Secret Service Sex Scandals "Could Be Prevented" With "Beautiful People" Travel Website (Escort Service)

With, poor ugly people need not apply.
Remember last week when more than a dozen Secret Service agents humiliated America by getting hookers at their hotel while on a trip to Columbia with the president? All that embarrassment could have been prevented by a website that matches "generous" people with "beautiful" people -- at least that's how the guy who started the website is pimping it, anyway.

The website,, was launched a few weeks ago by controversial "dating entrepreneur" Brandon Wade, who's the man behind the "sugar daddy" dating website We spoke with Wade this afternoon -- and he actually tried to sell us on the idea that a 'beautiful people" travel website could have prevented the Secret Service sex scandal (which, of course, it wouldn't have -- but kudos to Wade for the current events marketing strategy).

"A lot of businessmen travel and end up going to nightclubs, and that's where trouble happens," Wade tells the Voice. "Prostitutes proposition these men at the clubs [] is an outlet for these businessmen [that would prevent them from succumbing to the advances of hookers]."

Here's how the website works -- according to Wade: "Attractive members can sign-up and use for free. Attractive members send generous members trip suggestions and vice-versa. Once accepted, generous members purchase credits to communicate with attractive members and arrange their trip together. Alternatively, attractive members can collect frequent flyer miles gifted to them by generous members. Once an attractive member accumulates enough miles, he or she can redeem such miles for airline tickets or hotel rooms anywhere in the world."

In other words, rich guys -- or "generous people" -- sign up to be matched up with "beautiful people" (hot women who can't afford to travel on their own). The rich guy pays for the hot woman to travel with him to exotic locations. Wade describes it as a "free ride" for "only the beautiful."

According to Wade, there are no sexual guarantees -- but we have a feeling a guy who ponies up a few grand to fly some stranger across the world has certain sexual expectations. Wade says that whatever may -- or may not -- happen sexually is just what would naturally occur between two people (a rich guy and a "beautiful" woman) who travel the world together.

According to Wade, 11,000 people already have signed up for, including more than 1,000 New Yorkers.

If you're "generous" or "attractive" enough, feel free to check out Wade's new site here (if you're poor and ugly, don't waste your time).

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