing their ex friends with cameras on their heads.   

Billy Bob
Billy Bob

L Ron Hubbard adopted the wisdom embodied in the schoolyard chant, "I am rubber, you are glue, anything you say bounces off me and sticks to you," making it policy.


It's all part of the trap... I hope someone else answers. If not though, let me know. I understand this part deep down. NO, I am NOT an expert:)

Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack
Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

I am doing my best here but I don't consider myself an expert, just a knowledgeable person. I bow to the real experts.

Hubbard said that only a real sicko (like me or you) would attack Scientology because Scientology is doing so much good for the world. Because we attackers are so sick there would be a history of anti-social behaviour and if his brainwashed followers dug deep enough, they would find our crimes. He added that if the crimes couldn't be found, they should be manufactured. 


When I left the cult, and went after my postponed dreams of being a musician, I studied so hard and fast that I got to a point I could play a full symphony in my head loud and clear. I accredit this ability to Santa Monica College and how they would cram as many credits into your head as you could take. They offered a programme in which you could pursue a semester in one month;) It was a beautiful thing. Perhaps being inspired and creative is a simple human attribute? One the cult only slowed down for me while I was on the "roundabout to total freedom." A term I only ever saw for the first time on Marty's site recently, but so fitting.  I'm just not even seeing anyone now who is inspired at ALL by the "tech." Anything that was there before that was worthwhile appears to be well and truly disappeared. This has all been said before.


With Hubbard, you often need to take the reverse of what he says to guess what he means.  If he's talking about human rights, he's thinking about slavery.  If he's talking about kindness, he's planning abuse.  If he's talking about your hidden crimes, he's thinking about HIS hidden crimes. 

Noah Miller
Noah Miller

I don't think he's saying that. 

I think, at least how I understand it, he's saying that there's a certain poetic justice to people who once perpetuated a culture of physical and mental abuse, having those same tactics turned in on them. 

Now I don't totally agree with it, certainly not from a legal POV, but I can understand the position.


David Miscavige in drag as Karin? LOL!  

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

Beautifully written, touched numerous nerves within me.

Tony is a shining star of hope. ╰☆╮


Here's a clue - What I experienced while doing the whole Clear thing was akin to taking a weekend vacation at the ocean. I actually did "go exterior" prior to $cientology, and have had a lot of paranormal things happen in my life, by far the most of them in years outside of $cientology. There are people who no kidding do such things. The whole Stanford Research "Men Who Stare At Goats" thing proved that, and I met most of those guys - Ingo Swann, Ed May, etc. None of them lasted in $cientology because they saw through it eventually. Elwrong's great trick was that he bullshitted his way into convincing other people he had those abilities as well. All he could do was hypnotism, drugs, and bullshit.


Go Santa Monica college.  I'll tell you, your level of inspiration and creativity is not a simple human attribute. Maybe inspiration is, or creativity is, but ... I studied music, played classical guitar for a good long time, measured in decades, and stuided hard and long hours for years, without scientology.  And I didn't get to the point that I could play a full symphony in my head loud and clear (at least not if I  understand what you mean by that).

So Scientology did not only *not* give you superhuman powers, it squelched your human powers, which are considerable. And it's really awesome (like, in the proper sense of awesome) that you got your human powers out from under that.  Powers some of us don't have.  Good for you, for real.

And one lesson I take -- which I take from lots of places, like the Hale-Bopp suicide cult and Scientology and lots of other places -- is as soon as you start hearing of goals to be "beyond" human? Run the other way.  That's not a worthy goal.

Love, maturity, wisdom, joy -- all those take being more human. Human attributes. Not beyond. Thank you for reminding me, Victoriapanda. And fuck them, for squelching your particular genius. And everyone else's that they managed to get to.


Victoria, did you have any parallel fifths in your mind symphony?

SP 'Onage
SP 'Onage

"This has all been said before."

But it's always nice to hear it again from another persons perspective. ;-)


 .. or he was confessing to what he was doing himself (the human rights abuses  and misinformation and so on so forth)


Yeah, I figured as much. It's simple transference. I was more wondering about this thing with "hiding" crimes. It's an odd focus, to say the least. 

Noah Miller
Noah Miller

I hate being the one to defend a point I didn't make but it seems to me he's not saying it's okay to abuse them, or that a third party should be doing the abuse, but that they should not have expected anything different from the moment they allowed themselves to take part in the abuse... It's just that there's something inherently poetic in being crushed under the tank you were driving. 

Not that I support that, cause I don't. I just understand it. 


That's a very petty point of view, defrocked apostate.  People make mistakes all the time.  They grow, they change, life goes on.  That doesn't mean they deserve to be treated badly.  That doesn't justify abusing people, even people who once committed abuse.  What is needed is justice.  Even jail wardens don't see it as "we are just abusing them back."  

Noah Miller
Noah Miller

As much of a shadow of their former selves that they are, I have no doubt they can start up their "WE'RE A RELIGION AND WE CAN DO ANYTHING!" attacks that they did in the early 90s. 

If anything I bet they're hoping for some inquiries. That way they can knock the dust off their boots and scream about how they need more volunteers and funding from their members, who will as they have done time and time again, shell out the money and their time to call and pester and attack members of the IRS until the gv't eventually backs down again.


Just seems those days are done and gone, and there are billions to look in to at this point.

Noah Miller
Noah Miller

Well given that they didn't agree to make Scientology a legal religion on merit but to get them to stop harassing their agents with PI's, letters, nasty websites, calls at 1am, it makes sense that the church has big Mr. Ick sticker on it. 


Well, he was paranoid. 

I also think his obsession with punishment was/is interesting.   He was obsessed with punishing people. 

I'm wondering if there is some connection between a fetish for punishment and a fetish for finding peoples "hidden" crimes. 

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